As far as how people feel about the newest ‘Thor’ movie, it crushed it at the box office this weekend. It seems that much of the internet thought it was trash.

Per estimates, Thor: Love and Thunder grossed $143 million domestically, making it one of the highest-grossing opening weekends in the MCU. This is all fine and good for Disney, but general reactions to the film aren’t positive.

As a start, critics gave it a relatively low score of just 68% on RT, a drastic drop from other Marvel movies… most have held up much better over time, but not ‘Love and Thunder.’

The pros weren’t the only ones unimpressed… “Film Twitter,” as it were, also found the movie to be terrible, especially compared to other Thor movies. What exactly is their beef? You can tell; it seems juvenile to people.

If you scroll through some of the “Thor” trends, you’ll see that people are either hating on the movie or defending it with the argument that “it’s a freaking comedy!”

Taika Waititi, who helmed the last beloved installment, “Ragnarok,” and who apparently did more of the same in this new installment, seems to be unimpressed with the direction ‘Thor’ is taking, in his opinion.

Some feel ‘Love and Thunder’ has jumped the shark because it relies too heavily on jokes and punchlines rather than savoring the heavy stuff.

According to some recaps, Christian Bale’s bad guy character, Gorr and Natalie Portman, don’t get enough screen time. As a result, many viewers felt the movie was uneven and all over the place.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, Marvel has an audience score of just 81%, which might sound okay for a regular movie.

But don’t expect a Marvel masterpiece from the outside.

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