Taina Marie Melendez: The incredible wife behind singer Ozuna’s success

Who is Taina Marie Melendez?

Taina Marie Melendez is the wife of famous Dominican, Puerto Rican, and Latin pop singer-cum-songwriter – Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado, aka Ozuna. 

Taina is a Tupi girl’s name which means “star.” It also means “secret” in Russian.

Although Taina came into the limelight after Ozuna’s success, she was always beside Ozuna, even before he was famous. Today, Ozuna is a successful singer, and Taina is still by his side.

Talk about “ride-or-die”! Taina is certainly one loyal and patient partner who helped Ozuna reach the heights he is at today.

Taina and Ozuna were in love and dated for years before getting married. Now, Ozuna is making a name for himself in the Latin music industry, and the spotlight is on the family as well. 

Taina is said to be a businesswoman. But these days, she is known for her engagement in charity events that involve helping children and women in need. 

Despite their young age and fame, the couple still is very down-to-earth and are doing great things together. For celebrities, there is always pressure to maintain a perfect image in the public’s eyes. As a superstar’s wife, Taina also has that pressure, but she handles it with a lot of grace.

The mother of two is a strong woman who takes care of her little family. Not only is Taina able to deal with the hubbub of celebrity life, but she is also maintaining a peaceful life for herself and her kids.

You might have spotted her attending events with Ozuna, but there are lots of things you may not know about her. 

Here we will be sharing with you everything you need to know about Taina Marie Melendez.

quick facts

Full nameTaina Marie Melendez
BirthdayJanuary 30, 1994
Age29 years old
EthnicityAfro-Puerto Rican
Sun SignAquarius
TraitsPositive: honest, curious, creative, and altruistic

Negative: unpredictable, and extreme
SpouseJuan Carlos Ozuna Rosado
ChildrenSofia Ozuna Melendez, Jacob Andres
EducationGraduated from Instituto Tecnologico de Puerto Rico

Completed high school from Dr. Rafael Lopez Landron School
Hair colorBlack
EyesDark brown
Net worthUSD 3 million
Famous asWife of Ozuna
ProfessionHomemaker, Businesswoman, Charity

interesting facts

1. Taina Marie Melendez was born to a middle-class mixed racial family

Taina was born in Spain and brought up in Puerto Rico. She completed her high school and university in Puerto Rico.

She is an Afro-Puerto Rican and had a normal childhood while growing up in a middle-class family. 

2. She met Ozuna before he was famous

Taina and Ozuna’s relationship goes way back. They dated for eight years before getting hitched in 2020. They had to go through many hurdles to reach the level of success that they are in now.

Taina got American citizenship after marrying Ozuna.

3. Taina Marie Melendez is the mother of two children

Taina shares two children, a daughter, and a son, with Ozuna. 

Their first child is a daughter named Sofia, who was born in 2014. Later Taina gave birth to a son named Jacob Andres in 2016.

4. Taina Marie assists her husband at work

Taina is a businesswoman herself. But, she also helps Ozuna to manage his concerts, shows, and tours. 

5. Taina and Ozuna are into philanthropy

Taina Marie Melendez and her husband, Ozuna, run a non-profit organization named “Odisea Children,” which provides equal opportunity to children worldwide, regardless of cultural background, race, ethnicity, gender, or economic status.

Taina Marie Melendez childhood and family

Taina Marie Melendez is an Afro-Puerto Rican descendant, born on January 30, 1994. The 29 years old celebrity wife prefers to live outside the media’s consciousness, so details about her family and siblings or any other information about her before meeting Ozuna are a mystery.

Taina Marie Melendez with husband Ozuna

However, she has revealed her being born into a mixed racial family. She previously belonged to Spanish nationality, but after her marriage to Ozuna, she got her American citizenship.

Taina supposedly had a normal early life with a middle-class family and spent most of her childhood in her hometown. Like most of the Puerto Rican families, Taina, too, was blessed with a happy home that shared a strong bond between family members. Her family still lives in Spain.

Tiana, as a child, always looked up to her mother. She loved her unconditionally, and she often mentions how much she loved her. 

Taina’s other family (after her marriage to Ozuna) includes Yomary Rosado Marrero (mother-in-law), Eneida Rosado (grandmother-in-law), Jose Ginés Rosado (brother-in-law), and Yoidaliz Sarduy Rosado (sister-in-law).

She also has an uncle-in-law named Felix Rosado.


Taina was a very bright student from her childhood, always eager to learn new things. Her teachers often commented well on her performance at school.

As she spent most of her childhood in her hometown, Taina attended Dr. Rafael Lopez Landron School. After her schooling, she got enrolled at Instituto Tecnologico de Puerto Rico. However, we do not know about her major or what kind of degree she obtained.

She did not pursue her career in her field of studies, making it very difficult for us to guess about her college education and the kind of degree she obtained.

Her interest in business was always there. With Ozuna’s success, the couple has managed to create a name for themselves, and this has given Taina a chance to use her business brains to flourish.

personality traits

Born under the water sign, Aquarius, Taina is smart and rational. She is a fierce Latina for whom her family is above everything.

Taina usually loves flaunting her natural beauty without makeup. But during events and award shows, you can see her standing gorgeous with glamorous clothes and makeup beside her husband.

Taina is an ambitious and empathetic woman who feels like she has to do something good for people in need. Her involvement in charity works proves that success does not make everyone detached from being a human being.

Her identity is not just limited to being so-and-so’s wife. Taina has established herself as a businesswoman and humanitarian. 

Taina and her kids are Ozuna’s biggest cheerleaders who always root for their husband/father in every step.

body measurements

Taina Marie Melendez is 5 feet 4 inches tall and has a slim and fit body even after giving birth to two beautiful and healthy kids.

Her body measurements are 35-28-36, and she weighs around 56 kilograms.

Her black hair and brown eyes complement every outfit she wears.

Taina Marie Melendez and Ozuna

We do not know about Taina’s previous affairs or relationships before meeting Ozuna. What we do know is that Taina met Ozuna before he got famous and that the couple had to go through difficult times before Ozuna’s significant breakthrough and success.

The couple had dated for eight years before getting married. They have always come forward as an admirable and ecstatic couple.

Ozuna and Taina Marie Melendez got married after being in a relationship for eight years in 2020.

Ozuna posted an announcement video post-engagement on January 13, 2020, on his Instagram account.

Taina Marie Melendez with family

The couple often shares glimpses of their private lives on social media by posting pictures of them at events and festivals. Ozuna praises his wife every chance he gets on the press, by which we can see the love he shares with his wife and family. 

Taina’s husband Ozuna

Ozuna’s full name is Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado, and he is a Puerto Rican singer renowned as the “New King od Reggaeton.”

Ozuna’s father was a Dominican, whereas; his mother was Puerto Rican.

He is one of the singers who have the most billion views on YouTube.

Ozuna has been in trouble a couple of times. The immigration department in Columbia once arrested him for aggressive behavior that involved striking a guard on the head with a microphone during a concert in the United States. Taina has always supported her husband through tough times and had his back whenever he needed her.

Taina Marie Melendez children

The couple was blessed with their first girl child in 2014, and they named her Sofia Ozuna Melendez, representing both her parents’ names. The family of three was again gifted with a baby boy adding up to their family tree in 2016. The boy is named Jacob Andres.


Taina is a celebrity wife and a businesswoman.

She is rumored to own a business. We do not know about her business’s nature yet, as she has not announced it to the public. 

However, we can confirm that Taina has assisted her husband in his career by making arrangements for his concerts, shows, and tours. She builds up a liable team for the events to run smoothly.

Taina has also earned much after her husband’s success. Her husband has achieved a thriving career in music after he kicked off his career with a song titled ‘Imaginando’ in 2012. But he had his breakthrough four years later after he got featured in an album ‘La Ocasion’ collaborating with Dr. La Ghetto, Arc Angle, and Anuel AA.

With Taina’s help, the couple has completed many successful tours around the world and earned well.

Ozuna is making the right name for himself as a Latin singer. He got nominated for 23 nominations in the 2019 Billboard Latin Music award, amongst which he bagged 11; this is a significant achievement for Ozuna and his family.

The power couple together runs a non-profit charitable organization named Odisea Children that provides equal opportunity to children worldwide, regardless of their cultural background, ethnicity, creed, race, gender, or economic status.

Because of the non-profit, the couple has made a name for themselves. They help children in need and transform the lives of many women. The press has recognized and praised the couple for this act.

net worth and lifestyle

The exact net worth of this celebrity spouse – Taina Marie Melendez, is unknown. Still, her husband Ozuna has an estimated net worth of USD 15 million.

Similarly, Taina has been successful in earning money herself through different businesses. Her net worth, according to some sources, is USD 3 million.

social media

Ozuna is known for posting photos of his family on social media; Taina, on the other hand, likes to keep her account private and does not want to share her pictures with the public. 


There is an Insta account with 16k followers under the name ‘tainaozunafansthrough which Ozuna can be seen hanging around with his family and friends. However, the account is made private and we can not confirm whether it is a verified account or not.

Her husband, Ozuna, is highly active on Instagram and usually posts about his music and family moments. So you can check out Taina and her family living a happy life on Ozuna’s Instagram account too.


Tiana also seems to have a Twitter account under the username @always_loyalty

Well, social media is not essential for everyone. Taina is a private person who enjoys her life by living in the moment instead of posting intimate moments on the internet.

We might see this young mom on social media in the future. But for now, you can follow her husband Ozuna to see the latest updates on their lives and their whereabouts.

And with that, we have shared everything you need to know about the Puerto Rican singer, Ozuna’s beautiful wife, Taina Marie Melendez.

Please comment below if you think we missed any information about Taina Marie Melendez. We love hearing from you guys.


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