Virginia Donald: Ex-Wife of David Shepard Smith bio, career, family, and net worth

Who is Virginia Donald?

Virginia Donald is an example of a socialite who started it rough but lived it well.

She is a Germanic female name derived from the Ancient Roman family name “Virginius” or “Verginius.” Virginia means “maiden” or “virgin.”

Being associated with a celebrity’s name gives you the limelight. But, sometimes, it becomes the most significant burden of your life. When your celebrity partner leaves you but, the camera flashes still pry into your privacy.

They say life is like mold-able clay – it becomes what you make out of it. We have many examples where people built a good castle out of it, and some destroy it as a no-shape mud.

She had a rough start when she joined her high school, started a career, and got married. Her career halted for a while, living a conjugal life – a relationship that ended after only a few years.

She had to support her life partner as a friend for a very long time. She practically lived with an unexplained divorce and a scar for life. But, she never made a fuss about things.

Virginia tried her best to integrate her feelings and stay positive until the truth came out. She has been a fighter, a happy soul, and a fashion freak for almost all her life. Let’s know a little more about the ex-wife of famous David Shepard Smith Jr (Best known as Shepard smith or Shepard).

Quick facts

Full nameVirginia Donald
Age56 years old
Sun signVirgo
TraitsPositive: witty, loyal, and sensible

Negative: insecure and stubborn
EthnicityNative North White
Height5 feet 4 inches (1.6 m)
Weight59 kg (130 lbs.)
Eye colorDistinctly Brown
Hair colorPlatinum Blonde
EducationUniversity of Mississippi’s Meek School of Journalism and Acting
Favorite pastimeShopping most fashionable items
HobbiesTraveling and Gymnastic
Lucky numberFour and Nine
Lucky colorBlue, Green, and Light Yellow
Best matchTaurus and Capricorn
Shoe sizeSeven (US)
Favorite cuisineChinese
Favorite place to travelGreece
Favorite colorPurple
Favorite actorTyler Posey
Favorite actressOlivia Delcan

Interesting facts

  1. Virginia Donald studied in a school where her parents worked as teachers

Virginia Donald was born to a religious Christian family in Mississippi, USA. Her parents were high school teachers.

Her parents encouraged Virginia to go to the high school they were teaching in.

  1. Virginia Donald studied journalism and acting

Virginia graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Mississippi’s Meek School. She took extra acting classes at college too.

  1. Virginia Donald met David Shepard Smith Jr while attending the University of Mississippi

Virginia and Shepard met while attending university. They dated for some time and exchanged their vows in 1987.

Virginia Donald was a supportive wife throughout their marriage. Sadly, they separated after six years of being married.

  1. Virginia’s ex-husband came out as a gay person

Rumors have it that Virginia and Shepard went separate ways because he had an affair with his co-worker, Giovanni Graziano.

After some years of divorcing Virginia, Shepard came out as gay. He couldn’t come out before because he hadn’t realized it. Even after he did, he feared the prejudice that he would have to deal with.

  1. Virginia Donald wanted to be an actress

Virginia put a hold on her career to be a full-time homemaker. After the divorce, she auditioned for some film roles. However, her endeavors went in vain.

After this, she worked as a guest columnist for several USA-based magazines.

Virginia Donald Biography

Age and childhood

Donald is a television personality and a socialite. She was born in the state of Mississippi, USA, in 1966, to a religious Christian family. She is currently 56 years old.

Even though the media is not aware of her parents’ names, they know about their profession.

Virginia’s parents were both high school teachers. Born into an educated family, she was always encouraged to go for higher education. It is the reason why she joined the high school her parents were teaching.

Personality traits

With beautiful body measurements of 34-32-37 inches, Virginia falls among rare beauties that age like a fine wine. She has been a trendy fashion follower and a regular shopper in her life and is excellent with pets.

Being a Virgo woman, Virginia is a hardworking, reliable, creative, kind, and patient lady. However, such people tend to be stubborn and overthinking at times. Either way, Virginia is a lovely person.

She has always appeared in light clothes and the brightest smile in the media.

University of Mississippi

Later, Virginia Donald enrolled at the University of Mississippi’s Meek School of Journalism and Acting. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1988 with Journalism as her major and also She took extra acting classes out of her interest at college.

She was an above-average student and among the teacher’s favorites. Virginia had a great desire to pursue acting as a career. It is during her time at Ole Miss at the University of Mississippi that Donald met Shepard.

Virginia Donald relationships

The only formally declared relationship Virginia has had is with David Shepard Smith Jr. So far, the media knows that Virginia has remained single since her divorce. The only passion she has ever had after her separation is towards the latest fashion trends.

Shep Smith and Virginia Donald

Virginia met her husband, Shepard Smith, at the University of Mississippi. They were classmates who dated for some years before tying the knot.

A career-oriented girl suddenly turned into a housewife after marrying Shepard in 1987.

Virginia understood and supported him. Shepard and Virginia held their marriage in 1987, and they stayed married for six years. They were a happily married couple since Virginia was supportive of his predicament.

After these years, Stephen realized that he was gay, which must be the primary reason for breaking up the vows. The couple did not have any children. The reason behind the prompted divorce was a secret from the public.

Shepard and Virginia remained silent about the matter at that time. We all must say that Virginia did her best to support Shepard until he came out himself.

There is no question that Virginia was a very supportive wife and a best friend to her ex-husband. She did not defame him for being gay and not coming out before marriage.

After a decade of their marriage, rumors have it that Shepard had an affair with a co-worker named Giovanni Graziano. Only then did the reason behind the divorce of the couple came outside.

About David Shepard Smith Jr

David Shepard Smith is an American broadcast journalist for NBC and CNBC news. He currently works in an evening show, “The News with Shepard Smith.”

Virginia Donald's ex husband Shepard Smith jr
Virginia Donald’s ex-husband Shepard Smith jr

Shepard started his career at the 1996 inception of Fox News Channel. He began as a chief anchor and managing editor of the breaking news division.

David is originally from Holly Springs of Mississippi.

Shepard’s mother was an English teacher. And his father was a cotton merchant.

Shepard completed his high school at Marshall Academy. Soon, his parents separated, and he moved to Florida with his mother.

After he joined journalism at the University of Mississippi, he met Virginia. Then he moved on to take a reporter job in Panama City, Florida.

Shepard has also acted in the 1997 film “Volcano.” He is lately famous for covering the 2016 US presidential election. The same footage was also used for the 2019 documentary drama “Bombshell.”

Virginia Donald Smith and David Shepard Jr after divorce

Rebounding into her career after divorcing him was difficult for Virginia. She also tried her luck in the entertainment industry. She has played several minor roles in television commercials and short movies.

Virginia also tried writing columns for various magazines in the United States. So, for the sake of a failed marriage, her career got ruined.

After a few years of their separation, Shepard started having issues too. He started consulting a psychologist.

Shepard realized his personality properly only between 2008 to 2009. It was when he took a psychologist, George Weinberg’s advice.

Shepard could not come out immediately in the past because he didn’t realize it. Even after he did, the prejudice was too much to deal with for the infamous journalist. After all, he covered controversial issues like the death of Princess Diana and the Florida ballot-counting.

Virginia never mentioned any grudges between them, despite their silent separation. Her unconditional support to her husband is worth the appreciation.

Virginia does not keep in contact with Shepard after their separation. She tried an acting career for a while after her divorce. But, she could not gain fame throughout the profession.

She has not practiced any formal career since then.

Virginia Donald with ex-husband Shepard Smith

Virginia Donald actress and guest columnist

She tried her best to give auditions for film roles, but all her endeavors went in vain. She has been writing as a guest columnist for several USA-based magazines. Through these endeavors, she proved her versatile nature and talent.

Avid pet lover Virginia has appeared in the most successful and critically acclaimed magazines.

Virginia is mainly known as the ex-wife of Shepard. Despite this limelight, she has worked in some local commercials and short videos as an actress. These are the factors that led her to fame.

Lately, Shepard’s relationship rumor with his colleague has caused her to return to the spotlight.


Virginia was not involved in any controversy by herself. She has kept herself successfully away from the media.

However, she came into the limelight when Shepard’s sexual orientation came forward. It created a roar in the media, which made her a subject of discussion.

Despite everything, it is a surprise for the media how a girl without a job can lead a socialite’s life.

Virginia Donald Net worth

Virginia has been living a socialite’s life. However, she does not have a formal career whatsoever to mention in the media. Virginia Donald’s net worth is estimated to be approximately USD 2 million.

Read more about celebrity families here.

Shepard Smith Net worth

Her ex-husband, Shepard Smith, has a net worth of USD 25 million, which he has acquired from his job as a news anchor on The Fox News Channel.

Shepard Smith Salary

Shepard receives an annual salary of USD 10 million.

Social media

After her separation from Shepard, Virginia had tried a few commercials and smaller acting roles in short videos. Apart from this exposure, she has not been active on social media. Thus, she has been maintaining her privacy correctly.

Neither has she disclosed her siblings nor family details clearly to the media.


Virginia has not made a charity disclosed to the media. But her ex-husband is famous for the charity of USD 500k to the Committee to Protect Journalists in 2019.


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