Steven Crowder Abuse Scandal And Death Hoax: He Is Alive

Uncover the details of the Steven Crowder abuse scandal and its impact – a deep dive into the controversial allegations.

Steven Blake Crowder, the prominent American-Canadian political commentator and media host, has made a significant impact through his diverse career.

Initially gaining recognition for his work at Fox News, Crowder showcased his talent by delivering satirical videos on conservative media platforms.

However, with the launch of his acclaimed podcast and YouTube channel, Louder with Crowder, he truly captured the attention of audiences worldwide.

Combining insightful political commentary with comedic elements, Crowder has established himself as a prominent voice in political discourse.

With a dedicated following and a knack for sparking conversations, he continues to engage viewers with his unique blend of entertainment and thought-provoking content.

As Steven Blake Crowder continues navigating the ever-changing media landscape, his contributions as a political commentator and media host remain influential and impactful.

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Steven Crowder Abuse Scandal

Political commentator Steven Crowder faces intense scrutiny and backlash after releasing a profoundly troubling video in which he verbally berates his heavily-pregnant wife, Hilary.

In a subsequent social media post titled ‘My statement,’ Crowder doubles down on his actions and aims at his estranged wife, accusing her of leaking edited footage to the media.

He desperately justifies his behavior by claiming that broken marriages lead to ugly actions.

In a shocking move, he vows to have their medical records, mental health history, and divorce depositions unsealed by Texas courts, or he will take matters into his own hands.

The disturbing video, captured on June 26, 2021, reveals Crowder forbidding Hilary from using their only car to go grocery shopping, placing his desires above her needs.

He callously states that he drew a boundary and asserts that she cannot take the car.

Steven Crowder abuse Scandal
Ring doorbell camera footage shows Steven Crowder berating his eight-month-pregnant wife. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

The footage paints a distressing picture of a relationship marred by abuse and control, as Hilary is seen visibly struggling.

At the same time, Crowder callously continues his tirade, even going as far as instructing her to administer potentially harmful medication to their unborn children.

This profoundly troubling incident has shed light on the alleged years of abuse Hilary endured in silence, unbeknownst to her family.

The repercussions of this scandal have reverberated throughout Crowder’s career, including the loss of a significant $50 million deal with the Daily Wire.

The revelations have sparked outrage among viewers and raised essential conversations about addressing and condemning such abusive behavior.

Steven Crowder Death Hoax: He is Alive

The news of Steven Crowder’s death shocked fans worldwide earlier this week.

However, it has been confirmed that the report circulated in July 2023 was a complete hoax and yet another example of fake celebrity death reports.

The host and political commentator are alive and well.

The death hoax gained momentum on Facebook, with a page titled ‘R.I.P. Steven Crowder is amassing nearly a million likes.

The page provided a seemingly believable account of the host’s passing, stating that he passed away on July 2, 2023.

They also urged followers to express their condolences.

Steven_Crowder_death hoax
Steven Crowder, The host and political commentator, is alive and well. (Image Source: The Daily Beast)

While some fans were quick to mourn and offer messages of sympathy, others remained skeptical.

They pointed out the absence of coverage from major Canadian networks, suggesting the news was fabricated.

On July 3, it was officially confirmed that Steven Crowder is alive.

The hoax was denounced, with authorities reminding the public not to believe everything they encounter online.

This incident is another reminder of the prevalence of fake death reports targeting celebrities.

It highlights the importance of verifying information from reliable sources and not falling victim to misinformation online.

Fortunately, Steven Crowder continues to thrive, adding to the long list of celebrities who have been falsely declared deceased.

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