Tom Cruise Teeth- Was he embarrassed about his middle teeth?

Tom Cruise is arguably the best-looking actor with a mesmerizing smile, and the secret is Tom Cruise teeth. But it was never the same for the Mission Impossible star. The Hollywood actor has put a lot of effort into fixing his teeth.

Tom Cruise teeth

In the 1980s, Tom Cruise gad veneers on his teeth because his teeth were discolored and misaligned in his youth. But, unfortunately, it was terribly misaligned. 

Moreover, in a hockey match, the pluck chipped Tom’s tooth. It is evident in his childhood photo shown below, where you can see his middle tooth in half. 

The dentist had a cap put on the chipped tooth of Tom Cruise. However, in the 1983 movie The Outsiders, where he played Steve Randle, he removed his cap voluntarily.

Tom Cruise teeth in The Outsiders

But after that, in the 1986 Top Gun and Risky Business movies, it seemed Tom Cruise’s teeth were fixed as they seemed to be straighter. 

In 2001, Tom Cruise divorced Nicole Kidman. Tom went to the dentist to fix his teeth’ overbite and misalignment issue.

After that, in 2002, people saw him with sported fixed braces in the Minority Report movie. Honestly, it was a bold move for a star like Tom Cruise. Moreover, it made adults wearing braces okay in public. 

Tom Cruise with braces

The dental expert says that the treatment included clear aligners and fixed ceramic braces during the time. Well, many people appreciate that while many celebrities hide their imperfections, Tom Cruise was pretty open about tooth straightening treatment.

Middle Tooth of Tom Cruise

Additionally, one of his teeth, popularly referred to as the middle tooth, is out of place. It isn’t symmetrical with the center of his face. 

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