Susan Lund Missing Mom Update: Found Dead In Illinois

Susan Lund went out to buy groceries on Christmas Eve 1992 in Clarksville, Tennessee and was never seen again. Learn more about Susan Lund missing case.

Susan Lund, 25, went missing nearly three decades ago on Christmas Eve at 7:30 pm as she walked from her home to a small grocery store in Clarksville.

One month later, authorities in southern Illinois uncovered human remains at Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park.

However, until this week, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the remains discovered in 1993 were to Lund.

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Susan Lund Missing Mom Update

Susan Lund, a young mother from Clarksville, Tennessee, left her home on Christmas Eve 1992 for a simple trip to the grocery shop and has yet to return.

A family spent the previous 30 years believing their mother had abandoned them, only to discover she had been dead the entire time.

A missing 25-year-old Clarksville woman, Susan Lund, was linked to a decades-old cold case in Illinois.

It isn’t easy to comprehend that a circumstance like this can provide such joy to a family.

Lund left her family’s home on Christmas Eve 1992 to go to the grocery store. She was never seen or heard from again.

Susan Lund missing
Susan Lund left her home on Christmas Eve, 1992. (Source- the daily beast

Reyes and another sister, Anne Marie Miley, both expressed surprise at the discovery of their sister.

Clarksville police ceased hunting for her seven months after she went missing.

Susan Lund Found Dead In Illinois

A woman’s head was discovered along a road in Ina, Illinois, in January 1993. The identity of the human remains remained unknown until improved forensic methods enabled it.

Susan Lund was last seen by her family on Christmas Eve, 1992, at their home in Clarksville, Tennessee. She walked to a nearby supermarket and was never seen again.

Susan Lund Missing
Lund’s skeleton was discovered on a peninsula extending into Rend Lake. (Source- all that interesting

Her family was unaware of her whereabouts for the previous 29 years. They reported her missing, and the hunt for her lasted several months.

They discovered no evidence of her whereabouts. Susan’s family never gave up looking for her.

For decades, detectives were baffled by the identity of the human remains discovered near Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park.

They called the case “Ina Jane Doe” and said the victim was between 30 and 50. When she was alive, she had a problem that caused her head to tilt slightly to the side.

Redgrave Research Forensic Services, a genealogy firm, received DNA from the human remains.

After studying DNA matches for a day, they came up with a possible identification. Susan Lund’s family was then contacted by law enforcement.

Who Was Susan Lund?

Lund had three young children, all under six, and was pregnant when she went missing from her house on Harrier Court, off Jack Miller Boulevard. Paul Lund, her husband, was a soldier at Fort Campbell.

Clarksville Police called off the hunt for Susan Lund after two weeks, saying she had left Clarksville “of her own volition” and now resides in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, where she was last seen the week after Christmas.

Michael’s team launched an ethnographic study, which assisted in developing a more accurate sketch, which they then compared to missing person instances and unsolved homicides.

Meanwhile, Redgrave Research Forensic Services began hunting for hints in Ina Jane Doe’s DNA.

They uploaded her DNA profile to the vast GEDMatch database and looked for individuals with common ancestry.

They quickly had several hits and began developing family trees to determine where Ina Jane Doe might fit.

The investigation led to a family and a woman who had no public profile after 1992 but had not been reported dead.

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