Tom Osinde Missing Case Update: Two Suspects Arrested

Tom Mokaya Osinde, a former Treasury official, went missing a few days ago under unclear circumstances. Learn more about Tom Osinde missing case. 

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations’ detectives has made a significant breakthrough in the case of Tom Osinde. He is a former Treasury official who went missing on June 18.

Following the finding of critical evidence, two suspects, Julius Mogoi and Mugo Gathii, both employees at Osinde’s farm, have been arrested.

The kidnapping is being investigated in connection with them. One of the detained employees is an Osinde driver.

He was seen driving Osinde’s automobile in his Nyamira hamlet and on the way to Kiligoris, where it was abandoned and destroyed.

His disappearance has shocked his relatives, friends, family, and old colleagues, who are all hoping he’s alive and well.

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Tom Osinde Missing Case Update

Tom Fred Mokaya Osinde, a former Treasury official, has been reported missing.

Mr. Osinde was reported missing on June 17. According to his family, he was heading from Nakuru to Kisii.

His black Land Cruiser with the registration number KBZ 900R was vandalized in Kilgoris.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call 0723765267 or go to the nearest police station.

The vehicle’s plates were missing, according to Trans Mara West Police Commander Jamleck Ngaruiya, but the family positively identified the vehicle.

Tom Osinde Missing
Police have recovered the vehicle of Tom Osinde, a former Treasury team member who went missing on Sunday. (Source- YouTube )

The automobile, a black Toyota V8, was discovered abandoned and vandalized in the vicinity of Sikawa, Kilgoris, and Narok County.

The family is asking members of the public who might have information about his whereabouts to contact them or file a report at the nearest police station.

Two Suspects Arrested On Tom Osinde Missing

Two suspects, Julius Mogoi and Mugo Gathii, workers at Osinde’s farm, have been detained due to the discovery of crucial evidence.

Julius Mogoi, one of the suspects, was apprehended after witnesses spotted him driving Osinde’s black Toyota Land Cruiser in Kisii County. 

It was discovered abandoned in Transmara West, Narok County, just two days before the disappearance.

Mogoi and a group of pals went to Kisii to see his cousin, where he bought them breakfast and had the car washed.

Police believe he went off Narok County to abandon the automobile, which was eventually discovered.

The detectives have been scouring Osinde’s 10-acre farm for any additional evidence of his disappearance.

The DCIO of Rongai Donatta Otieno has promised to step up the search for the missing ex-Treasury team member.

Meanwhile, the suspects are being held on suspicion of suspected kidnapping, pending further developments.

Authorities took five mobile phones from the accused for analysis as part of the inquiry.

These devices can give crucial information that could illuminate Osinde’s inexplicable disappearance.

Tom Osinde Missing: Public Prays For Safety

His absence has shocked his family, friends, and former coworkers, who are all hoping he is found alive and well.

Many people used social media to spread the word about the situation and encourage the public to come forward with any information that could aid in finding him.

“It is so sad that with all of this technology, a person can just vanish like that,” said Tarus K. Shads.

Police have started looking into the missing person as of the time this report was filed.

Tom Osinde Missing
The family of Tom Osinde prays for his safe return. (Source- kahawatungu )

The finding has distraught family members as they try to figure out what may have happened to Mokaya.

The family is now dealing with inquiries about the missing man and how the vehicle got up hundreds of kilometers away from his Nakuru home.

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