Is Steve-O Arrested Again In 2023? Allegations And Charges

The American entertainer, Stephen Gilchrist Glover, aka Steve-O arrested again by police over a stunt at London Bridge. The Jackass star has been trending all over the internet as he gets in hot water with cops.

Steve-O was in England to tape his third comedy special. While the entertainer had great plans to uplift his fans and followers, the UK police were not impressed with his actions.

It’s not the first time the Jackass star was detained by police. Steve-O must have had flashbacks when customs officials detained him upon his arrival at Calgary International Airport in 2003.

You may be wondering why he was detained by the UK police recently. So, let’s delve into the Steve-O arrest case backstage in detail without any further ado.

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Steve-O Arrested Again In London

Steve-O, the renowned daredevil and star of “Jackass,” has once again found himself in trouble with the law.

The Jackass star was recently in England, filming his third comedy special as part of his “Bucket List” tour, which included various daring stunts and performances.

Currently touring the UK and filming his third comedy special, Steve-O made headlines when he decided to take a leap off the Tower of London Bridge, resulting in his prompt detainment by the police.

Steve-O arrest in London
Steve-O made headlines after his arrest in London. (Source: New York Post)

As per TMZ reports, the incident, captured on video and shared across the internet, has left people astonished and speculating about the motivations behind Steve-O’s risky stunt.

Steve-O climbed onto the ledge of the famous Tower Bridge and, clad in Union Jack gear, prepared for his jump.

With a Union Jack umbrella in hand, he counted down to three before plunging into the River Thames below.

Steve-O’s viral stunt video footage showcases the crowd’s astonishment as they watched Steve-O take the leap.

Following his jump, Steve-O was promptly detained by London police, who reportedly held him in custody for most of the day.

Jumping off the London Bridge tower wasn’t the only stunt Steve-O showed off. He claimed that jumping off one of those famous double-decker buses was much worse than the bridge jump in addition to it.

Authorities expressed concern that his stunt might inspire others to attempt similar acts of self-harm or endangerment. However, Steve-O was ultimately released without incident.

This recent arrest is not the first time Steve-O has had a run-in with the law. Back in 2003, he was apprehended at Calgary Airport on outstanding arrest warrants. However, he was released on bail after paying $10,000.

Steve-O Arrest: Allegations And Charges

Steve-O’s audacious leap from the Tower of London Bridge has once again thrust him into the spotlight. 

While his fans may admire his daredevil spirit, authorities have expressed concerns about his potential influence on others.

He also revealed that he spent a good portion of the afternoon in the police car. The cops even told him his stunt could probably encourage and inspire others to make suicidal leaps from the famed bridge in London.

As for allegations and charges, Steve-O was very fortunate, and the police let him go, unlike the Calgary Arrest case. In the end, Steve-O’s entertainment crash course was a super hit in London.

Steve-O allegations and charges
The UK police let him go without any charges. (Source: TMZ)

However, Steve-O’s recent arrest adds to his controversial reputation while he continues to push the boundaries of entertainment with his ongoing tour and stunts.

Steve-O’s detained incident serves as a reminder of the fine line between thrilling acts and potential risks associated with public displays of dangerous behavior.

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