Tanya Ramos Parents: Wendell Ramos And Kukai Ramos

Tanya Ramos parents have always supported their daughter, Tanya, in her journey to success.

The emerging star has gained a massive fan following and recognition over the years leading people to be curious about her parents.

Tanya Ramos is a Filipino actress, singer, dancer, and model who debuted at 15.

She starred in the Philippine television variety show broadcast by GMA Network, “All-Out Sundays.”

Since then, she has starred in 3 more television programs back to back. She has been gaining a lot of attention from the public nowadays.

The young Filipino actress and model seem to be taking after her father’s career path as an actor.

She is frequently found posting content on her many social media account.

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Tanya Ramos Parents: Carlino Xavier Ramos and Kukai Guevara

Tanya Ramos was born to her parents, Carlino Xavier Ramos and Kukai Guevara.

The beautiful young talent was lucky enough to have the famous and successful actor Wendell Xavier Ramos and his wife Kukai Guevara as her parents.

The Ramos wife and husband both are born and raised in Filipino, embracing their Filipino ethnicity.

Tanya is the first child of this perfect couple, though Wendell already had a baby boy, his previous non-showbiz girlfriend.

Tanya Ramos Parents
Tanya Ramos at Gala (Source: Instagram)

Her older brother Saviour Ramos is also a television star who is widely loved and viewed by the internet and the people. 

Talent seems to run among the family as all the family members do not cease to disappoint, given their early and successful careers.

Is Tanya Ramos’s Father, Wendell Ramos, An Actor?

Tanya Ramos’s father, Carlino Xavier, famously known as Wendell Ramos, is the emerging star Tanya’s father.

Tanya Ramos Father Wendell Ramos
Tanya Ramos’s Father (Source- Instagram)

The dashing actor working under GMA Network is a well-known model and actor.

Ramos started his career in the entertainment industry in 1995.

He starred in several films in the 2000s alongside well-known actresses, including Ara Mina and Diana Zubiri.

He eventually started appearing on the GMA Network shows. 

But the role of Harvey in Ako si Kim Samsoon that he played was the most significant breakthrough in his career. 

Tanya’s father is also a Bench model with well-known individuals like Richard Gomez and Richard Gutierrez.

The charming actor moved to ABS-CBN in 2015 but eventually found his way back to the original GMA Network in 2018.

Currently, he is still working with GMA Network.

The famous artist happily wedded his longtime partner, Kukai Guevara, on December 9, 2017.

The Ramos family defines happiness as their content on social media presents them as the perfect and happy family. 

Tanya seems to share a special bond with her father as Tanya shared a beautiful childhood picture of her and her father on her Instagram, captioning it, “papa’s day :)” on the special occasion of Father’s Day.

The father-daughter relationship seems to be filled with happiness and joy. 

The loving father is also a big social media personality as he has an account on almost every social media.

He has a YouTube channel with 87 thousand subscribers, where he posts fantastic content with his family members.

He also has kept a heartfelt description on his youtube quoting, “He is not only an obedient son, but also a faithful husband, a responsible father, believer of God, and a devoted Catholic.” 

Who is Tanya Ramos’s Mother Kukai Guevara?

Kukai Guevara, the legally wedded wife of Ramos, is the mother of Tanya Ramos.

While all the family members of the Ramos family are social butterflies, Tanya’s mother seems to be quite the opposite.

Tanya Ramos Mother Kukai Guevara
Kukai Guevara at her wedding (Source-Kasal)

The beautiful Kukai seems to be present on social media, but all of the accounts she appears in are private.

But, she often appears on her husband’s social media accounts, looking very cheerful and happy.

We can guess that she seems content and enjoys living her life privately, without the public’s eyes on her.

The beautiful pair: Kukai and Wendell in 2021, welcomed a beautiful baby girl to their family. They named their youngest “Mardell Ann Ramos.”

Hopefully, we can see more of Kukai in the upcoming future.

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