Tommy Lee is stepping out of his comfort zone to show a little skin where many others before him have done so. Tommy suggests he will post penis pictures and everything in between on an online social network, OnlyFans.

Tommy Lee is now an official member of OnlyFans
Tommy Lee is now an official member of OnlyFans

Thomas Lee Bass performed at the band’s final tour concert, which took place in Las Vegas on Friday night.

At one point during the show, he addressed the crowd and stated that he was a little disappointed that Instagram had removed the allegedly explicit image for the platform. However, he was able to come up with a little solution to resolve the issue.

As it seems, the solution is heading to OnlyFans, where Tommy says you can post anything you want without any fear of being taken down. After that, he showed off the backside of his body to his OnlyFans audience.

He had the words “Only Fans” plastered all over his ass for the entire world to see.

Soon afterward, The Mötley Crüe drummer took to Instagram to confirm he had started an OnlyFans account, posting a similar image of his butt.

He captioned the picture, “You heard it here tonight 😜 cum join me over there for fun that Instagram won’t let us have here!” He also added some pics of his wife, Brittany Furlan — maybe as a tease?

A month ago, Tommy posted a nude picture of himself, which caused quite a stir on the internet not long after he posted it.

Later, he claimed he did it in drunkenness, but it seems that he is now expressing his desire to show more of his body. Despite the sensual nature of the site, he was not the first celebrity to visit it.

Chris Brown, Bella Thorne, Tyga, Denise Richards, Aaron Carter, Bhad Bhabie, and other stars have also joined the list of celebrities who have joined OnlyFans.

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