VTuber Aster Arcadia Face Reveal And Real Name: Wikipeda And Age

Archadians are searching for Aster Arcadia Face Reveal. The renowned YouTuber is yet to expose his face to the internet, intriguing the curiosity of his fans. 

Aster Arcadia is a sixth-wave member of the NIJISANJI EN group known as “ILUNA.” The English man has been participating in virtual YouTube videos since July 25, 2022.

Aster’s Twitter account and YouTube channel were launched on July 6, 2022. Within 24 hours of the news of his debut, he had 100,000 YouTube subscribers.

Since then, he has developed a considerable fan base and has a whooping 333,000 subscribers on YouTube.

He remains one of the most talked-about YouTubers, and his fans continue to follow his every move, hoping to catch a glimpse of the natural person behind the mysterious façade.

In March 2022, auditions for the fourth wave of NIJISANJI EN were held and were available to both male and female talents. 

Aster Arcadia Face Reveal

The active VTuber’s fans are yet to experience Aster Arcadia’s face reveal. In case you are new to the term “VTubing”, it is short for Virtual YouTubing.

It refers to the practice of creating and using virtual avatars or characters to entertain and interact with the audience.

With the increase in online bullies, it is gaining popularity on online platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, etc.

Aster Arcadia Face Reveal
Aster Arcadia played the role of ILUNA in Let’s Get It Started. (Source: VTuberWiki)

With the increasing demand from the fans, the day might come soon when we see the true face of the YouTuber.

His Twitch streams are known as the bridge to connect with the enigmatic YouTuber. We shall surely update the site if he reveals his face in the upcoming days.

Upon asking, his inspiration to start streaming is Lyric. He emerged as the winner of the post-championship rumble.

Along with Maria Marionette, Kyo Kaneko, Aia Amare, Scarle Yonaguni, and Ren Zotto, Aster is also a member of the “ILUNA” group, which made its debut. 

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Aster Arcadia Wikipedia

Aster’s fanbase is referred to as “Arcadians,” and he has a YouTube membership called “ASTEROID.” He is yet to reveal his real name.

According to the Arcadians, “Aster is heavenly that emerged from a Supernova long ago and despite his hazy memories, he still harbors a tremendous desire to spread happiness.

On July 20, 2022, the sixth wave’s “ILUNA” debut was revealed. The teaser featured the Livers’ designs, vocals, and debut song, which was created by MATZ. 

Aster Arcadia Face Reveal
Aster Arcadia when he first hit the 100,000 subscribers milestone. (Source: Twitter)

The pronouns for Aster are he/him. Even when it may not be totally true, he frequently emphasizes how wholesome he and his followers are.

Aster has been active in various events. In January 2023, he participated in the NIJISANJI EN Wrestling Tournament “Wrestle Sanji 2023”.

He is constantly seen engaging with his fans to solve their curiosity. He answers their different question.

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Aster Arcadia Age – How Old Is He?

Aster’s age is around mid-twenties. He celebrates his birthday every year on 25 September.

The VTuber is yet to reveal anything regarding his personal life including his actual date of birth.

Aster released “ANIMA” by ReoNa as his debut solo cover song on September 25.

He unveiled an update to his model in March 2023 that included additional expressions to improve his content. 

Aster Arcadia Face Reveal
“Aster” means “star” in Latin, while “Arcadia” can refer to a regional location in Greece or “a place of idyllic perfection. (Source: Twitter)

The streamer has transparently talked about his life with his admirers, including his ups and downs.

He has also revealed several humorous incidents, such as the time he once wore a skirt and described the feeling as “windy.”

Moreover, in Japanese, he addresses himself as “Watashi.” He says he has a whale as a pet, but it’s really a dog. 

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