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Tanita Strahan | Michael Strahan’s First Born| Bio, Net Worth, Family & Career

Who is Tanita Strahan?

Tanita Strahan explains herself as an emerging visual artist who found inspiration in her own mother.

“Tanita” is a name of Russian origin and means “God is gracious.”

Very few kids as lucky as Tanita Strahan grow up really well despite their family’s difficulties.

She has kept herself away from media for a long time and then re-aroused at the right time to express her love for art, which she inherits from her beloved mother.

Tanita Strahan Biography
Tanita Strahan Biography

Tanita Strahan quick facts

Full NameTanita Strahan
Famous asBeing the daughter of Michael Strahan
Age29 years old
Date of Birth (DOB), BirthdayNovember 10, 1992
Sun Sign (Zodiac Birth Sign)Libra
TraitsPositive: charming, beautiful, and well-balanced

Negative: vindictive and manipulative
Hair colorBrown, curly texture
Favorite sportScuba diving
Height5 feet 5 inches (1.64 m)
Weight55 kgs (128 lbs)
Eye colorBlack

Tanita Strahan interesting facts

1. Tanita Strahan is the first child of Michael Strahan

Tanita is the firstborn of the famous former football player Michael Strahan. She was born to Michael’s first ex-wife, Wanda Hutchins, in 1991.

2. Tanita Strahan’s parents divorced when she was still a child

Tanita’s parents, Michael and Wanda, divorced in 1996. Their divorce was due to her father’s lack of attention towards the family as he was busy with his career. 

After the divorce, Tanita and her brother moved to Germany.

3. Tanita Strahan is a visual artist

After graduating from high school, Tanita pursued a degree in Design and Merchandising. She also completed Associate of Arts- AA, Design, and visual communications.

Due to this, she became an excellent visual artist.

4. Tanita Strahan has twin step-sisters

After the divorce, Tanita’s father married another woman, Jean Muggli. Muggli gave birth to twin girls, Sophia and Isabella. 

Tanita has a good relationship with her step-sisters.

Tanita Strahan childhood

Tanita was the firstborn of ex-defense football player Michael Strahan and Wanda Hutchins. She was born in Germany in 1991 after a year of her parent’s marriage.

Her family lived in Germany initially and later on shifted to Houston, Texas. Tanita’s grandfather Gene Willie Strahan was a boxer and a former major in the US Army.

Her grandmother, Louise Strahan, was a notable basketball coach.

Tanita’s parents gave birth to Michael Jr. in 1995. Unfortunately, things were not going easier for her parents as Michael was busy with the hype of his fame and career.

This led to their divorce in 1996.

Tanita Strahan’s parents had a peaceful divorce after being married for 4 years. It was through mutual understanding.

Settling down with their differences at such a young age got difficult for the couple when things did not exactly fall into place.

Despite not having a bitter divorce with Wanda, unlike his second divorce, Michael could not give much attention to his kids due to his career path and physical distance from them.

Tanita and Michael Jr. were living in Germany with their mother’s family.

Though the divorce ended with shared custody of their children with cooperation, Wanda became the breadwinner of her family. Their private issues were never taken out in public, but Tanita was not completely free of media gazing.

This is why Wanda moved to Germany while raising Tanita. The kids had a good relationship with their father, who visited them on rare occasions.

Michael provided child care support to Wanda and has friendly relations with her.

Tanita Strahan Michael Strahan (father)

Tanita resembles her dad a lot. She has a dark brown complexion and eyes from her father. Though she is still close to her dad, she spent most of her childhood in Germany with her mom and brother.

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Tanita and Michael Junior loved their father. However, things were not the same as he started dating not too long after the divorce. He got remarried to Jean Muggli in 1999.

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Tanita Strahan Wanda Hutchins (mother)

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Twenty-nine years old Tanita’s mother is an interior designer by profession and the founder and owner of the Wandaful home designs. She was the one who inspired Tanita towards her art.

Tanita Strahan visual artwork for sale on Instagram

Tanita was the one who could remember herself facing the prime time of their life without her dad. Wanda’s economic condition, media gaze, and the small brother to care for all must have been too much for her as the child.

The separation must have affected Tanita the most as she was a firstborn. Wanda tried her best to separate Tanita from camera flashes and give her some freedom while schooling.

Tanita completed her high school education in Germany. Then she moved with her mother to Houston, Texas. After a while, she started living with her father.

Tanita has one more sibling Dorian, from her mother’s side.

He is not out in public, no one knows Dorian’s whereabouts, but with the three siblings, Tanita seems to have a close relationship.

Her half-sisters are in their teens, and her brother is 25. They all live together with their father. They often post pictures of family time together and are happy. Their father also posts pictures with his happy family showing their love and coordination.

Michael Strahan with his kids

Michael got his second divorce from Jean in 2006 after seven years of marriage. The divorce was a bitter one. He was accused of being gay and saved by Wanda.

The child support for twin sisters was much bigger than that for Tanita and Michael Jr.

After completing high school in Germany, Tanita and Michael moved to the U.S. for their further studies. Her father was in relation to Nicole Michael at that time. He dated her for five years and is currently dating Kayla.

Tanita currently lives with her father and siblings in his house in Los Angeles, California.

Tanita and Michael have not been active in social media throughout their childhood, but recently, they have been posting different family time pictures.

Tanita posts pictures of their family time on her Instagram wall, and both kids of Wanda seem to have a great relationship with their father, who is now a successful media person working as a host in television show shows.

Tanita Strahan twins and siblings

Michael Strahan’s eldest daughter Tanita has only one biological sibling, a brother named Michael Strahan Jr. He was born on September 12, 1995.

He has interned at his father’s show ‘Good Morning America’ after graduating from high school. He had also appeared in the show in August 2018.

Currently, he is a marketing assistant at SMAC entertainment.

Tanita has half-siblings Isabella and Sophia, born to her father’s second wife, Jean Muggli in 2004.

Unlike Tanita, with their father’s highlight as a famous television host, the twins Isabella and Sophia have an active social media profile.

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They have even appeared in basketball matches and a few parties with Michael.

Tanita Strahan body measurements

Michael Strahan’s daughter, Tanita Strahan has a fit body. Tanita is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs about 55 kilograms. By the looks of her body, it seems like she works out. 

We do not know about her exact body measurements as it is still under review.

Tanita Strahan education

Tanita graduated from an institute of Design and Merchandising.

She also completed Associate of Arts- AA, Design, and visual communications. Her degree has helped to hone her skills as a visual artist.

Tanita Strahan boyfriend

According to her Instagram post, Tanita is currently in relation with a handsome young man “Calera Mincey.” They can be seen posting cute couple photos on Instagram.

There is no further information about how they met when they started dating formally and other whereabouts of the relationship.

Unlike her father, Tanita has not revealed her private life and relationship history to the media. However, some say that she started her relationship in 2017.

Tanita Strahan art career

Tanita is a self-employed artist. She takes on visual painting as a primary career.

As a visual artist and an art lover, she uses watercolor, ink, and digital art to produce wonderful-looking visual artworks.

Her artworks show the use of vibrant colors and represent glorious youth. She also uses aquarelle paintings to flaunt her unique painting skills and media for photography.

You can check out Tanita Strahan’s artwork at tanitasgallery.com

Tanita Strahan: The first limelight

Tanita is not a famous model or a businesswoman, and neither has any entertainment background; still, she has been famous in the media.

Her father’s personality went a long way to give her the spotlight.

Tanita Strahan posing in a photo

Tanita came first into the limelight as the daughter of Michael during his first divorce. Lately, she has been active on Instagram and can be seen in photographs with her family.

The second divorce of Michael was a time that brought Wanda and Tanita into the spotlight. There was quite a chaos regarding the “abuse” that Michael was accused of by Jean Muggli.

Wanda was there to explain what a good dad he was to Tanita and protect him from allegations.

Recent collage posts of her father Michael with the caption #Girldad have been a popular phrase among both Tanita and Michael fans.

Despite all the chaos of separation, kids from both mothers share a peaceful and lovely relation.

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Tanita’s net worth

Tanita Strahan’s net worth is still under review and has not been confirmed yet. Though she makes some money as a visual artist, her exact income has not been determined yet.

It is estimated that she earns about $ 45k  annually from her artwork. Some report her net worth is $ 390k.

Tanita Strahan social media

Since her parents separated, Tanita and Michael Jr. had to grow up hiding from the media.

Unlike her mother, Tanita is quite active on social media these days. She posts photographs that help to explain her art and fashion sense.

She is active on social media as it has become a great platform to share her art, design, friends, and family pictures.

Tanita Strahan Instagram

Her Instagram username is @tanitaa.st

She has more than 6.8 k followers and she often shows off her artworks, shoulder tattoo, childhood memories, and more.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Tanita – Visual Artist (@tanitaa.st)

She has a sophisticated yet casual look regarding her dress-up. However, she seems a little camera shy and trying to do her own thing most of the time.

Tanita still has a long way to go. Her career has just started, and she has been brilliant so far. This kid grew up pretty well and is gaining popularity as a gorgeous lady in arts.

Tanita Strahan F.A.Qs

What does Tanita Strahan do?

Tanita is a visual artist and has her art gallery. Her artwork consists of colorfully painted portraits and digital art.

She also has a YouTube channel named The Infinite Finesse Podcast

How old is Tanita Strahan?

Born on November 10, 1992, Tanita Strahan is currently 29 years old.

Who is Tanita Strahan mother?

Tanita Strahan’s mother is an interior designer named Wanda Hutchins. She is the first wife of the famous NBA player and TV host, Michael Strahan. 

Tanita’s mother is also the owner of the ‘Wandaful Home Designs.’

What is Tanita Strahan net worth?

Tanita has an annual income worth $45k. Her estimated net worth is around $300k – $390k.

Does Tanita Strahan have a twin?

No, Tanita does not have a twin. Instead, she has a biological brother named Michael Strahan Jr., who was born in 1995.

In addition, Tanita has twin step-sisters named Isabella and Sophia, who were born from their father’s second wife, Jean Muggli.