Tacoma Simmons biography- Son of Earl Simmons/DMX

Who is Tacoma Simmons?

Tacoma Simmons is the son of famous American rapper and actor Earl Simmons/DMX and Tashera Simmons. He is a young man who has a keen interest in music like his late dad.

Tacoma is a hard-working young man in his twenties. He is currently living in New York, U.S.A.

Tacoma Simmons Biography
Tacoma Simmons Biography

Quick Facts

Full NameTacoma Simmons
Also Known AsTacoma
BirthdayAugust 27, 1999
Age 23 years old
Sun SignVirgo
TraitsPositive: Hardworking, intelligent, and adventurous
Negative: Stubborn, critical, and uptight
BirthplaceMount Kisco, New York, USA
Currently residing New York, USA
EducationHigh Schooling from Fox Lane High School
GrandparentsArnett Simmons (Grandmother)
Joe Barker (Grandfather)
ParentsEarl Simmons/DMX (Father)
Tashera Simmons (Mother)
SiblingsXavier Simmons (Brother)
Sean Simmons (Brother) 
Praise Mary Ella Simmons (Sister)
Sasha Simmons (Half-Sister)
Exodus Simmons Simmons (Half-Brother)
Sonovah Junior Simmons (Half-Sister)
Aaliyah Simmons (Half-Sister)
Aidyn Simmons (Half-Brother)
K’ydn Simmons (Half-Brother)
Eye ColorBrown
Marital StatusSingle
Profession Music composer

Interesting Facts

  • Tacoma is the second child of rapper Earl Simmons and Tashera Simmons.
  • He has three siblings and thirteen half-siblings.
  • His mother described Tacoma as loud, shy, introverted, selfish, and sometimes very difficult as a child. However, he overcame that and became a hardworking and kind man.
  • Tacoma’s life was harsh due to his father’s drug problems and several arrests.
  • He loves composing music; however, none have been published so far.

Early life

On August 27, 1999, Tacoma Simmons was born in Mount Kisco, New York, U.S. He is the second child of Earl Simmons and Tashera Simons.
It was a childhood friendship that led to Tacoma’s parents getting married. Soon, they became a family of six.
Tacoma has two brothers and a sister. He also has thirteen half-siblings.

DMX was a successful rapper; it is obvious for us to expect that he must have provided the best for his family. However, it was the opposite, so it seems.
Tashera accused Earl of failing to pay child support after their split. In addition, Earl’s addiction to drugs and trouble with the law had him arrested multiple times. He did not provide a sound environment for his children.

Tacoma is single. Moreover, he isn’t involved with anyone romantically.

Relationships of Tacoma Simmons

Earl Simmons (father)


Earl Simmons, also known as, D.M.X., was born on December 18, 1970, in Mount Vernon, New York, U.S. He is an American actor and rapper. He has also published the book “E.A.R.L.: The Autobiography of D.M.X. in 2003.” Tacoma’s father, Earl, is not the most faithful of husbands. As a young man, he married Tashera, his childhood friend, in 1998. The couple had four children. Earl, however, had thirteen more children with other women. As a result, he had seventeen children from eleven women.

Earl was also bad at managing his finances, which led to three bankruptcies. Moreover, he was an angry man, making him feud with American rappers Jay-Z and Ja Rule.

In addition, D.M.X. went to jail more than 30 times for several unlicensed driving, assault, robbery, reckless driving, animal cruelty, drug possession, D.U.I., tax evasion, probation violation, etc. In addition, he has also successfully escaped prison once.

As a result of his drug addiction, he also had to go to the hospital several times. Consequently, the rapper died on April 9, 2021, after several of his organs failed. In addition, his family members later revealed that Earl had a cocaine-induced heart attack.

Tashera Simmons (Mother)

Tashera Simmons
Tashera Simmons

The mother of Tacoma, Tashera Simmons, was born on April 10, 1971, in New York, New York, United States. Moreover, her father was born in Brooklyn, while her mother was Panamanian-born.

Tashera dropped out of high school and met her childhood friend Earl Simmons. Soon the couple began dating. Moreover, the rapper made a song Once Upon A Time about Tashera.

Furthermore, in 1998, Tashera and Earl got married. They have four children together. Unfortunately, after being unfaithful to her for years, Tacoma decided to divorce him in 2012.

After the divorce, Earl had to pay the child support while Tacoma took care of the kids. The children are still under the supervision of their mother.

Xavier Simmons (brother)

Xavier Simmons is the eldest sibling of Tacoma. He was born in 1992. Moreover, Xavier is an actor, movie producer, and author.

Furthermore, Xavier strives to end unemployment and inspire young people to achieve something in life. Therefore, he made films like Moments, playing the lead role. Moreover, he appeared in Never Die Alone, Belly, Angel: One More Road to Cross, etc.

In addition, Xavier wrote Perils & Promise. Moreover, the book talks about faith, heartache, purpose, and encompassing addiction through a series of short stories.

Sean Simmons (brother) 

Sean Simmons was born in 2002 and is the younger brother of Tacoma. Moreover, he is a music composer

According to his mother, Tashera, Sean has a kind soul and a good heart. In addition, Sean is a hardworking student who always tries his best in his studies.

Praise Mary Ella Simmons (sister)

Praise Marry Ella is the only daughter of Earl Simmons and Tashera. She was born on April 18, 2005. 

Furthermore, Tashera describes her as a strong and kind daughter. In addition, she is also funny, observant, caring, articulate, and intelligent.

Tacoma Simmons with his mother and siblings
Tacoma Simmons with his mother and siblings

Sasha Simmons (half-Sister)

Even though Tashera and DMX were married at the time, he wasn’t faithful to her. Therefore, an extramarital affair with Patricia Trejo led to the birth of Sasha Simmons in 2002.

Furthermore, in 2012, Patricia sued Earl for not paying child support. As a result, he had to pay a $1 million fine.

Exodus Simmons Simmons (half-brother)

Exodus Simmons is the son of Earl Simmons and Desiree Lindstrom. Moreover, he is DMX’s fifteenth child.

In addition, Earl and Desiree were engaged when she gave birth to Exodus. He was born on August 16, 2016. 

Sonovah Junior Simmons (half-sister)

Sonovah Junior was born in 2009. She is the daughter of Earl and Yadira Borrego. The two of them share two daughters.

Aaliyah Simmons (half-sister)

Another daughter of Yadira Borrego and Earl is Aaliyah. She was born in 2011 and named after singer Aaliyah, Earl’s close friend. Moreover, during her birth, her parents had already ended their relationship.

Aidyn and K’ydn Simmons (half-brothers)

Aidyn and K’ydn are twins born on December 5, 2019. Their parents are Earl Simmons and Pebbles Junell. They are his sixteen and seventeen children.

The career of Tacoma Simmons

Tacoma is a music composer. He has just started his work. However, he hasn’t had his debut yet.

Net Worth

Tacoma has only started his career as a music composer. And so far, he made a net worth of USD 100k.

Social Media

As for his social media accounts, Tacoma uses Instagram only. Moreover, he has a private Instagram account with over 700 followers.


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