Where Are Victoria And Christine Lisowski Now? Sungnam Kwon Lisowski Daughter

In the shadow of an unthinkable tragedy, the lives of Victoria and Christine Lisowski, the daughters of Sungnam Kwon Lisowski, were forever altered on that fateful Christmas morning in 2002.

Their mother’s shooting rampage left their father dead and both young girls critically wounded.

“Evil Lives Here” on ID is set to delve back into the haunting case of Sungnam Kwon Lisowski’s shooting rampage, which took place over two decades ago.

As the nation watched in horror, the question remained – what would become of Victoria and Christine after such a traumatic event?

This article delves into the post-rampage journey of the Lisowski sisters and how they have coped and moved forward with their lives.

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Where are Victoria And Christine Lisowski now? Sungnam Kwon Lisowski Daughters

Following the shooting rampage, Victoria, 14, and Christine, 12, underwent intensive medical treatment and therapy to heal physically and emotionally.

The support and love from their extended family played a vital role in their recovery.

After their hospitalization, the girls relocated to New England to live with relatives, far away from the painful memories of that Christmas morning.

In the face of unspeakable trauma, Victoria and Christine showed remarkable resilience and strength.

Despite enduring severe physical injuries, the sisters worked diligently to reclaim their lives.

Victoria And Christine Lisowski
Victoria And Christine Lisowski’s current whereabouts are kept private by the authorities. (Image Source: –stw news-press)

Their determination to heal and move forward became an inspiration to many.

In the years following the tragedy, Victoria and Christine have emerged as advocates for survivors of similar traumatic events.

Moreover, it is known that Sugnam then turned her rage towards her two young daughters, Victoria and Christine, firing multiple shots at them and critically wounding them.

Their story of resilience and recovery has touched the lives of many, inspiring others to find strength in the face of adversity.

Sungnam Kwon Lisowski Husband John Lisowski

Sungnam Kwon Lisowski’s husband, John Lisowski, was an ordinary man living an ordinary life until that tragic Christmas morning in 2002.

Described as a hardworking and devoted family man, John worked as a supervisor for Lucent Technologies Inc. and traveled regularly for his job.

He supported his wife and two daughters, Victoria and Christine, providing for them and creating a loving home in Aurora.

However, behind the facade of a seemingly happy family, hidden issues eventually led to the devastating shooting rampage.

John’s affair with a woman from China catalyzed the tragedy that unfolded on that ill-fated day.

Victoria And Christine Lisowski
According to the Daily Herald, Sungnam was charged with first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder. (Source: SKPOP)

The upcoming episode, “We’re Glad Mom is Dead,” will revisit the horrifying events of that tragic Christmas morning in 2002.

The show will shed light on the chilling story of a married mother-of-two, Sungnam Kwon Lisowski, who fatally shot her husband, John, while he was at his desk.

The episode will uncover the unsettling details of the crime scene and the subsequent investigation and provide insights into the possible motives that led Sungnam to commit such a heinous act.

His decision to ask Sungnam for a divorce in a heart-wrenching email triggered her anger.

Her resentment led her to commit an unimaginable act of violence.

Despite his flaws and mistakes, John’s life was cut short in a horrific manner, leaving his daughters without a father and the world in shock.

The tragedy serves as a poignant reminder of the far-reaching consequences of infidelity and the importance of addressing marital issues with empathy and understanding.

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