Tory Whanau Drunk Video Gone Viral: Does She Also Smoke?

Tory Whanau Drunk Video went viral on the Internet. Following that, Whanau admitted that she is an alcoholic and has sought professional assistance.

On November 18, 2021, Whanau declared her intention to run for Wellington mayor in the 2022 election.

On June 30, 2022, she officially began her campaign. With the Green Party’s endorsement, she ran as an independent.

After the distribution of preferences, she received 34,462 votes, more than twice as many as the incumbent, Andy Foster, to win the mayoralty.

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Tory Whanau Drunk Video Gone Viral

Wellington, New Zealand, mayor Tory Whanau acknowledged that she had a drinking problem in the wake of backlash against him for two instances of drunken conduct in 2018.

The mayor allegedly asked the staff in July of that year if they knew who she was, and they told her to leave the restaurant without paying her bill.

Tory was captured on camera stumbling outside a bar later that year while clutching a bottle of wine.

Whanau expressed regret for her actions and announced that she was going to get treatment for her alcoholism.

Tory Whanau Drunk Video
Tory Whanau’s Drunk Video is getting viral on the internet. (Source- The Spin off)

Further, she also admitted that her actions had embarrassed and hurt her friends, family, and constituents.

It’s not the first time the first-term Wellington mayor has made headlines for alcohol-related antics.

Social media users extensively disseminated the video of Whanau’s actions, raising questions about whether she should be mayor.

Does Tory Whanau Also Smoke?

Unsubstantiated rumors have recently circulated that Conservative MP Tory Whanau smokes cigarettes or uses other substances.

However, there appears to be no credible evidence or news reports to back up these rumors at this time.

While an indecent video of Whanau intoxicated and swearing recently surfaced, sparking controversy, the footage does not show her smoking in any way.

These smoking allegations may be just hearsay, speculation, and unfounded gossip spawned by the controversy surrounding the explicit video itself.

Without clear evidence or reliable sources, claims that Whanau smokes are speculative and should be treated cautiously.

Tory Whanau admits to alcohol problems

Tory Whanau, the mayor of Wellington, has admitted to having a drinking problem following another incident of drunken behavior in public.

The admission comes after RNZ inquired about what occurred at an inner-city bar two weekends ago. The mayor admitted to having an alcohol problem in a written statement to RNZ.

Further, she claimed that her drunkenness had been recorded, much to her “great embarrassment and shame.”

Tory Whanau Drunk Video
Tory Whanau has admitted that she has an alcohol problem. (Source- Newstalk BZ)

Whanau stated that she sought advice from friends, family, and colleagues and has since sought professional help.

Several council sources confirmed the mayor was with friends late on a Saturday afternoon two weeks ago at a popular Cuba St establishment, where her drunken antics were videotaped.

When RNZ became aware of the circulating video, she notified her office.

Most councilors contacted by RNZ had heard the story and were aware of the video, but none had seen it, and none would speak publicly.

Some people were outraged and concerned about the mayor’s behavior, wondering if her drinking was interfering with her ability to do her job or, at the very least, harming her reputation.

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