Taurus personality traits, compatibility, and more

Taurus overview

Meet the second sign in the zodiac wheel – the reliable and hardworking Taurus! People who are born between April 19 and May 20 belong to the Taurus zodiac sign.

Taurus is an earth element sign with a fixed modality. The symbol of the mighty bull represents it. Just like the symbol, then people born under Taurus are straightforward and know what they want. Moreover, the dependable Taurus is known for its stability and reliable nature.

Ruled by Venus: the planet of love, beauty, and peace, these gentle characteristics have also been apparent in Taurus. So let’s get to know them up close.

Taurus Personality Traits
Taurus Personality Traits

Some information about the Taurus sun sign:

Date: April 19 to May 20

Symbol: The Bull/ ♉

Element: Earth

Ruling planet: Venus

Lucky Numbers: 6 & 5                                                      

Colors: White and green

Lucky day: Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays

Lucky gemstone: Emerald

Associated organ: Throat

Characteristic traits of Taurus – the good and the bad

Are you thinking about a Taurus’ personality? Think stubbornness and regularity. Since they have a fixed modality, they tend to enjoy sticking to a routine and avoid spontaneity. So let’s dig in further and see whether the good or bad traits of a Taurus weigh more.

Good characteristics explained

A Taurus is a down-to-earth, calm, reliable, and honest person to have in your life. They have chilled and laid-back attitudes most of the time and are level-headed people.

Taking responsibility is not something they are afraid of. You can trust a Taurean with anything, and they will sincerely have your back at all times. Reliability is one of the most vital traits they have, and that is precisely what makes Taurus so likable.

Another positive trait of the bold Taurus is their independence. Asking for help from others is the last thing they would want to do. This incredibly self-reliant sign emphasizes being capable by themselves the most.

When paired with their patience and calm demeanor, Taureans automatically become the most pleasant people to have as a companion. Stability and harmony are what you can expect from them.

Integrity is another trait that a Taurus holds dear. They appreciate honesty the most and do not like to be deceived. Therefore, being honest and genuine is the best way to their hearts.

Moreover, since Taurus belongs to the fixed modality, people that fall under this sun sign prefer stability and maintaining a routine. They are fully committed to whatever they set their foot on. Therefore, a Taurean is someone that will not let you down.

Taurus Sign
Taurus Sign

Thanks to their chilled-out attitude, Taurus is also practical by nature. This Earth sign is grounded and has its feet planted firmly on the ground. They are down-to-earth human beings who have a wise sense of reality and can think practically in any situation.

Taurus are great admirers of beauty. With Venus as its ruling planet, physical beauty and grace attract them greatly. They also like to take care of themselves and look presentable at all times. Their great quality also comes from the lovely Venus’ energy.

For this sun sign, stability for the future is the most important, and they are not afraid to work for it. They are sincere hard workers who know the value of the effort they put in.

Moreover, their practical sense of self and calf attitude helps them to maintain great work and personal life balance. They know when to have fun and loosen up a bit. But they are also well aware of when to be serious and get on the grind.

Bad characteristics explained

If there’s one thing the generally chill Taurus gets a bad reputation for, then it is their stubbornness. Ever tried to convince a Taurean once they’ve already made up their mind? It will feel like an impossible task to complete.

They are not the impulsive kind and pay a lot of attention before making any decision. So when they decide on something, they are significantly less likely to go in another direction. So Taurus will not want to listen to you, and they must have their way no matter what!

It’s not so easy to get on their nerves, but if you do, then prepare to witness their locked away rage. Like their representing animal, the ferocious bull, Taurean can have a temper like no other. So it’s best to stay on their good side and not to provoke them.

There’s no doubt that a Taurus works hard to earn, but they hold their earnings very dear. Driven by aesthetic beauty and looks, a Taurean can be materialistic and heavily indulged in showing off their possessions to others.

Due to this materialistic character, Taureans can come off as greedy and jealous too. Although they have a generous nature, they will want to make a profit out of any situation for themselves, and when they don’t, that’s where the jealousy kicks in.

It’s quite an irony, but the hardworking Taurus also has a lazy side to them. They will only show effort in works that bring them pleasure (or money!). Whereas other jobs seem like a burden to them, they will try their best to get away from those tasks.

Taurus Sunsign
Taurus Sunsign

Additionally, finding the limit can be a challenging task for Taurus. Once they like something, they go all in and overindulge in that particular thing or activity. As a result, they lose control and do not realize that they are doing things over the moderated limit.

Taurus in relationships

People of the Taurus sun sign are exactly how you would expect a sign ruled by Venus to be. They are able to channel the romantic and graceful energy and bring them into their relationships. Taureans are very romantic and are willing to give their all to make their special ones feel loved.

Along with a lot of sweet romance, Taurus will bring commitment and loyalty into the relationship too. Once they get together with someone, they’re in for a long run. Due to this, they don’t jump into relationships too quickly and choose their partner.

But when they find the one for them, they stick with them for a long time. In a relationship, a Taurus is faithful and affectionate. Because of their laid-back attitude, they will try to avoid conflict and quarrels and enjoy their peace.

A Taurus might not have high standards for their beau. They want someone who has similar thoughts and ideologies. They expect their partner to be self-sufficient and capable of taking control.

Taurus compatibility with other signs

This zodiac sign is most compatible with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces, whereas Leo and Aquarius are the least compatible matches for Taurus.

Career and professional life

Taurean will always impress their colleagues with their hard work and determination. They are also known to be good at managing money, so a career in the banking and finance sector will suit them well.

Work ethic and sincerity are essential traits for Taurus in the professional sector. This Earth sign will not let you down in the workplace. They are reliable co-workers and expect co-operation back from their colleagues to have a smooth operation of tasks. They seek stability and work with a long-term vision in mind.

However, Taurean also has a creative side to them. They can be great musicians and painters or someone in the art field. Again, thanks to the influence of Venus.

Health complications of Taurus

Taurus is associated with the throat, ears, and neck in the human body. Therefore, they are prone to colds and sore throats, and other ailments related to the throat.

They might even tend to develop thyroid issues. Illness of the respiratory tract is also prevalent amongst Taurus.

Some famous Taurus personalities

Miranda Kerr, Gigi Hadid, John Cena, Channing Tatum, Jessica Alba, Gal Gadot, Travis Scott, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, David Beckham, Adele, George Clooney, Enrique Iglesias, Penelope Cruz, Jack Nicholson, Henry Cavill, Jerry Seinfeld, Cher, Robert Pattinson, Mark Zuckerberg, Gayle H. Godfrey, Broderick Harvey Jr, Dakota Brinkman and many more.

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