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Who is Tamera Mowry?

Tamera Mowry is a German-born American actress. She came into the limelight along with her twin sister, Tia Mowry for, ACB/WB’s super hit sitcom ‘Sister, Sister.’ Apart from her career as an actress Tamera Mowry has worked as a model, singer, and talk show host.

Tamera is a Hebrew female name that means “date palm.”

Tamera married an American journalist Adam Housley. Through nine years of marriage, the couple has welcomed a son and a daughter. They are Aden John Tanner Housley and Ariah Talea Housley.

Tamera Mowry Biography
Tamera Mowry Biography

Please continue reading to know more about Tamera Mowry’s personal and professional life.

quick facts

Full nameTamera Darvette Mowry
NicknameTam/ Tam Tam
BirthdayJuly 6th, 1978
Age44 years old
BirthplaceGelnhausen, West Germany
NationalityGerman American
Sun signCancer
TraitsPositive: loyal, protective, and caring

Negative: overly sensitive, moody, and vindictive
ParentsTimothy John Mowry (father)
Darlene Renee Mowry (mother)
SiblingsTia Mowry (twin-sister)
Tahj Mowry (brother)
Tavior Mowry (brother)
Marital statusMarried
SpouseAdam Housley
ChildrenAden John Tanner Housley (son)
Ariah Talea Housley (daughter)
Height5 ft 4 inches (1.64 m)
Weight58 kg (128 lbs)
Hair colorDark Brown
Eye colorDark Brown
Favorite actorJohnny Depp
ActressKate Winslet
Favorite placeMiami

Interesting facts

  1. Tamera is 2 minutes older than her twin sister Tia

Tamera Mowry was born on July 6, 1979, at 4:30 PM. She was born two minutes before Tia.

  1. Tamera Mowry has two brothers

Tamera has two brothers. Her first younger brother, Tahj, is also an actor and singer like Tamera.

Her other brother, Tavior Mowry, stays away from the limelight. He was a former athlete who played football in high school. He is pursuing a musical career under the stage name ‘Dontae Adisa.’

  1. Tamera Mowry met her husband through her economics professor

Tamera was in studying at Pepperdine University when she met her husband, Adam Housley.

Adam was a graduate of the university. He met one of his professors. As he was checking out his professor’s wall of favorite students, he found a picture of a beautiful woman who happened to be Tamera.

The professor later told Tamera that Adam found her beautiful, to which she got excited. They later exchanged their email address and started dating.

  1. Tamera Mowry started her career through pageants and talent shows

Tamera entered minor beauty pageants and talent shows. After this, they got offered minor television series roles in ‘Flesh n Blood,’ ‘Full House,’ ‘True Colors.’

  1. Tamera worked as the co-host of ‘The Real’

Tamera was the co-host of ‘The Real’ for almost seven years. She talked about life experiences, motherhood, and relationships on that show.

She left the show to focus on her family and her acting career.

  1. Tamera Mowry has two kids

Tamera Mowry shares two children with Adam Housley. She has a son named Aden John Tanner Housley and a daughter named Ariah Talea Housley.

Early life and Childhood

Tamera Darvette Mowry was born on July 6th, 1978, in Gelnhausen, West Germany. Her parents are Darlene Renee Mowry and Timothy John Mowry. She is currently 44 years old.

According to sources, Tamera and Tia had convinced their parents to move to California at 12. The reason was so that they could pursue a full-time career as a professional actor.

Tamera Mowry

Tamera had managed to get her high school degree, despite her efforts to be an actor. After that, she joined Pepperdine University.

Tamera achieved an undergraduate degree in Psychology.

Tamera Mowry height

Mowry stands 5′ 4 inches (1.64 m) tall and weighs about 58 kg (128 lbs). She has a slim body, and her body measurement is 34-27-35 inches. Furthermore, she has curly dark brown hair and dark brown colored eyes.

Tamera Mowry and her sister, Tia are identical twins. But, one can differentiate her from her sister with the mole on her cheeks.

Personality traits

Since Tamera was born on July 6th, her sun sign lies under Cancer. Cancerians are passionate and down-to-earth. They are always ready to make changes in their life and try new things.

Such characteristics perfectly define Tamera, as she has pursued different career paths. Although her main goal was to become an actress, she surprised us with her singing skills. And, her impactful presence in the talk show called ‘The Real’ was unforgettable.

Tamera revealed that her family is very religious. She became a born-again Christian when she was eight years old. In 2013, Tamera said that she had not lost her virginity until 29 due to her being a devout Christian.

Furthermore, she also stated that she felt guilty for having intercourse before marriage. And, she vowed that she would remain celibate until she got married.

Tamera Mowry parents

Tamera Mowry’s parents both come from a mixed heritage. Her father, Timothy John Mowry, is of English and Irish ancestry. While her mother, Darlene Renee Mowry, comes from an Afro-Bahamian origin.

Both of her parents were former US Army officials stationed in Germany during the twins’ birth. But, after the family returned to the US, Tamera’s father worked as a custody officer. In contrast, her mother worked as the twin’s manager.

Tamera Mowry siblings

Tia Mowry

Tamera Mowry’s twin sister Tia Mowry is also an actress like her sister. Apart from her acting career, Tia is also a singer, TV personality, coach, and author. Tia married actor Cory Hardrict, with whom she shares two children.

Tia has worked on almost similar projects as her sister. She has also done separate projects like a voice-over role for the 4KidsTV cartoon “Bratz.”

Likewise, Tia has also starred in her cooking channel series called ‘Tia Mowry Home.’ She welcomed guests like Pooch Hal, Hosea Sanchez, Lilly Singh, and Kelly Rowland.

Apart from her acting career, Tia is also an author. Her first book named ‘Oh Baby: Pregnancy Tales and Advice from One Hot Mama to Another’ got published in May 2012.

Likewise, she is the head coach of the Entertainment Basketball League celebrity team. She has coached the Atlanta team. Her players include her husband, Cory Hardrict, and her ex-costar Pooch Hall.

Tahj Mowry

Tamera Mowry’s third sibling, Tahj Mowry, is also an actor and a singer like his sisters. Tahj is famous for his role in the show called ‘Smart Guy.’ He plays the main character named TJ Henderson.

Apart from ‘Smart Guy,’ Tahj has also appeared in Disney Channel movies like ‘Hounded’ and ‘The Poof Point.’ He played guest roles in prominent TV shows like ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ and ‘Desperate Housewives.’

Tahj Mowry is also a singer, like his sisters. He sang the song ‘Shine Your Light on Me’ for a movie called ‘School’s Out! Christmas,’ and ‘Circle of Life’ for Disney Channel’s Circle of Stars recording of ‘The Lion King.’

Tavior Mowry

Tamera Mowry’s fourth sibling, Tavior Mowry, stayed away from the limelight initially. Despite his absence from the public eyes, Tavior is as talented as his brother and sisters.

Reports say that Tavior is an athlete who started playing football in high school. He used to be the best player among his teammates. He even got a full scholarship at the University of California for his football skills.

Unfortunately, he only got to play nine games on behalf of UCLA. Tavior sustained a career-threatening injury, forcing him out of football.

Tamera Mowry Brothers Tahj and Tavior with her son Aden
Tamera Mowry Brothers Tahj and Tavior with her son Aden

Today, Tavior is pursuing a musical career under the stage name ‘Dontae Adisa.’ According to reports, Tavior can play the piano and bass guitar. He worked with artists like Talib Kweli, Jessie Ware, and The Kooks.


Adam Housley(husband)

She had first met her husband, Adam Housley when she was still in university. The couple is both an alumnus of Pepperdine University. It is where they had known about each other for the first time due to their economics professor.

Adam revealed that he was already a graduate student when Tamera was a student. He is six years older than her. But, he used to be in and around the university to help and talk to the students.

He said,

“One time, I went to one of my favorite professors’ offices in Pepperdine. And as I am in there, he has a wall of all his favorite students. I walk over to the wall of his favorite students, and I said if you’re so good, introduce me to, and I found a picture of a beautiful woman, and I said her (Tamera).”

Tamera then revealed in a video that the professor had approached her later. The professor let her know that his former student (Adam) found her beautiful.

Tamera Mowry with husband Adam Housley

She also said that she was hesitant to talk to Adam initially. But, Tamera got excited when her professor told her that he was not an actor.

She then asked the professor to pass Adam her email address. It is how the couple got to know each other before they went on their first date.

The pair dated for six years and finally decided to tie the knot on May 15th, 2011, in California’s Napa Valley. Tamera and Adam welcomed their first child, after a year on November 12th, 2012, and a daughter, on July 1st, 2015.

The couple does occasional Instagram lives through Tamera’s account. The duo also posts YouTube videos and clips in their account ‘The Housley Life.’

They are still in love and is running in the 10th year of their marriage. But, Tamera and Adam have gone through severe criticism for their interracial relationship.

Several social media people have labeled Adam to be a racist since he had previously worked at Fox News. But in one of Tamera’s talk show episodes, she defended her husband against such claims.

Tamera said that her successful relationship was a result of embracing each other’s origins. She told Adam has always been open to learning new things about her family. Tamera as well has been learning a lot about the wine culture through her husband.

About Adam Housley

Tamera’s husband, Adam Housley, is an American journalist and a former baseball player. Adam Housley was born on August 13th, 1971, in Napa, US.

He achieved his undergraduate degree in political science and telecommunication from Pepperdine University. Then, Adam joined the Fox News Channel in 2001. He also worked as a reporter at KTXL-TV in Sacramento, California.

Adam received the Regional Associated Press Reporting Award and the Regional Emmy Award. He has reported significant events worldwide as a senior correspondent for Fox News.

Some of the events include the Iraq War and the War on Terror from Pakistan and in Israel. He also covered the Southeast Asian Tsunami and the Haiti Earthquake. Another event he covered was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s campaign for Governor of California.

But, in 2018, Adam left Fox News after working there for 17 years. Politico revealed that Adam had left due to his frustration. The hard news reporting continually played down in favor of President Trump.

Today, Adam has embraced his heritage and manages his family’s Century Oak Winery. He also looks after the tasting room in Lodi, California. Furthermore, Adam and Tamera also opened a tasting room in Napa Valley in Spring 2019.

During an interview with the Napa Valley Magazine, Adam stated,

“We want to over-perform a house winery and make our customers feel that they have found an amazing wine at an amazing price.”

Tamera Mowry kids

Tamera Mowry shares two kids with her husband, Adam Housley. Her firstborn is a son named Aden John Tanner Housley, born on November 12, 2012, at Cedars-Senai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

He was born at 9:45 PM and weighed 9lbs.

Tamera Mowry with husband Adam Housley and kids
Tamera Mowry with husband Adam Housley and kids

On July 1, 2015, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Ariah Talea Housley. She was born at 2:54 PM and weighed 10 lbs.

Tamera Mowry career

Tamera and Tia started their career by entering small pageants and talent shows. Due to their exposure, the sisters got offers for small television series roles. Some of them were ‘Flesh n Blood,’ ‘True Colors,’ and ‘Full House.’

Tamera and her sister had once formed a singing group called ‘Voices’ in 1992. The group’s first single called ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah!’ had made it to No.72 on the Billboard Hot 100 during their initial years.

Tamera’s acting career leaped up when the twins appeared in a show called ‘Sister, Sister.’ She played the main character’s role in the series in 1994.

Some sources say ‘Sister, Sister’ got created when a producer had spotted the twins in the set of ‘Full House.’ Furthermore, Tamera’s younger brother Tahj Mowry also made frequent appearances in the show.

After the ‘Sister, Sister,’ Tamera played several guest roles on other TV shows to keep her career stable. She worked as a voice actor for shows like ‘The Adventures of Hyperman’ and ‘Detention.’ In 2001, she played a lead role in a medical drama called ‘Strong Medicine’ as a character named Dr. Kayla Thornton.

Likewise, in 2005, Tamera Mowry and her sister appeared in Disney’s TV Film called ‘Twitches.’ Due to the film’s success, there was also a spinoff called ‘Twitches Too,’ around 2007. She and her sister later also had a reality show called ‘Tia and Tamera’ which looked at the twin’s day-to-day lives.

After giving birth, the twins opened their business ‘Need Brands.’ Through the company, they supported mothers and their babies through the top products. One of their favorite products included a moisturizing cream called ‘Stretchy!.’ It helped pregnant women remove their stretch marks.

Tamera Mowry ‘The Real’

Apart from her acting career, Tamera also worked as a co-host for Fox New’s talk show called ‘The Real.’ The show features a group of outspoken female hosts who discuss life experiences. Other hosts in the talk show include Jeannie Mai, Tamar Braxton, and Adrienne Bailon.

Some of the show’s main topics included motherhood, new marriage, and single life. ‘The Real’ is prominent among middle-aged women. It has gained recognition for being authentic and entertaining at the same time.

Nevertheless, despite the show’s success, Tamera announced in July 2020 that she would be leaving the show.

Tamera worked as a co-host for ‘The Real’ for almost seven years. So, her announcement to quit the show came as a shock to several of her fans. In an interview about the topic, she said,

“”I talked about my family for seven years on The Real. And now people got to see what I was talking about for all those years, and it caught on.”

Likewise, her co-host Loni Love also opened up about the news. She revealed that the sole reason Tamera was leaving the show was because she wanted to move on to do other things.

Reports say Tamera got an offer to work as a producer and actor. The proposal was for Hallmark’s upcoming TV film ‘Christmas Carnival.’ Although she has been away from a scripted series for a while, she feels excited to go back to her acting roots.

She said,

“I have been a talk show host for a while now. And acting, it was just calling me back, so when I got the opportunity, I was like, I’ve got to do it. I just had an amazing experience, and I felt so honored. So, I am going to do it again. It’ll be out this Christmas 2020.”

Tamera Mowry The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer is a top-secret singing competition where celebrities face each other while appearing in elaborate costumes with full-face masks to hide their identities.

Tamera Mowry-Housley was in the show as the Seashell. Unfortunately, she was eliminated in a double elimination on season 5.

Tamera was set to appear on The Masked Singer’s season 4; however, she couldn’t be a part of it due to her allergies.

Tamera Mowry movies and TV shows

1991Flesh ‘n’ BloodPenelopeTelevision
1992True ColorsLoraeTelevision
1992Full HouseDeniseTelevision
1994-1999Sister, SisterTamera CampbellTelevision (Main Role)
1995Are you Afraid of the Dark?Evil ChameleonTelevision
1995-1996The adventures of HypermanEmma C. Squared (voice)Television (Main Role)
1997Smart GuyRoxanneTelevision
1999-2000DetentionOrangejella LaBelle (voice)Television (Main Role)
2000Something to Sing AboutLilyTV film
2001-2005Express YourselfHerselfInterstitial series
2002The Hot ChickSissyFilm
2004-2006Strong MedicineDr. Kayla ThorntonTelevision (Main Role)
2005TwitchesCamryn Elizabeth Barnes/ Apoila DuBaerTV Film
2006-2007Family GuyEster (Voice)Television
2007Twitches TooCamryn Elizabeth Barnes/ Apoila DuBaerTelevision (Main Role)
2009RoommatesHope DanielsTelevision (Main Role)
2009The Super Hero SquadMisty Knight (voice)Television
2010Double WeddingDanielle WarrenTV Film
2011Things We Do For LoveLordesTelevision (Main Role)
2011-2013Tia & TameraHerselfTelevision (Main Role)
2012Redemption of a DogMichelleMovie
2012ReboundingVanessaTV Film
2013-2020The RealHerselfTalk Show (Co-Host)
2014-2015Melissa & JoeyGillianTelevision
2016Talking DeadHerselfTelevision
2017Hollywood DarlingsHerselfTelevision
2018Help Us Get MarriedHostFacebook Watch Series
2019A Christmas MiracleEmmaAn original Hallmark Television Movie
2020Christmas Comes TwiceCheryl JenkinsTV Movie
2021The Masked SingerSeashellTV Series
2021The Santa StakeoutTanya MorrisTV Movie

Tamera Mowry awards and nominations

YearAwardTitle of workResult
1995Best Youth Comedienne in a TV Show (with Tia Mowry) for Young Artist AwardSister, SisterNominated
1995Favorite Actress (with Tia Mowry) for Nickelodeon Choice AwardSister, SisterWon
1996Favorite Actress (with Tia Mowry) for Nickelodeon Choice AwardSister, SisterWon
1996Outstanding Youth Actor/Actress (with Tia Mowry)Sister, SisterNominated
1997Favorite Actress (with Tia Mowry) for Nickelodeon Choice AwardSister, SisterWon
1998Hall of Fame for Nickelodeon Choice Award Won
1999Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series (with Tia Mowry)Sister, SisterWon
2000Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series (with Tia Mowry)Sister, SisterWon
2001Best Performance in a TV Movie FOR Leading Young ActressSeventeen AgainNominated
2011Outstanding Actress in a Television Movie, Miniseries or Dramatic SpecialDouble WeddingNominated
2012Favorite TV Celebrity Star (with Tia) for People’s Choice AwardTia & TameraNominated
2012Choice TV Show Reality TV Star: Female (with Tia Mowry) for Teen Choice AwardTia & TameraNominated
2013Outstanding Reality SeriesTia & TameraNominated
2016Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show HostThe RealNominated
2017Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show HostThe RealNominated
2018The Daytime Talk Show of 2018 (with Houghton, Love, and Mai) for People’s Choice AwardThe RealNominated
2018Outstanding Talk Series (with Houghton, Love, and Mai)The RealWon
2018Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show HostThe RealWon
2019Outstanding Talk Series (with Houghton, Love, and Mai)The RealWon
2019Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show HostThe RealNominated

Controversy involving Tamera Mowry or family

Her niece, Alina Housley, was a victim of a Southern California mass shooting in 2018. According to sources, Aliana was a freshman at Pepperdine University. She was at Thousand Oaks’ Borderline Bar & Grill when a gunman had an open fire at people there.

After the incident, Adam searched for his niece in the hospital. He found her after her iPhone’s tracking device put her location on the dance floor where the incident took place.

A few days after the incident, Tamera and Adam had published a joint statement to confirm Aliana’s death. They stated that their niece was an incredible woman with so much life ahead of her. Furthermore, they expressed how heartbroken they were as her life got cut short in such a manner.

To this day, Tamera still remembers and posts Aliana’s pictures, stating how much her family misses her.

net worth

Tamera Mowry’s net worth stands at around USD 8 million. She has earned most of it through her extended career as an actress, singer, TV show host. Co-owning two businesses with her sister and her husband also contributed.

According to some sources, Tamera used to make USD 2.5 million per season by working as a co-host for ‘The Real.’

Social media

Tamera Mowry is quite active on her Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. She posts about her daily life activities on her Instagram account. Tamera’s Instagram profile also consists of pictures of her family.


Tamera’s Instagram account is @tameramowrytwo and has over nine million followers.

Tamera occasionally conducts a live video via her Instagram account and cooks meals with her husband while talking to her fans about her life.


Likewise, Tamera’s Facebook contains similar posts to her Instagram. Her Facebook account is under the username, Tamera Mowry.


She is also available on Twitter as @TameraMowryTwo

She updated about her TV shows and her life to her more than a million followers on Twitter.

Tamera Mowry 2021

Tamera Mowry is still living her best life with her husband and kids.
After leaving ‘The Real,’ she has been busy working for Hallmark movies.


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