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Stacie Zabka biography | Wife of William Zabka

Who is Stacie Zabka?

Stacie Zabka is a well-known name in the Hollywood circle. Along with being a devoted wife and a doting mother, Stacie is also a businesswoman. She is widely known because of her marriage to actor William Zabka.

Her full name is Stacie Lynn Doss.

Stacie’s husband, William Zabka, is most popularly known for his acting work in the 1980s. His most famous role includes The Karate Kid and The Karate Kid Part 2. Similarly, he also starred in the franchise’s TV series called Cobra Kai.

Stacie Zabka Biography
Stacie Zabka Biography

Quick facts

Full nameStacie Lynn Doss
Also known asStacie Zabka
Birth year1974
Age47 years old
Sun SignAquarius
TraitsAquarius female traits

Brilliant, passionate, charming, and quirky

Hot-tempered, overly emotional
Eyes colorBlue
Height5 feet 3 inches
Weight53 kg
Body measurements34-26-36
Marital statusMarried
Spouse NameWilliam Zabka
Children2 sons
ProfessionHousewife/ Businesswoman
Net worth$100,000
Quick facts of Stacie Zabka

Interesting facts

1. She is the wife of the famous Cobra Kai actor, William Zabka

Stacie is renowned as the wife of William Zabka. He is renowned for his role as the antagonist in “The Karate Kid. William is also a writer and a filmmaker. 

Stacie and William dated for some time before getting hitched in 2008. 

2. She is not an actress

Most of you may wonder if Stacie is an actress or someone from the entertainment industry as her husband and his family is mainly in this business. 

His father, Stanley, is Hollywood’s well-known director, writer, and composer, whereas his mother, Nancy, is a producer and production assistant. 

However, Stacie Zabka is a businesswoman and an excellent homemaker. She has not disclosed anything about her business on social media, but she gained a net worth of $100,000 from it.

3. Stacie Lynn Doss Zabka has two kids

Stacie and William have two kids together. They have not disclosed their name to the public to maintain the children’s privacy.

William sometimes posts photos with his two sons; however, they usually do not face the camera. 

She is a protective mother and has dedicated a large portion of her life to their upbringing. 

4. She is an introvert

Stacie has an introverted nature and likes to stay away from the public’s eye. 

She does attend media events where she is seen supporting her husband. Otherwise, she lives a private life and does not interact much with the media. 

Stacie is not active on social media too. Even if she has one, she has probably kept it private.

Early life, childhood, and upbringing

Stacie Zabka was born in the United States of America. However, she has not yet disclosed her exact birth location and where she grew up. Likewise, she has not mentioned much about her parents, their jobs, and her relationship with them. She has also not made known whether she has any siblings or not.

Despite the unrevealed details, Stacie had a fairly normal childhood and a good upbringing which enabled her to become the strong-willed and confident woman she is today.

Stacie Zabka birthday

Stacie Zabka was born in the year 1974. Apart from this, her exact date of birth is unknown to the public.

Zodiac and personality traits

Since information about Stacie’s exact date of birth has not yet been revealed, details are unavailable regarding her zodiac sign. Nevertheless, since she was born in 1974, her Chinese zodiac is Tiger.

People with this zodiac are known to be brave, competitive, unpredictable, and confident. They are also very charming and well-liked by others. However, they are sometimes impetuous, irritable, and overindulged.

Ethnicity, nationality, and religion

Stacie Zabka is an American citizen and is of Caucasian ethnicity. She is a Christian.

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Height, weight, measurements, and appearance

Stacie is about 5 feet and 3 inches tall, which is roughly around 163 cm. She weighs a total of 53 kilograms (116 pounds).

She is fairly petite and has a stunning hourglass shape. Her measurements are 34-36-36. Her blue-colored eyes, oval-shaped face, and her blonde hair give her the classic girl-next-door look.

Diet and exercise

Although Stacie has not mentioned her diet and exercise preferences, she has maintained her figure very well even after all these years. This definitely suggests that Stacie leads quite an active lifestyle and eats well for her youthful appearance and slim figure.

Relationships and dating history

Stacie dated William Zabka for some time before getting married to him in 2008. In fact, this is the only relationship of Stacie that the public is aware of. There have not been any revelations about her previous affairs and her dating history.

William Zabka and Stacie Zabka

William Zabka is the husband of Stacie Zabka. He is a popular American actor who played the role of Johnny Lawrence, the antagonist in The Karate Kid. Likewise, he has also worked as a writer and a filmmaker.

Stacie Zabka with husband, William Zabka
William Zabka and his wife Stacie

Zabka, who gained popularity for his villainous roles, was born on 20th October 1965 in New York, USA. His parents are Stan Zabka and Nancy Zabka.

Nancy Zabka has worked as a business liaison, producer, and production assistant. On the other hand, Stan Zabka is a well-known director, writer, and composer in Hollywood. Stan has worked for NBC and was a director on The Tonight Show.

William Zabka has also directed and acted in many music videos and commercials. He made his debut in 1983 in “The Greatest American Show. The short film named Most, written and produced by William, got nominated for the Oscars in 2004.

He has acted in movies such as Just One of the Guys, Back to School, A Tiger’s Tale, and High Voltage. He has also been a part of the films Interception and Falcon Down. His last movie appearance was in 2016.

In addition to movies, William Zabka has also appeared in many TV shows, including The Equalizer, How I Met Your Mother, E/R, Epoch, Python, Robot Chicken, and Psych.
Currently, he stars in the show Cobra Kai in which he reprised his role of Johnny Lawrence. He is also the executive producer of the show.

Marriage with William Zabka

William Zabka and Stacie Zabka got married in a private ceremony in the year 2008. They got wedded in the presence of their close family and friends.

Similarly, Stacie and William also made sure to keep the wedding location far away and did not disclose the details so that they would not be disturbed by the paparazzi and overly enthusiastic fans.

In their wedding photos, William and Stacie can be seen delighted to start a new chapter of their lives.

Stacie wore a stunning white strapless wedding gown beautifully adorned with elegant lace details. Similarly, she enhanced her look by wearing a sparkly diamond necklace and matching earrings. Stacie’s hair was styled simply in loose waves, and makeup was done minimally.

On the other hand, William Zabka looked extremely handsome in his stylish black tuxedo and white shirt. The two newlyweds looked madly in love as they walked down the aisle after exchanging their wedding vows.

Stacie Zabka children

Stacie Zabka has two children from her marriage with William Zabka. Sometime after her wedding, Stacie gave birth to two adorable boys whose names have not yet been disclosed.

Stacie is a very loving and protective mother, and she has dedicated a large portion of her life to the proper upbringing of her children. Due to this, William and Stacie’s kids are growing up to be well-raised and humble despite being the children of very famous Hollywood parents.

William Zabka sometimes shares photos of his two young boys on his social media, giving the public a glimpse into his family life and the amazing bond with his sons. However, he tries to keep them away from the media attention, due to which the photos usually have the boys not facing towards the camera.

William and Stacie also rarely take their sons out in public or to media events.

Judy Zabka, Guy Zabka and Stacie Zabka

Stacie is often associated with Judy Zabka and Guy Zabka. Judy and Guy are William Zabka’s siblings. Hence, Stacie Zabka is their sister-in-law.

Stacie Zabka


Stacie is a dedicated wife and mother. She has spent a large part of her life supporting her husband and taking care of her two kids. However, she has not only limited herself to the domestic sphere.

Aside from being an excellent homemaker, Stacie is also an exemplary businesswoman, although she has not disclosed what exactly her business revolves around.

Stacie has masterfully managed both her personal and her professional life; hence she is a source of inspiration to all working mothers. In addition, there is no doubt that her husband, William Zabka, is extremely proud of his talented wife.

Stacie Zabka net worth, income, and lifestyle

Stacie Zabka’s net worth is estimated to be a total of $100,000. Her main income source is her business.

Aside from Stacie’s own net worth, her husband William has $2 million. As a result, the Zabka family definitely lives a life filled with luxury and Hollywood extravaganza.


Stacie leads a very private life. She does not like to interact much with the media and chooses to steer clear of social media. Due to this, Stacie has not been in any controversy to date. However, this only goes on to reflect Stacie’s humble, down-to-earth, and reserved nature.

Stacie Zabka news and public appearances

Since Stacie prefers to live a rather low-profile life despite being a celebrity wife, she is not in the news much often.

Nonetheless, the media and the paparazzi seem to be very curious about William and Stacie’s life as they frequently attempt to catch a glimpse of the couple and find out the undisclosed details of their glamorous lives.

When it comes to public appearances, although Stacie does not step out in front of the public eye much often, she does make rare appearances in some red carpet events with her star husband. She was spotted with William Zabka in the Tribeca Film Festival and the red carpet event for the film Hot Tub Time Machine.

Social media

Many fans might be curious about Stacie Zabka’s lavish lifestyle and day-to-day activities through social media. Unfortunately, Stacie does not have an account on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Even if she did have an account on any of these platforms, the account is probably private considering Stacie Zabka’s introverted nature and her desire to remain away from the spotlight.

Although Stacie has little to no social media presence, her husband is active on many social media platforms. Because of this, fans who are eager to know about William Zabka and his wife Stacie Zabka can get a sneak peek of their lives through William’s Instagram account, which is under the username “william_zabka.”


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Stacie Zabka F.A.Qs

1. What color are Stacie Zabka’s eyes?

Stacie Zabka has blue eyes.

2. What color is Stacie Zabka’s hair?

Stacie Zabka has blonde hair, which she likes to keep short. However, she styles it straight or wavy on most occasions.

3. Who is William Zabka’s wife?

William Zabka’s wife is a businesswoman named Stacie Zabka

4. How old is Stacie Zabka?

Born in 1974, Stacie Zabka is 47 years old as of 2021.

5. What does Stacie Zabka do?

Stacie Zabka is an American businesswoman based in New York.