Travis Bacon: Bio, Family, Music, Career, and Net Worth

Who is Travis Bacon?

Travis Bacon is a musician and actor by profession. He is most known for being the son of the legendary actors Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick. He plays guitar for a band named ‘Black Anvil’ and has collected a considerable net worth due to his hard work.

His childhood has been a happy one with his sister.

Travis Bacon: Childhood

Travis was born to a very notable family where almost all the members are famous media figures. His father, Kevin Bacon, is somewhat of a legend in the acting field. While his grandfather excelled at architecture and education.

Travis was born on 23 June of the year 1989. He was born in Los Angeles of California, with a silver spoon in his hands.

Bacon is the firstborn child of musician and actor Kevin Bacon. His mother is actor-turned-producer Kyra Sedgwick.

When Travis was little, he was once almost killed due to his father’s carelessness. It happened when he was very young. Kevin Bacon had locked Travis inside the car.

Young Travis almost died due to that incident, and Kevin had to break the car’s glasses to get him out.

Kevin also has a sibling who is also an actor. He has a sister by the name of Susie Ruth Bacon. In an interview, Susie said that her mother wouldn’t be in the house for six months a year due to her shooting. Because of that, she developed a strong bond with her father and her brother.

Travis Bacon: Family

Almost all of Travis’s family are famous figures. Travis’s father, Kevin Bacon, is a famous American actor, musician, director, and producer. He has done a wide range of movies.

Kevin’s filmography ranges in a wide array of genres. He appeared in comedy movies like ‘Diner’ in 1982 to ‘Tremor’ in 1990. He has also done controversial movies like JFK, released in 1991. He also did his fair share in the mystery drama ‘Mystic River,’ released in 2003.

The audience has loved him in all his roles. Whether it’s his protagonist roles or antagonist roles like in ‘X-Men: First Class.’ Kevin, has been serving the industry since 1978 and has earned both money and respect for his work.

Kevin was also active in the music industry through his band ‘Bacon Brothers.’

Travis’s mother, Kyra Sedgwick, is an actor who later transitioned into a producer. She is best known for her part of Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson in the crime drama series ‘The Closer.’ For the role of Brenda in that series, she won Golden Globe Awards in 2007 and an Emmy award in 2010.

Travis Bacon’s parents met on the set of PBS version of the play, ‘Lemon Sky.’ Kevin Bacon said that when he met Kyra, he was at the pit bottom of his life. She gave happiness and meaning to his life.

This power couple also did some movies together. They have starred together in films like ‘Pyrates,’ ‘Murder in the Forest,’ ‘The Woodsman,’ and so on. The couple married on 4 September 1988.

Not only Travis’s father, but his grandfather, too, was a respected and famous person. His grandfather Edmund Bacon was an American urban planner, architect, educator, and author.

Travis grandparents from the paternal side were Edmund Bacon and Ruth Hilda Homes. Whereas, his grandparents from the maternal side were Henry Sedgwick and Patricia Rosenwald.

His sister Susie Ruth Bacon is also an actress. She appeared in ‘Narcos: Mexico,’ and also appeared in the famous ’13 Reasons Why’ as Skye Miller.

Her parents didn’t want her to become an actress, but she loved the craft and became one anyway.

Travis has an uncle named Micheal Bacon, who is an American musician. His father also had a cousin named Holly Near, an actress, singer, and songwriter.

Travis has a few cousins, too, who are of Canadian-Japanese descent. George Nazuka, Philip Nozuka, and Justin Nozuka are his cousins. George is an R&B singer, while Philip is an actor. And, Justin is a singer, songwriter, and actor.

People who worked in the entertainment industry were around Travis since his childhood. This environment shaped his career.

On second thought, growing up might have been difficult for him. There must have been a lot of pressure on him due to his family’s glamorous careers.

Travis Bacon: Education

Although Travis went into the field of entertainment, he had completed his education. He was a graduate degree holder in Arts.

He did Audio Engineering from The Evergreen States College, located in Olympia, Washington.

Travis Bacon: Relationship

Travis Bacon looks like someone who has all the girls in the world. He’s rich, belongs to a decent family, and more than that, he’s a guitar player.

But to date, there hasn’t been a single rumor in the media about his girlfriend. He wants to keep his personal life away from the press.

He seems to be single at the moment. No news yet has surfaced about his dating life or his marriage.

Travis Bacon: Career

Travis Bacon’s career started early in his life. Since he belonged to such a high profile family, he gained various exposures to the movie world. For Travis, there was never any shortage of work.

He started as a child actor. Travis appeared in the role of Lenny in the 2005 film ‘Loverboy.’ His father directed this movie, and his mother starred in it too. In the same film, his sister played the younger version of his mother.

When he was young everyone thought he was going to be an actor growing up, he proved them wrong. He began to love music more than acting and decided to pursue music as his career. First, he started working as an assistant engineer in a recording company, The Wild Arctic.

As a musician, he went on to perform at several venues across the city. At the beginning phase of his career, he started performing in ‘The Archeron.’ He also performed in other venues like ‘Union Hall,’ ‘Club Europa,’ ‘St. Vitus Bar,’ and so on.

Along that time, he was also a member of a band. This band was a rock-punk-funk band named ‘Idiot Box.’

Travis later joined another band as a guitarist called ‘Windows Pact.’ This band also created heavy metal music. He stayed with ‘Windows Pact’ till 2015.

Then, Travis Bacon got into a band named ‘Black Anvil.’ This band, formed in 2007, was created by three people. Paul Delaney, Gary Bennett, and Ralph Glicker were the founding members.

‘Black Anvil’ was first signed to Monumentum Records. In 2008, they released their first album named ‘Time Insults the Mind.’

In 2016, Travis Bacon joined the band as a guitarist. Paul was in lead vocals while Ralph was in drums and backing vocals. Travis gained a lot of popularity from ‘Black Anvil.’ He established himself as one of the leading men in the music sector.

Along with a guitarist, he is also an entrepreneur. He owns a recording studio called Broken Box Recording Company. Several emerging stars have been working with this studio. The studio is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York.

Not only is he the owner of the studio, but he also works as the head engineer there. He put his brilliant music skills in use in a movie, directed by his mother. He composed the soundtrack of the film, ‘Story of the Girl.’

Not only his mother but his father and sister also participated in this movie. Kevin Bacon and Susie Ruth Bacon acted in ‘Story of the Girl.’

Travis Bacon: Net worth

Travis Bacon has earned his net worth alone from his hard work. His family might have helped give him fame, but he has had his struggles. Travis hasn’t revealed his exact net worth in the media.

His father, Kevin, has been in this industry for decades. Kevin Bacon’s net worth is at $50 million, which he earned through movies and his band, The Bacon Brothers.

Travis’ mother is also an actress, and she alone has garnered the net worth of $16 million.

Travis lives in New York alone with the money that he earns. His parents live in a mansion that is 2,760 sq feet meter, located in Los Angeles, California.

Travis Bacon: Charity

There is no news about Travis Bacon involved in charity. He has always been secretive about his life interests.

However, Kevin is the founder of a charity organization called It is an organization for donating purposes. People become ‘celebrities for their causes’ by donating or raising money to any charity in the US.

Travis Bacon: Social media

Travis is quite active in social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Here are some quick facts on Travis Bacon:

Full Name Travis Bacon
Birth Date 23 June 1989
Horoscope Cancer
Birth Place Los Angeles, California
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Father Kevin Bacon
Mother Kyra Sedgwick
Education The Evergreen State College
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Build Athletic
Marital Status Unmarried
Profession Actor, Musician
Active years 2005-present
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