Hansi Flick, who will lead Germany in Qatar 2022, believes that the country is unsuitable for World Cup hosts due to its poor human rights record.

He strongly opposed Qatar hosting the 2022 World Cup just two months before the tournament began.

Hansi Flick has taken over to lead Germany into a major tournament for the first time, following Germany’s exit from Euro 2020 in the last 16.

On November 23, three days after Qatar plays Ecuador, Germany will play Japan, Spain, and Costa Rica in Group E.

On Tuesday, Hansi Flick told a German newspaper that Qatar’s reasoned bid “should have been answered much earlier – with a no!”

He wrote in Deutsche Zeitung: “It is obvious that a lot is wrong in Qatar regarding human rights and sustainability.”

The Arab country has been criticized for its treatment of migrant workers, its record on gender equality, and its treatment of LGBT people.

Human rights community Amnesty International has requested compensation for the “suffering endured” in Qatar during preparations for the World Cup, calling for FIFA to support a ‘remediation program’ and warning of the prospect of the tournament being “indelibly tainted by human rights abuses.”

Hansi flick has also expressed concern about a Qatar World Cup in the past.

In August, He said the World Cup would not be “for fans” and would instead go against his belief that “football should be there for everyone.”

Considering Qatar’s limited accommodation facilities, travel expenses, and the timing of the competition, it has presented issues for fans, clubs, and players.

flick is quoted as saying: “[I have friends] who would like to fly to Qatar, but choose not to for a variety of reasons. Football should be there for everyone. That is why I say it is not a World Cup for fans.”

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