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Tyler Whitney Hughley: Daughter of D. L. Hughley

Who Is Tyler Whitney Hughley?

Tyler Whitney Hugley is the beautiful daughter of Darryl Lynn Hughley. Unlike Tyler Hughley, D.L. has a reputation as an actor, stand-up comedian, author, and host.

Although her father is one of the talented individuals in the Hollywood, this lady did not feel necessary to follow her father footstep as she always knew what she wanted from life.

Talking about daughter Whitney, she is a producer, Disc Jockey, and an avid skater. She enjoys minor fame and works to get her going in this simple yet complex world compared to her father.

There is no denying that Tyler could easily use her father’s name and fame to promote her career as well. However, she chose to struggle herself and be what her father is today on her own.

Tyler Whitney Hughley biography

Isn’t Tyler very inspiring? This is just the start, as this lady has more to offer to the black community. LGBTQ+ community and all the womanhood.

Here in this article, we are going to talk about me as an aspiring individual in the world, Tyler Whitney Hugley. Before beginning, let’s take a look at some quick facts;

Tyler Whitney Hugley Quick facts

Full nameTyler Whitney Hughley
BirthdateApril 24, 1991
BirthplaceThe United States of America
NicknamesLucci Hughley
Sun signTaurus
Father’s nameD.L. Hughley
Mother’s nameLaDonna Hughley
SiblingsKyle Arris Hughley
Marital statusEngaged
Fiance’s nameAlex Philips
Children nameNone
ProfessionDJ, Music Producer
Social mediaTyler Whitney Hughley Instagram
Tyler Whitney Hughley Facebook
Tyler Whitney Hughley Soundcloud
Net worthUpdating Soon

Tyler Whitney Hughley age

Being the youngest member of the family, Tyler was born on the auspicious day of 24th of April in 1991. In the year 2021, she is 30 years old and falls under the sun sign of Taurus.

According to this sun sign, this girl is kind, gentle, and extremely loyal. On the other hand, people belonging to the Taurus need some time to trust people, but they are pretty vocal about everything when they do.

Once you befriend these people, you can rely on them for life. The only disadvantage for Tyler and people belonging to this group is that they can’t walk away from people who have wronged them.

Education and childhood

Being the youngest one in the Hughley family, it is obvious that Tyler was treated with all the love and care in the world. When she was a kid, she used to study in El Camino Real Senior High.

As soon as Hughley received her graduation, she enrolled in Full Sail University. Along with that, she has also been to the Academy of Art Univerity.

Tyler Whitney Hughley parents

D.L. Hughley (Tyler Whitney Hughley father)

As mentioned above, Hughley is an actor who made it all through becoming an author, radio host, and stand-up comedian. His full name is Darryl Lynn Hughley, born in Los Angeles, California, the United States of America.

In 2021 he is 58 years old as Hughley was born on March 6, 1963. He made his debut on the stand-up comedy in 1992 One Night Stad. Soon he received other projects.

Luckily in 1998, D.L. got the lead role in The Hugley’s. Soon after this, he was cast in the movie named Inspector Gadget in 1999. Surprisingly his role as John Wilson in Scary Movie 3 was well criticized.

Tyler Whitney Hughley with father DL Hughley
Tyler Whitney Hughley with father DL Hughley

Other than this, Hughley was famous for his work in The Brother. Chasing Papi, Soul Plane, Shackles, Weekends at the D.L. Cloud 9, The Adventures of Brer Rabbi, D.L. Hughley Break the News, Spy School to mention a few.

In addition to this, D.L. hosted quite a lot of shows. Some of them include The D.L Hughley Show, Trust Me, I’, a Game Show Host, Premium Blend, D.L. Hughley: Reset, D.L. Hughley: Contrarian, D.L. Hughley: Contrarian, amongst others.

Ladonna Hugley (Tyler Whitney Hughley mother)

Tyler is blessed to have one of the empathetic, loving, and caring mothers in her life. Ladonna was born in 1962, May 2, and is 59 years old in 2021.

Just like their husband D.L., she is also active as an actor and comedian. In addition, she made a debut on the TV reality show Black Love.

Fans love her performance, and soon, Ladonna was featured in a short documentary film named Color My Mind. When Ladonna married the love of her life, her fame knew no limits.

DL Hughley kids (Tyler Whitney Hughley siblings)

This famous actor had four kids in total. Unfortunately, among them, only three are alive as one of them lost its life in infancy.

Tyler youngest member of the family and is blessed to have one sister and one brother. They always inspire each other and live in harmony.

Ryan Nicole Hughley

Tyler’s elder sister was born in 1987, and in 2021, she is 34 years old. This lady has already walked down the aisle with handsome man Alejandro Shepard in the year 2019.

D.L. was very supportive of her marriage, and all the Hughley family were present to give their blessing to the couple. However, unlike another child, there is very little information about Ryan in the media.

Kyle Aaris Hughley

Kyle is the middle and only son in the family. He was born in the year of 1988 and is 33 years old in 2021. As a young kid, he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome ad is still fighting through it.

To be precise, Asperger Syndrome is a type of Autism that often has a problem interacting with people and nonverbal communication. His diagnosis was one of the tough times for D.L.

Most of the time, he shares about his son’s condition in the Interview. In 2016, this comedian shared how his son’s little accomplishments made him happy and gave a ray of hope that he would be fine in the future.

This young man is a certified Krav Maga instructor and has learned Muay Thai at Seakson’s muay Thai. Kyle is often spending his time on 24 Hour Fitness and Dogpound WeHo to do some workouts and maintain his body.

Just like his father, this proud son also worked as an actor in some movies and shows. In 2008 he was seen in My Foreign Desh and later in 2012 on Tango at the Dojo.


Surprisingly Tyler’s father got into an extra-marital affair, and his partner even gave birth to a baby. This happened all back when D.L. was still in the struggling phase as a comedian.

According to Hugley, the infant was poorly shaken by his lover’s boyfriend. So the shock was unbearable for the child’s brain that it died before reaching the hospital.

The baby was announced dead on the spot. The kid was only nine months old before he faced the untimely demise.

Tyler Whitney Hughley girlfriend

Many might not know this, but Tyler has revealed that she is actually lesbian. To our shocking, she has been in a relationship with beautiful woman Alex Philips since 2017.

They are pretty much vocal about each other and do not miss any chance of showing their love towards each other. Prior to opening up, they were in a secret relationship.

Tyler Whitney Hughley with her fiance
Tyler Whitney Hughley with her fiance

They shared their relationship status through one Instagram post on July 15, 2020. Both of them were kissing in the picture, and all of the fans supported them.

Is Tyler Whitney Hughley married?

After being together for almost four years together, Tyler finally proposed to the love of her life. As a matter of fact, the Hughley family is very supportive regarding their relationship.

Sadly, they have yet to walk down the aisle. But, on the brighter side, both of them are engaged.

This couple shared the news of their engagement through Instagram posts on March 13. Alex received a big diamond ring on the proposal, and the Hugley family was present to give their blessing too.

It is just a matter of time that Philips and Hughley will be partners for the rest of their life. We will soon hear the wedding bells.

Tyler Whitney Hughley career

Tyler is the life of the part and has been making people dance to her impeccable music. Unlike her father, Hughley is a Dj and a music producer.

Back in 2018, Tyler toured around Augusta and Georgia along with her father. In the same year, Hughley showed her skills at Girls Night Out Tour, held in Arena Theatre Houston, Texas.

Tyler Whitney Hughley net worth

Being a DJ, and producer the is no denying that Tyler makes enough money to pay her bills. As Whitney has been hiding most of the information about her life, she is not very comfortable sharing her net worth in the media.

However, we can assure you that Tyler is leading a lavish lifestyle. Looking at the ring she gifted to her fiance, we can say that she has got enough money to live a prosperous life.

D.L. Hughley net worth

Unlike Tyler, D.L. is a man who has been active in Hollywood since he arrived in the 90s. Until now, D.L. has accumulated a net worth of $10 million.

He collected money from his acting career and stand-up work. Along with that, Hughley is also an author of four books.

In 2012, he released his book I Want you to Shut the F#ck Up: How the Audacity of Dopes is Ruining America Black Man, White House: An Oral History of the Obama Years (2017), How Not to Get Shot: And Other Advice from White People (2018) and Surrender, White People!: Our Unconditional Terms for Peace (2020).

D.L. Hughley’s daughter sexually assaulted

News surfaced that Tyler was sexually assaulted as a child. Later she became brave about the fact and tried to confess it to her father.

Tyler Whitney Hughley
Tyler Whitney Hughley Photo

According to her, the perpetrator was a good friend of her father. However, for some reason, his name has not been disclosed in the media.

To make matters worst, D.L. did not even try to confront the man after his beloved daughter put up all the courage to tell her father. Instead, D.L. could not believe his own daughter as the man was a very good friend.

He still regrets the moment when he was supposed to support his own daughter. In an interview, D.L. revealed that,

“The reason it hits me is that my youngest daughter came to me and said something happened to her, and because it was somebody I liked, I did not believe herI will never get that back. I am supposed to protect her, and I will never get that back that she told her father something, and he didn’t do anything about it because it was inconvenient.”

Social media

In order to promote Tyler’s work and business, she is active on several social media portals. You can easily get in touch with this Sneaker Head on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

Tyler Whitney Hugley Instagram

This Dj cum producer has been active on Instagram @luccihugh since 2017. In her official account, Hughley has accumulated about 10.8k followers.

Tyler Whitney Hugley Twitter

This 31-year-old Dj has been on Twitter since December of 2009. Her official account @lucciugh has around 2,538 followers with more than 14.8k tweets.


There is no denying that Tyler is as active on Facebook as Tyler Hughley. Unlike other platforms, she does not use this account more often. The last time she uploaded a pic was in 2016, on 14 October.

Tyler Whitney Hugley Soundcloud

Soundcloud has become a great way for Tyler to showcase her talent. She often uploads her extraordinary music piece to entertain her fans. Her official account, @Luccihugh, has about 176 followers.

Some FAQs about Tyler Whitney Hugley

When was Tyler Whitney Hughley sexually assaulted?

There is no proper information on when who, and how Tyler was sexually assaulted as a kid. However, it is known that the perpetrator is a close friend of D.L.

How old is Tyler Whitney Hughley?

As Tyler Hughley was born on April 24, 1991, she is 30 years old in 2021.

What is Tyler Whitney Hughley’s net worth?

There have been several estimations on Tyler’s net worth. But this lady has now been vocal about the amount she makes from her career.

In these circumstances, it is hard to speculate Tyler Hughley’s net worth.

What does Tyler Whitney Hughley do for a living?

At the time of writing, Hughley is active as a Dj, music artist, and producer. Being the daughter of D.L., we believe that she has a lot to offer in the industry and might try her hand in another profession as well.