A Netflix Original plans to leave the service in October 2021, and the Chelsea Peretti special from 2014 will depart the service globally that month.

Chelsea Peretti: A Great One was released on Netflix globally on November 14, 2014, as one of the earliest Netflix standup specials.

The unique standup will be removed from Netflix on October 31, 2021, almost six years later.

Have you never seen it before? Those who plan to watch before it ends can expect the following.

  • “Chelsea Peretti brings her unusual take on the hour-long special exclusively to Netflix in “One of the Greats.” Coming from the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, her wit, voice, and performance style shine in this dark, silly show. Providing a new glimpse into the Brooklyn 99 star’s wry intellect, “One of the Greats” showcases Peretti’s diverse talents as an actor, standup, writer, and motorcycle enthusiast.”

Lance Bangs directed the standup special produced by New Wave Entertainment Television.

Netflix’s trailer for the special is still available online at the time of publishing, and they posted Netflix clips of it on their YouTube channel throughout 2020.

You might think that Netflix is discontinuing its original specials, and you’d understand for thinking so. However, even though the show claimed to be a Netflix Original, it was essentially licensed exclusively for a fixed period. In addition, as we have discussed extensively, dozens of Netflix Originals have departed the service.

Netflix standup shows have ceased to exist before. The first special to be removed was Nick Offerman’s American Ham, while Netflix terminated Russell Peters’s Netflix special.

Chelsea Peretti can also appear on Netflix’s other shows. As part of the cast of Big Mouth, she voices a character in the Netflix standup series Funny for Charity and even voices a character in Netflix’s kids series, Harvey Street Kids.

Chelsea Peretti was on the original standup in the Netflix special leaving. 

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