Sulem Calderon: The Complete Biography of ‘Nona’ Actress

Who is Sulem Calderon?

Born on August 22, 1990, Sulem Calderon is a young American actress who has received the most praise. Sulem Calderon achieved great success in her professional career because of her adaptability and talent for acting.

A powerful performer with a gift for acting, Sulem Calderon is known for her powerful performances. Sulem Calderon has appeared in Netflix shows, original movies, and short films and also won numerous honors.

Sulem Calderon Biography
Sulem Calderon Biography

Quick Facts

Full NameSulem Calderon
BirthdayAugust 22, 1990 
Age33 years old
Sun SignLeo
TraitsPositive: Confident, ambitious, loyal, and generous.
Negative: Possessive, attention-seeker, self-centered, and dominant
BirthplaceDowney, CA, USA
Currently residingLos Angeles, CA, USA
SiblingsAbigail Calderon
Marital StatusSingle
Height5 ft 6 inches
Weight58 kg
Eye ColorDark Brown
Net WorthUSD 1 Million
Social mediaInstagram

Early Life and Childhood

Sulem Calderon was born on August 22, 1990, in Downey, California. As of 2023, she is 33 years old. She is Salvadoran, half Native American, and half Spanish.

Calderon parent’s names are still unknown, but she has mentioned that they have worked very hard and were very responsible parents to their children. She has a younger sister, Abigail Calderon.

Baby Sulem with her father and sister
Baby Sulem with her father and sister

Furthermore, regarding Sulem Calderon’s educational history, the institutions Calderon attended were not given precise knowledge regarding her educational background or level.

Hobbies and Interests

Calderon likes to sing, go on adventures, travel, shop, watch TV shows and movies, read books, and hang out with her friends and family. New York is Calderon’s preferred vacation spot, and she favors wearing black and brown.

She has a strong passion for interior design and appreciates others’ originality. It’s unclear whether she did any interior design work herself. She adores taking pictures and has a separate Instagram account for it.

Calderon is devoted to improving human rights and is especially concerned about raising awareness of and putting an end to the heinous crime of human trafficking. She also supports anti-racism and immigration rights, among other causes.

Sulem is immensely grateful that she has had the chance to travel frequently and has seen some incredible locations. She has visited many places, including France and Puerto Rico. Her passion for travel and photography fit together perfectly.

Sulem enjoying in nature
Sulem enjoying nature

In 2012, she was featured in the Pepsi Live for Now commercial. In addition, Sulem has starred in commercials for several other well-known companies, including Taco Bell, McDonald’s, and Wells Fargo. She spends a lot of time at the gym and puts all into her training. Exercise is a fantastic way to reduce stress and an excellent way to keep her camera-ready at all times.


With the short comedy-drama Tap Shoes & Violins, directed by Dax Brooks and written by Aireka Muse, Sulem Calderon made her acting debut in 2015. She appeared as a girl with a dog for a split second.

Sulem won the Best Actress Prize at the 2018 Richmond International Film Festival for her performance in the film “Nona.” Michael Polish directed the film, and Sulem played the character of Nona alongside Kate Bosworth as the Detective, Mariana Cabrera Orozco as TJ, Diana Caputo as the Mexican Girl, Jasper Polish as Marty Giancarlo Ruiz as Billy, and other actors.

Nona from the movie Nona
Sulem Calderon as Nona

In 2019, Calderon was invited to join the cast of Mayans M.C., which led to the creation of her breakout project. She portrays a character of a U.S. immigrant, Gabriela “Gaby” Castillo, and played for twelve episodes. Elgin James and Kurt Sutter are the series’ creators, and the first episode was made available on September 4, 2018.

‘One of the Good Ones,’ which debuted on April 7, 2020, featured Sulem after that. Jesy McKinney and Chase Tarca directed the film, and she portrayed Megan. In addition to her role in the movie, she was recognized for her outstanding performance.

Moreover, She portrayed the role of Quila (Chief’s Daughter) in the 2021 movie ‘Jungle Cruise,’ written by Josh Goldstein, Glenn Ficarra, John Requa, and Jaume Collet-Serra directed it. The movie also starred Emily Blunt as Lily Houghton, Dwayne Johnson as Frank Wolff, Jesse Plemons as Prince Joachim, Paul Giamatti as Nilo, and others.

Sulem Calderon Awards & Achievements

Calderon won the “Best Actress Award” at the 2018 Richmond International Film Festival. She was also nominated for the Maverick Movie Award for “Best Ensemble Performance” in One of the Good Ones in 2020 and the Imagen Award for “Best Supporting Actress” in Mayans M.C. in 2021.

Sulem from Mayans M.C.


Sulem Calderón has been very private about her relationship status. She has never been married and seems single at the moment.

Sulem Calderon Net Worth

Sulem Calderon, a budding star in the film industry, has a good life as an actor. Due to her work, she now has a USD 1 million overall net worth. Her riches are also a result of her salary, passive income from her social media platforms, other pleasures, and other sources.

As a result, Calderon is now living a life of luxury in her California house. The Nona Actress makes over USD 70,000 a year.

Social Media

As she shares, each career has its fan base—acting, modeling, singing, and others. She is well-known on social media platforms as well.

Sulem Calderon Photo
Sulem Calderon Now

Sulem Calderon has 1 million followers on Instagram. She is pretty sweet and responds to her fans’ remarks on her photos and videos. Her admirers esteem her. She also writes songs and shares them on social media.

Joined on July 2012, Sulem Calderon has around 3.5k followers on her Twitter.


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