Tzuyang Plastic Surgery: Before And After Photos

Discover the truth about Tzuyang plastic surgery rumours. Learn why this Mukbang sensation refutes allegations and maintains her natural appearance.

Tzuyang is a renowned South Korean YouTube vlogger celebrated for captivating mukbang videos.

Her content revolves around indulging in generous food portions while providing insightful reviews of the flavours or spotlighting the restaurants they originate from.

With a talent for making food an engaging and sensory experience, Tzuyang has garnered a dedicated following of food enthusiasts eager to join her on culinary journeys.

Her ability to merge gastronomic pleasure with informative commentary has solidified her status as a prominent figure in the making world, offering viewers a delightful and educational food adventure.

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Tzuyang Plastic Surgery Transformation

Tzuyang, the popular Mukbang creator, recently addressed and refuted allegations regarding plastic surgery in a video posted on her YouTube channel ‘Tzuyang.’

In the video “Explanation of the Plastic Surgery Controversy + Monster Jjajangmyeon 2kg Challenge Mukbang,” she responded candidly to the rumours surrounding her appearance.

During the video, while enjoying a meal at a restaurant, Tzuyang was asked by the producer about people’s claims of facial changes with age.

She expressed her surprise at the prevalence of plastic surgery discussions and clarified that she had not undergone any surgical procedures.

Tzuyang emphasized that even if she desired plastic surgery, her busy schedule wouldn’t allow it.

She also addressed speculations about double eyelids, explaining that they were created using tape, which could be applied to enhance the appearance temporarily.

Tzuyang Plastic Surgery Transformation
Tzuyang addresses rumours regarding her Plastic Surgery and says she doesn’t have time for it. (Image Source: Instagram)

Tzuyang debunked the notion that such enhancements constituted plastic surgery, as they were temporary alterations.

Tzuyang discussed changes in her physical appearance, including weight loss affecting her breast fat and the natural ageing process causing changes in her face.

She clarified that despite her desire for plastic surgery, her schedule didn’t permit her to take the necessary time off, citing the need for more than a week to recover.

This candid response from Tzuyang provides insight into her commitment to transparency with her viewers.

She addresses the plastic surgery rumours and provides a straightforward explanation, reaffirming her dedication to her busy career and her reluctance to undergo surgical procedures.

Tzuyang’s openness helps build trust with her audience, allowing them to enjoy her Mukbang content without unnecessary speculation.

Tzuyang Weight Gain

Tzuyang, the popular Mukbang YouTuber known for devouring massive servings of food without apparent weight gain, has had the science behind her ability debunked by medical doctor Seo Jae Gul.

Dr Seo’s YouTube video tackled how Mukbang creators like Tzuyang avoid packing on the pounds despite their enormous food consumption.

Dr. Seo began by explaining the capacity of the human stomach, likening it to a flexible container.

Usually, the stomach is much smaller, but when food enters, it expands to accommodate a considerable volume, stretching up to the equivalent of a 2-litre bottle.

As Dr. Seo highlighted, the key is not keeping food in the stomach for an extended period.

Tzuyang’s secret, according to Dr. Seo, lies in her ability to pass food from her stomach into her bowels swiftly.

Tzuyang Weight Gain
Tzuyang hasn’t gained even a slight Weight despite such eating. (Image Source: Instagram)

This process can be likened to pouring water into a container with a hole at the bottom: as long as the food is continuously moved through and the stomach is emptied promptly, weight gain is mitigated.

Dr. Seo emphasized that weight gain occurs when the body stores food as fat.

However, if food is rapidly passed through the digestive system and excreted, it cannot be stored as fat.

This explains why Tzuyang and other Mukbang YouTubers may appear to consume vast quantities of food without experiencing significant weight gain.

Nevertheless, Dr. Seo cautioned that this rapid food transit may have side effects, including inadequate nutrient absorption, especially in cases like Tzuyang’s, where she has mentioned having digestive issues.

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