Stephanie Landis Purcell, Rick Dickert Wife Blamed On His Suicide Note

The most popular search query on the internet right now is “Rick Dickert wife,” since many people are curious about his marital status.

Rick Dickert made a significant impression at KTTV FOX 11 Los Angeles.

Furthermore, his reputation as a highly esteemed authority in the field has been cemented by his breadth of knowledge and commanding manner.

Rick has made a substantial contribution to the FOX Morning News and Good Day L.A. segments by sending information in real-time from the SkyFOX chopper.

That being said, Rick’s accomplishments go far beyond his career goals. In addition, he leads a happy personal life.

Rick is blissfully married to Stephanie Rae, albeit not many people are aware of all the details. Their relationship is clear; it exudes mutual respect and unwavering affection.

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Stephanie Landis Purcell, Rick Dickert Wife Blamed On His Suicide Note

Rick is a well-known individual who values his privacy and purposefully withholds information about his marriage and other personal affairs.

The family and friends of renowned Los Angeles broadcaster and meteorologist who attempted apparent suicide today are receiving prayers.

KTTV FOX 11 Los Angeles’ Rick Dickert made an attempt at suicide on Saturday as a result of mounting tensions with his partner Stephanie Landis.

Rick Dickert Wife
Rick Dickert with his partner Stephanie Landis. (source: Twitter)

A family friend of Rick Dickert reports that the licensed broadcaster has now been moved to a hospital where he will receive all the assistance that he needs.

One worried fan responded, “Rick Dickert, please choose life. Suicide is not the way.” Rick Dickert marked the day of his suicide with the hashtag “Death Day” on his official Facebook profile.

Claims state that there have been some tumultuous situations in the meteorologist’s relationship for a while with his long-term partner, Stephanie Landis.

Since then, the two lovers have become much more united as a result of the issues that none of them has openly discussed. In his note, Rick continued, “Stephanie Landis Purcell destroyed me.”

Does Rick Dickert have kids with Stephanie Rae?

Rick Dickert and his beloved wife Stephanie Rae are blessed with two children, Allyssa and Ambre Dickert.

It is significant to remember that Stephanie Rae is the stepmother of Ambre and Allyssa Dickert. Rick’s previous marriage to Raquel Dickert produced his two daughters.

Rick Dickert Wife
Rick Dickert is blessed with two kids. (Source- storm hour

They cherish their solitude, but there is a rumor that Rick and Stephanie’s marriage has endured a long time because of their unwavering love.

While her sister only becomes a year older on May 30 of each year, the oldest daughter, Alyssa, is already thirty.

The happy news that Amrbe just married, with K.Fontaine22 as her groom, has strengthened the Dickert family’s closeness.

Rick Dickert age: how old is he?

Well-known meteorologist Rick Dickert was born in coastal Southern California on February 9, 1968, and will be 54 years old in 2022.

Rick celebrates his birthday on this auspicious day every year, as he is an Aquarius native.

Rick Dickert is much more than just a TV personality; he is a man of great depth, unwavering commitment, and boundless passion.

The person’s meteorological skill, marital fidelity, and unwavering commitment to providing for his father serve as examples of the numerous elements of his life.

Rick continuously demonstrates his extraordinary talent and leaves a lasting effect on the audience of KTTV FOX 11 Los Angeles with his meteorological updates and critical news broadcasts.

Since his election in 1994, Rick Dickert has maintained full membership status in the American Meteorological Society, signifying his standing as a professional in this field.

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