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Tiffany Brissette bio, education, career, and net worth

Who is Tiffany Brissette?

Tiffany Brissette is a former child actor who has featured in several movies and TV shows in the 1980s. Tiffany is mainly known for her role in an American sitcom called Small Wonder, where she played the role of Vicky.

Tiffany is a Greek name that means “Manifestation of God” or “Appearance of God.”

Vicky was a Voice Input Child Identicant robot. Although Tiffany entered the entertainment industry at a young age and had a booming career in the field, she gave up on acting eventually and is said to be living a life away from all the razzle and dazzle.

Here is everything you need to know about the actress and what she has been doing after retiring from her career in the entertainment industry.

Tiffany Brissette quick facts

Full nameTiffany Michelle Brissette
Date of birthDecember 26, 1974
Age47 years old
Sun signCapricorn
TraitsPositive: hardworking, ambitious, and responsible

Negative: pessimistic, workaholic, and stubborn
Eye colorBrown
EducationSan Clemente High-School, Westmont College
OccupationActress, Nurse
Social mediaUnknown
Net worth$1 Million
HobbySinging, Classical Dancing, Concert piano, Gymnastics, Swimming, Skating, Horseback Riding

Tiffany Brissette interesting facts

1. Tiffany Brissette was born on the same day Jack Benny died

Tiffany was born on December 26, 1974, the exact date comedian Jack Benny died. She was born in Paradise, California.

2. Tiffany Brissette started her acting career at the age of 2, all thanks to her mother

Even though Tiffany’s mother’s name is unknown, she is the one who is behind Tiffany’s popularity. She encouraged Tiffanny to participate in children’s pageants and talent competitions.

Through these processes, Tiffanny Brissette eventually landed a role in commercials.

3. Tiffanny left her acting career to become a nurse

Tiffany has a degree in Psychology in Brain Science. She moved to San Diego to become children and young adults’ counselor. 

Then she went to Boulder, Colorado, to attain another degree to become a registered nurse.

4. Tiffany Brissette is still unmarried

Even after all these years, Tiffany has succeeded in keeping her love life a secret. Therefore, we can assume that she is still single and is not committed to anyone right now.

5. Tiffany beat Heather O’Rouke and Candance Cameron for the role of Vicki in Small Wonder

Small Wonder was a hit sitcom that was released in 1985. Tiffany got cast as Vicki in this series. However, she had to compete with fellow actresses like Heather O’Rouke and Candace Cameron. 

6. Tiffany Brissette participated n the Los Angeles Marathon

Tiffany participated in the Los Angeles Marathon on March 2, 1997. She finished the marathon at 4:33:06 and secured 921st position out of 5,312 women and 101st out of 545 in her age class.

Overall, she placed in 5,110th position out of 15,899 entrants.

Tiffany Brissette childhood and family

Tiffany Michelle Brissette was born on December 26, 1974, in Paradise, California. Not much is known about Brissette’s parents or her siblings, as she never disclosed anything about them even during her acting days.

However, her mother should be credited for Brissette’s popularity as she was known to be the one who would encourage her daughter to participate in several children’s pageants and talent competitions, which eventually led to her career in acting.

Tiffany Brissette education

Tiffany Brissette completed her high school degree from San Clemente High School in California. Furthermore, she also pursued and completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis on Brain Science from Westmont College.

Tiffany involving herself in education shows that she somewhere had in her thoughts to quit the entertainment industry, unlike several child celebrities who are mainly witnessed opting to continue with their acting career after achieving a high-school degree.

Brissette has another degree as well. However, we do not have the information on what major she took.

Tiffany Brissette height and personality traits

Tiffany Brissette will be turning 47 years old this December. The brown-eyed beauty who stands 5 feet 5 inches tall is ethnically white and holds an American nationality.

Since she was born at the end of December, her zodiac sign lies under Capricorn.

People born under Capricorn are known to be hardworking and patient with a determined personality. This might explain Tiffany’s booming career when she was just a child.

While some of us were still exploring and having a hard time deciding what we want to do in the future, Tiffany was already working hard and pursuing a promising career.

However, Capricorns are also known to be “rebellious souls” who are likely to do things differently from what other people do as they are not scared of taking risks. Perhaps, this might explain Brissette’s decision to completely give up on her career and the future as an actor.

Tifanny Brissette Vicki Small Wonder

While many people would have loved to be in the limelight and reach where Tiffany was, it was not the same for her as she wanted something different from life.

Besides her incredible acting skills, some of Tiffany Brissette’s hobbies include singing, classical dancing, and concert piano.

Likewise, according to IMDB, she was also witnessed participating in the Marathon in Los Angeles, where she was placed 921st among 5312 female participants and 101st out of 545 participants who were of the same age as her.

She also enjoys and has rated horseback riding as her number one pastime.

Brissette is also seen involving herself in numerous charitable events and activities. She participated in telethons like Variety Club Telethon and Shriners Telethon, which aided sick and terminally ill children and benefitted children’s hospitals and their burn centers.

Her role in Small Wonder has also led her to advocate for science educations and museums like the California Museum of Science and Industry and Lawerence Center of Science and technology.

In an interview, she once revealed that she wanted to be a normal little girl. Still, her role as a robot led her to think about how a real one could change a family when asked about her support and perception of scientific organizations.

Tiffany Brissette husband and relationships

After ending her short-lived acting career, Tiffany Brissette kept a low profile regarding her personal life.

The last she was seen publicly was during an interview with the New York Post after a story had broken out that her co-star Jerry Suprian was homeless and living under a bridge.

It is believed that Tiffany remains single to date; however, we cannot confirm it as she lives a very private life.

Likewise, she also does not have any social media profile. So we are assuming she is still single and has not committed herself in any relationship for now.

Tiffany Brissette career

Tiffany Brissette started her career when she was only two years old. At first, she participated in various beauty pageants and talent competitions, where she won several awards and titles on both local and state levels.

The children’s pageant then led her to commercials bookings for companies like Jell-O Puddin’ Pops with Bill Cosby, Florida Gold orange juice, Care Bears, IBM, Beatrice Foods, Duncan Hines, Kenner, Kidco Toys, and many more.

After featuring in some commercials, she joined American Film Institute’s special called A Perfect Day for Banana Fish with Bop Hope.

The latter was known to be a famous British-American stand-up comedian. The producer and directors were quite impressed with Tiffany’s acting skills and had encouraged her to keep on pursuing acting.

With some motivation, Brissette then officially entered the entertainment industry in 1982 when she was just eight years old.

That year she bagged herself a role in a mini-series called “Marco Polo” and was also a voice actress in the movie named “A Women Called Golda,” which was a movie about the life of the fourth Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir.

Brissette’s big break in the entertainment industry was when she appeared in a movie called Heart Like a Wheel (1983), which featured stars like Hoyt Axton and Bonnie Bedelia.

She then played a recurring guest role named Kathy on a television sitcom called Webster between 1984 and 1985.

In 1985, she finally was cast in a lead role in television series called Small Wonders on the FOX network, where she played the role of Vicki, who was a child Robot. The series aired for four years and ended in 1989.

She also featured in one of the episodes called “Love and the doll” in a series called New Love, American Style, while she was still working in “Small World.”

Likewise, in 1987, Brissette also lent her voice to the characters of Safety Tips Officer for animated series called “The Adventures of Teddy Ruzpin.”

After Small Wonders ended, Brissette did not receive good lead roles comparing to her character as Vicki. However, she did receive a recurring role as Katie Rogan on various episodes for a series called Equal Justice, which starred actors like George DiCenzo, Kathleen Llyod, Cotter Smith, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Equal Justice focused on the life of an attorney who worked in Pittsburgh.

In 1991, she worked as a co-hostess in The 700 Club, where she was witnessed singing a song called “Say Yes (to Jesus).” In the same year, she made an appearance in a series called “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose” and played the character of Annie Ricker.

After the series, Brissette quit her career in the entertainment industry and focused on her education.

Tiffany Brissette small wonder

Small Wonder is a sitcom released in 1985. The TV series depicts the story of a suburban family and their adventures with their neighbors who have a robot that looks like a human child.

The show is rated 7.1/10 in IMDb.

Tiffany Brissette plays the role of Victoria Smith-Lawson, known as “Vicki.” She is joined by other stars like Jerry Supiran, Dick Christie, and Emily Schulman. 

The last episode of their last season aired on May 20, 1989.

Tiffany Brissette colorado post-acting career

After ending her career as an actor, Tiffany started focusing on her education. She completed her four-year degree in Psychology at Westmont College.

She then worked as a counselor for children and young adults in San Diego. Brissette then moved to Boulder, Colorado, in 2002, where she started working as a nanny.

In 2007, Brissette was witnessed being featured in a TV show called “Where are they now?” in one of the segments of Good Morning America.

Tiffany Bissette Now
Tiffany Bissette Now

During that time, she revealed that she had joined another college to achieve another degree to become a registered nurse.

She then appeared for an interview on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet in 2009. In the interview, she disclosed that she voluntarily left acting to pursue a normal life.

She also revealed that she had achieved her second degree and became a registered nurse. Tiffany is now a proud nurse at Boulder Community Hospital in Boulder, Colorado, United States.

Tiffany Brissette movies

1982A Woman Called GoldaVoiceTV movies
1982Marco Polo TV mini-series
1983Heart Like a WheelLittle Shirley 
1984Caravan of Courage: An Ewok AdventureVoiceTV movie Uncredited
1985WebsterKathyTwo episodes
1985-1989Small WonderVicki the Robot96 episodes
1986New Love, American Styles Episode: Love and the Doll
1987The adventure of Teddy RuxpinSafety Tips Officer (voice)TV series
1988Fox’s Fun House 1 episode
1990BeanpoleAlice GilletteTV pilot
1990-1991Equal JusticeKatie RoganSeven episodes
1990Why Christmas Trees Aren’t PerfectWrenifred Brown (voice) 
1991Parker Lewis Can’t LoseAnnie RickerEpisode: Heather the Class

Tiffany Brissette awards and recognition

Brissette has several nominations and recognitions for her lead role in Small Wonder.

YearAwardCategoryTitle of Work
1985Young Artist AwardBest Young Actress Starring in New Television SeriesSmall Wonder
1986Young Artist AwardBest Young Actress Starring in New Television SeriesSmall Wonder
1987Young Artist AwardExceptional Performance by a Young Actress, Starring in Television. Comedy or Drama SeriesSmall Wonder
1989Young Artist AwardBest Young Actress in a Family Syndicated ShowSmall Wonder
1990Young Artist AwardBest Young Actress in an Off-Primetime Family seriesSmall Wonder

Tiffany Brissette net worth

As mentioned above, Brissette started her career when she was just two years old. Since then, she has been the face of several famous products and was part of well-known TV series and movies when she was just eight years old.

Based on these factors, we can sum up that Tiffany Brissette was able to earn a decent amount of fortune while she was pursuing acting.

Although it is not definite what Tiffany does and earns for a living today, her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Tiffany Brissette social media

Sadly, Brissette does not own any social media accounts to date.

Her decision to distance herself from the entertainment industry to live a normal life could be the reason for such actions.

Tiffany Brissette LinkedIn

She has a LinkedIn profile. However, there isn’t much information about her besides being a nurse at Boulder Community Hospital.

Tiffany Brissette IMDb

You can also check out Tiffany’s works and awards on IMDb 

Tiffany Brissette now

After her exit from the acting career, Tiffany is working as a nurse in Boulder Community Hospital, Boulder, Colorado, United States.

Despite possessing a huge skill as an actor and giving up a promising career, the 47 year-old opted a secure job as a nurse instead of an actor.

Overall, Tiffany Brissette is a true example of someone who, despite having it all wanted to live a simple life away from the limelight.

Tiffany Brissette F.A.Qs

What happened to Tiffany Brissette?

Tiffany Brissette left acting to live a normal life. She received another degree and became a registered nurse. 

The former actress is currently working at Boulder Community Hospital in Colorado, United States.

How old is Tiffany Brissette?

Born on December 26, 1974, Tiffany Brissette is now 47 years old.

Where is Tiffany Brissette today?

Tiffany Brissette lives in Colorado, United States, where she is working as a nurse.