Surfer Mick Fanning Shark Attack Injury Escapes For Life

Mick Fanning Shark Attack: Mick Fanning’s experience with a shark attack over five years ago is still vivid in his mind.

Michael Eugene Fanning, AO, an Australian professional surfer noted for outstanding sports accomplishments, was born on June 13, 1981.

In 2007, 2009, and 2013, he was crowned World Tour champion by the Association of Surfing Professionals/World Surf League (ASP/WSL).

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Mick Fanning Shark Attack

Surfer Mick Fanning ran into a shark while competing in the 2015 J-Bay Open. When the competition ended abruptly, Julian Wilson and Fanning decided to split second place and the prize money.

Fanning could leave the incident with only a severed leash on his surfboard thanks to his rapid movements and the water safety team’s quick response.

The dramatic moment when Fanning noticed the shark fin and frantically paddled away from it was caught on camera.

He vanished briefly, then emerged without his board before being swiftly recovered by safety boats.

Mick Fanning Shark Attack
Despite his numerous triumphs on the competitive surfing circuit, it is the shark attack incident that has left a lasting impact on Fanning (Image Source: Instagram)

Many people complimented Fanning for his bravery in punching the shark and his composure in the face of peril, underscoring the unpredictability of the sport and the possible dangers that surfers may encounter.

As a result of the tragedy, safety precautions and the coexistence of surfers and sharks in the ocean have become increasingly important in the surfing community.

Fanning’s incredible escape increased respect and appreciation for professional surfers who persistently took on the most challenging waves in the world and served as a reminder of the courage and fortitude needed to partake in the sport.

Is Mick Fanning Still Competing?

Although Mick Fanning just took a wildcard entry for the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach, he has officially withdrawn from the World Surf League tour.

Despite having retired, Fanning couldn’t pass up the opportunity to compete at a location with personal meaning.

While he placed second at Bells Beach in his previous contest in 2018, the chance to compete there again and the surf was too alluring to pass up.

Fanning has continued to pursue other interests even though he has left the world of competitive surfing.

He has participated in businesses, including the Balter Brewing Company and the Australian dog food manufacturer Scratch.

Mick Fanning with his friends
Mick Fanning with his friends (Source: Instagram)

He also celebrated the birth of his son, Xander Dean Fanning, in August 2020. He has embraced family life.

Fanning’s passion for the game has remained strong despite leaving the competition circuit, and he finds fulfillment in his personal and business endeavors.

Mick Fanning’s love of surfing is still as strong as ever despite his departure from the World Surf League tour.

His decision to accept the wildcard invitation to compete at Bells Beach is evidence of his deep love for the sport and the pleasure it offers him.

Fanning’s achievements in the world of professional surfing and his devotion to the waves will always be remembered as he embarks on other endeavors and enjoys his personal life.

Where is Mick Fanning Now?

Mick Fanning presently resides on the Gold Coast, where he has developed business connections with several of the area’s eateries and entertainment establishments.

This is a remarkable improvement from the problematic situations he’d previously experienced.

He experienced several difficulties in 2015, including the dissolution of his ten-year marriage to his ex-wife Karissa, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after surviving a shark attack, and the untimely passing of his brother Pete due to an enlarged heart.

Mick Fanning with his family
Mick Fanning with his family (Source: Instagram)

Fanning acknowledged hitting “rock bottom” and felt utterly exhausted when she reflected on that trying year.

He struggled to find meaning and purpose as he felt deep emptiness and withdrew from society.

But for him, there were better days ahead. Fanning made his relationship with Breeana Randall, now his fiancée, public in 2017.

In 2020, a son, Xander, their first child, was born. Fanning’s life began a new chapter that provided him happiness and a sense of regeneration, enabling him to leave behind the despair he had experienced.

Fanning has overcome obstacles to rebuild his life and found fulfillment in his Gold Coast relationships and business endeavors.

His path is motivational because it shows resiliency and the capacity to overcome challenges.

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