Tim McGraw accidentally overdid the “Just To See You Smile” thing. As a result, the Country singer fell off the stage during one of his hit songs at his Arizona concert.

Tim McGraw falls into fans during his concert
Tim McGraw falls into fans during his concert

McGraw almost had too much rhythm when he sang “I Like It, I Love It” at the Boots in the Park concert. Then, a few moments after kneeling on the stage, he attempted to recover by squatting and fell into the crowd.

After attempting to maintain his balance, the country singer falls backward in videos taken by fans.

After hopping back up to greet more screaming fans, McGraw returned to his feet quickly.

The incident comes the same weekend as rapper Post Malone fell through a hole on his stage, injuring himself.

There is not the first time that the 55-year-old has encountered a frightening situation. During a show in Ireland in 2018, McGraw collapsed and needed medical treatment.

There is no confirmation if McGraw’s wife, country star Faith Hill, was at his Sunday performance.

There are three daughters shared between the couple.

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