Chelsea Peretti has long held the title of comedian’s comedian. At the same time, critics and other actors have given her high praise. Although she played Gina Linetti in the smash-hit sitcom Brooklyn 99, most people had never heard of her. But now that has ended, many people are checking out Peretti’s impressive back catalog. 

 Spinster, a 2019 movie starring Peretti, has become the 10th most watched movie on HBO, which is remarkable considering how overlooked it was at the time.

Spinster is a Canadian-made drama produced by Andrea Dorfman and Jennifer Deyell. Peretti plays Gaby, a 39-year-old Halifax caterer who is happy and outgoing. However, upon returning home, Gabby discovers her boyfriend has moved out, turning her world upside down. Gabby’s boyfriend reveals that their relationship was a sham and that he wasn’t interested in her and couldn’t go on like this. 

Gaby, who has never been married or had children, now worries because she is single. So a journey of self-discovery follows. Then, having taken some time to reflect on her life goals, she returns to her dating life. She talks to old and new friends along the way. They help her think about her needs as a person and partner.

It has been described as an “anti-romantic comedy” in Cult MTL by Alex Rose, which fits the film perfectly. In Spinster, familiar romantic comedy tropes shift to explore loneliness and the changing nature of dating and relationships in modern society. There was a film screening at the 2019 Whistler Film Festival, followed by a 2020 release.

Rotten Tomatoes critic’s score was 82%, and the audience score was 73%, giving it a positive reviews from audiences and critics alike. Many reviewers praised Chelsea Peretti’s performance for its depth. Gaby comes across as a three-dimensional character who is both funny and relatable. It is rare in this genre to find a character who feels like an actual person. Also praised were the comedy and the general store. Hope is still present, even though it can be challenging to accept. The movie’s authentic message about finding your truth keeps it from becoming a depressing slog like so many others.

 Until Brooklyn 99, Chelsea Peretti has always received a lack of attention. Although she is a talented comedian and actor, her talents have never gained attention. Due to the end of Brooklyn 99, more people will dive into her back archive, and movies like Spinster will get the attention they deserve. 

Chelsea Peretti’s movie is massively blowing up. 

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