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Who is Tommy Zizzo?

Tommy Zizzo was born in 1994 in New York City, New York, and is an American police officer. Similarly, he is widely known because he is the son of reality T.V. star and singer Erika Jayne.

Tommy is an NYPD officer serving the community. His mother, Erika Jayne, is also known as Erika Girardi. She is an actress and singer from the United States. Despite his celebrity mother, he is a member of the L.A.P.D. Previously, he worked as an explorer for the Jersey City Police Activity League.

Tommy Zizzo
Tommy Zizzo Biography

Quick facts

Full nameThomas Zizzo
Birthday1994 AD
Age29 years old
BirthplaceNew York City, NY, U.S.A
Currently residingNew York City, NY, U.S.A
EducationLos Angeles Police Department Academy
New York College,
Rhodes School
ParentsThomas Zizzo Sr. (father)
Thomas Girardi (stepfather)
Erika Jayne (mother)
ProfessionPolice officer
Height5’11” inches, 180 centimeters, 1.80 meters  
Weight68 kilograms, 149 lbs. in pounds
Waist size28
Chest size40
Butt size36
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBlonde
Shoe size9
Marital statusUnmarried
Sexual orientationStraight
Net worthUSD 150 thousand

The early life of Tommy Zizzo

In the year 1994, Tommy Zizzo was born. Additionally, Erika Jayne and Thomas Zizzo, Sr gave birth to him. Tommy Zizzo was born in New York, the state of New York, in the United States. Additionally, his parents split when he was only eighteen months old, which was unfortunate.

Similarly, his mother received legal custody of him. Following that, his mother married Thomas A. Girardi. Girardi is a lawyer and a founding partner of Girardi and Keese, founded in 1999. Unfortunately, Tommy was unable to experience his biological father’s love and care.

On the other hand, his mother and stepfather raised him with a lot of love. Tommy Zizzo’s mother, Erika Jayne, is also a well-known American singer and actress. Erika had started her career as a small-screen actress; gradually, she became of the most well-known actors in Hollywood.

Tommy Zizzo also went to Rhodes School New York College and finished his degree there. Similarly, he also enrolled and graduated from the Los Angeles Police Department Academy.

Tommy was said to have been in a two-year relationship with a fellow L.A.P.D. Academy students before they broke up. However, he is not married and does not appear to be dating anyone right now.

Tommy Zizzo is happy with his job as a police officer. Moreover, Zizzo has aspired to serve his country since he was a child.

As a result, he is working with zeal. Furthermore, he is pretty concentrated on his task.

Tommy’s favorites 

According to the media, Tommy’s favorite celebrities are Chris Hemsworth and Emma Watson. Similarly, he prefers blue among all other colors. Moreover, his love to-do lists include trekking, traveling, hiking, swimming, etc. nevertheless, he loves Italian food.

Tommy was an active athlete in high school, participating in various sports such as football, soccer, and lacrosse. Similarly, he continued to participate in sports at the academy, where he excelled at football.


Thomas Zizzo Sr (father)

With Erika’s first spouse Thomas Zizzo Sr, Erika Jayne gave birth to her first and only child, Tommy, at 20. Similarly, Tommy was born in Manhattan, but his single mother raised him in Los Angeles

Erika initially met her first husband, Thomas, at a Manhattan China Club. The former couple started dating soon after and dated for over a year before getting married. Additionally, in December 1991, they married at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

On the other hand, Jayne’s marriage to Zizzo did not last long, and they divorced in the year 1996. Tommy’s relationship with his father is quite a mystery since their divorce.

 The father and son have yet to make a single public appearance together.

Erika Jayne (mother)

Childhood photo of Tommy Zizzo with his mother and stepfather
Childhood photo of Tommy Zizzo with his mother and stepfather

In contrast to his mysterious relationship with his father, Zizzo has a close relationship with his mother. According to his artist mother, Zizzo enjoys spending time at home when he is not on duty. Erika also considers herself fortunate that her son gets to spend time with his family despite being a busy police officer. They also travel together as per the news.

Erika is a famous pop singer and a recognized face on the TV series Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Thomas Girardi (stepfather)

Thomas Girardi married Erika Jayne in the year 1999. It was three years after her divorce from her biological father of, Tommy. He is the former attorney and the co-founder of LA-based law firm Girardi & Keese. He was a consumer law specialists

He is now being accused of stealing millions of dollars from clients.

Tommy Zizzo career

Tommy Zizzo is known as a police officer by profession. He is a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department.

Additionally, he formerly worked as an explorer for the Jersey City Police Activity League. Furthermore, after graduating from the L.A.P.D, he began his professional career with the police department. Academy.

Tommy Zizzo LAPD graduation photo

His mother wished for him to pursue a career in show business. However, Tommy wanted to stay away from show business. He was more interested in becoming a police officer. From a young age, he felt compelled to serve his country since he was small child.

As a result, he desired to be a police officer. According to her mother, Erica, Tommy has always wanted to be a cop since he was a child. She has always been a strong supporter of her son. Erica seemed pleased to learn that her son is making a significant contribution to his own country.

Tommy was motivated by movies, and T.V. shows he saw on T.V., and when several of his friends and family members expressed concern about their safety in the city. Eventually, Tommy became committed to the notion of becoming a cop.

Moreover, he became a police officer in New York City after graduating from the L.A.P.D. Academy, and he now works in both Los Angeles and New Jersey back-and-forth. Furthermore, he is pretty enthusiastic about his profession. He is constantly relocating between New Jersey and Los Angeles as a result of his employment.

Nonetheless, his mother and father are pretty proud of his profession as a police officer. Despite Erika’s constant media attention, Tommy has managed to keep his life off the internet, and his mother respects his desires.

Awards and nominations

The Jersey City P.A.L. congratulated him on his graduation from the L.A.P.D. School in a tweet on November 11, 2014. However, as a police officer, he is dedicated to helping the United States of America.

Controversies and rumors

After George Floyd’s assassination, Erika Girardi speaks for the policeman. One user stated she was not a supporter when she shared her post in sympathy with the Black Lives Matter movement. Her son, Tommy Zizzo, works for the Los Angeles Police Department.

Girardi, 48, defended her son, saying he was “raised not to be racist,” Moreover, he must protect and serve everyone, not just individuals of his skin color. Many of Girardi’s fans were pleased with her response, and some even shared images of it.

On her own Instagram Story, the reality star then reposted the supportive comments from followers.

 His love life is equally free of entanglements. Due to his career as a police officer in the United States has also preserved a spotless record.

He did not become engaged in anything as a police officer that would damage his position. Because of this, his personal and professional lives are in good shape, with no rumors, issues to speak of, or scandals.

Net worth and income

Tommy Zizzo, a celebrity kid, is projected to have a net worth of USD 300,000 due to his work similarly, that his annual income is to be around USD 50,000, according to the news.

He has compensated many as he works as a police officer. According to reports, a police officer’s average annual income in the United States is roughly USD 54,255.

Moreover, Erika, his mother, is thought to be worth USD 5 million. Erika, his mother, has amassed a sizable fortune via her career life. Similarly, his stepfather’s net worth is reported to be over $30 million.

Furthermore, the couple is the proud owners of a mansion in Pasadena, Los Angeles, California. Similarly, the average price of a villa in Pasadena, Los Angeles, California, is more than 880 thousand dollars.

Therefore, Tommy, the celebrity son, has a lavish lifestyle thanks to his earnings.

Tommy Zizzo social media

Tommy, like his mother, does not enjoy using social media. However, he is not a fan of fame. Hence he has chosen a different career path than his mother. There are several social media accounts, but he isn’t active on any of them. Additionally, he only uses social media sites like Instagram and Facebook when necessary.

 He maintains his life quiet and low-key at other times. As a result, getting his information is difficult.

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