Syamsul Yusof Scandal: Did He Cheat On His Second Wife Ira Kazar?

Syamsul Yusof Scandal has been the talk of the town after controversy surrounding the Malaysian star and his second Wife, Ira Kazar, surfaced online. 

Syamsul Yusof is a well-known actor, director, and producer in Malaysia. He is the son of Yusof Haslam, a renowned producer and director.

He has made a name for himself in the film industry at a young age and has directed several successful films.

However, the star has recently been the subject of much discussion and speculation.

Revelations about his personal life have sparked this interest, specifically his relationships with his first wife, Puteri Sarah Liyana, and his second wife, Ira Kazar.

As the interest increases, people seek the details of the scandal unfolding around Syamsul Yusof and address the question: Did he cheat on his second wife, Ira Kazar? 

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Syamsul Yusof Scandal: Did He Cheat On His Second Wife, Ira Kazar?

Syamsul Yusof, a renowned figure in the Malaysian entertainment industry, has recently been embroiled in a scandal involving his personal life.

The actor, director, and producer, known for his successful films and music, found himself at the center of controversy due to rumors about his relationships with his first wife, Puteri Sarah Liyana, and his second wife, Ira Kazar. 

The scandal began to unfold when Puteri Sarah Liyana accused Syamsul of having an affair with Ira Kazar through social media posts.

Syamsul initially denied these allegations.

However, in January 2023, he admitted to marrying Ira Kazar in Thailand. This admission triggered a wave of backlash on social media.

To answer the question, Syamsul did not cheat on his second wife, Ira Kazar, but instead cheated on his first wife, Puteri, with Ira. 

Following the actor’s admission of his second marriage, Puteri Sarah filed for divorce.

The couple officially divorced in June 2023.

Syamsul Yusof Scandal
Ira is entirely private regarding her personal life. (Source: TheStar)

Despite the divorce and the scandal surrounding his second marriage, Syamsul has maintained that he did not cheat on Ira Kazar.

The scandal surrounding Syamsul Yusof’s personal life has sparked much discussion and speculation.

However, it’s important to remember that the individuals involved are real people dealing with complex personal issues.

While it’s natural to be curious about the lives of public figures, it’s also crucial to respect their privacy and refrain from spreading unverified rumors.

who was Syamsul Yusof first wife? – puteri sarah liyana – 

Puteri Sarah Liyana, born on October 4, 1985, is a Malaysian actress who was the first wife of Syamsul Yusof.

They got married in March 2014 and have two children together.

Puteri Sarah and Syamsul’s marriage was in the public eye due to Syamsul’s alleged affair with Malaysian actress Ira Kazar.

Puteri Sarah claimed that Syamsul had been secretly involved with Ira since 2019.

Syamsul Yusof Scandal
Syamsul Yusof and their wife Puteri Sarah during the film Abang Long Fadil 2 launch at Restoran Haslam. IZZRAFIQ ALIAS / The Star. November 13, 2015. (Source: TheStar)

Syamsul initially denied these claims but later admitted in January 2023 that he had married Ira in Thailand, making her his second wife.

Following this revelation, Puteri Sarah filed for divorce from Syamsul at the capital’s Syariah Lower Court.

The case proceeded on March 7, 2023, to end their nine-year marriage. The couple officially divorced in June 2023.

Syamsul Yusof kids – where are they now?

Syamsul Yusof, a renowned Malaysian actor, director, and producer, is the father of two children with his first wife, Puteri Sarah Liyana.

Despite the end of their marriage, Puteri Sarah has stated that she and Syamsul will remain friends for their children’s sake.

Their first child, Syaikhul Islam, was born in 2017.

Syaikhul Islam is now six years old. Their second child, Sumayyah, was born in 2019.

Syamsul Yusof Scandal
Syamsul’s kids frequently make appearances on their father’s Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

Sumayyah is now four years old. 

Despite their marriage’s end, Syamsul and Puteri Sarah have expressed their commitment to co-parenting their children.

They aim to provide a nurturing environment for Syaikhul Islam and Sumayyah, ensuring they grow up with love and support from both parents.

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