Jeff Garlin left the ABC series The Goldbergs after an investigation by Human Resources into misconduct allegations. Discover how season 10’s premiere wrote him off.

There is an end to an era for the Goldbergs.

The ABC series’ season 10 premiere aired on September 21. Adam (Sean Giambrone) reveals in a voiceover that his father Murray (Jeff Garlin) died suddenly. 

The camera focused on his dad’s empty recliner as he spoke. “Just a few months ago, out of nowhere, we lost my dad,” 

Added, “We will always love you, dad. Always. And we will find a way to continue on together. Because, after all, we’re the Goldbergs.”

Jeff Garlin’s belongings, including his recliner, are given away as the family copes with his death. Pop Pop (Judd Hirsch) saves it from the garbage so Erica (Hayley Orrantia) can use it as a glider for her daughter. 

After an HR investigation into misconduct on the set of The Goldbergs, Garlin exited the series. Garlin told Vanity Fair he left of his own accord, denying inappropriate behavior.

He denied getting ‘physical’ with anyone, adding, “And the verbal part was a joke that was completely missed.”

Alex Barnow told Entertainment Weekly they planned to explain Garlin’s departure by killing off his character, which would propel the story further.

Alex added, “This is going to be a family that has not reconciled the fact that their father’s passed, but has sort of moved on and has dealt with a lot of that,”

Continuing. “So we’re starting with optimism about a baby coming and looking forward to the future. It’s an opportunity for this interesting emotional basis for how people behave.”

Barnow revealed he even spoke with Garlin about what the show would be like. “He’s aware that he’s not being replaced,” he added. “The truth is, I don’t know if he knows his fate, but I’m assuming he knows.”

Garlin has not publicly addressed the death of his character off-screen. However, ahead of The Goldbergs premiere, he revealed he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. “Bipolar is a mother–ker,” he wrote on September 21. “Sometimes it’s just too much to deal with. I’m doing the best I can. This the first time that I’ve opened up about this.”

ABC airs a shows episode of The Goldbergs every Wednesday.

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