Gord Lewis is a Canadian musician from Hamilton, Ontario, best known as the founding guitarist of Teenage Headband; his adult son killed him over the weekend, police reported.

The Hamilton Spectator reported that Lewis, age 65, he found dead at the two shared homes. In the second degree, Jonathan, 41, was arrested and charged with killing.

“We are heartbroken and still trying to process the loss of our friend, bandmate, and brother Gord Lewis,” wrote the band on social media. “Gord was a force and an inspiration to many. You were taken from us far too soon.”

In the late evening of Saturday, Jonathan Lewis began sending emails to Canadian media outlets saying his father had passed away.

“Now I just want to get help for my sickness and give my Dad a proper burial,” an email to the Spectator stated. “He didn’t deserve this.”

Following Lewis’ mention of a corpse early Sunday morning, the media notified the police, who went to the Lewis apartment in a south Toronto area later that day and discovered Gord Lewis’ body.

Investigators say the killing had no connection to any other suspects. Cops did not provide many details, simply stating that his death had been a homicide.

It was formed in 1975 when its members were Hamilton’s Westdale High School students. Gord Lewis played guitar, Steve Park, Frankie Venom on drums, and Dave Desroches on vocals.

A first gig was held at Westdale Secondary School on October 17, 1975, in the cafeteria. Then, in February 1976, the band played its first professional shows at the Town Casino at Main and Walnut streets in Hamilton.

The band released their debut single in May 1978, “Picture My Face,” through Epic Records, then released Teenage Head a year later, which went gold.

Teenage Head gained fame in the ’70s, so much so that in 1980 a riot occurred when fans attempted to see them in Hamilton. Dozens of people have got arrested, but no one got killed.

Teenage Head was described by Canadian music publicist Eric Alper with the words “One of the most important — and underrated — bands this country has ever produced. A leader in punk and rock and roll from the 1970s onward, (Lewis’) enthusiasm and tenacity to his craft was astonishing and well worth remembering.”

Gord Lewis, a Canadian musician from Hamilton, got killed by his son.

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