Wab Kinew Sons Name: Wife Lisa Monkman And Family

People are curious to know about Wab Kinew sons name. Let’s find out the name of the son of Wab and Lisa.

Wab Kinew is a well-known journalist, novelist, and politician. He has led the Manitoba NDP since 2016.

His activism has defined Kinew’s career in Canada for Indigenous rights, social justice, and reconciliation. He rose to popularity as a journalist, hosting shows such as CBC’s “8th Fire” and “The National.”

In addition, his excellent narrative and thought-provoking criticism have helped to elevate Indigenous voices across the country.

Kinew entered politics in addition to his journalistic profession and was elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) for Fort Rouge in Manitoba in 2016.

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What is Wab Kinew Sons Name?

Wab Kinew and his wife, Lisa Monkman, have continued to appreciate their duties as loving parents to their two sons as of July 26, 2023.

This blended family is dedicated to creating a friendly and inclusive home environment.

Wab Kinew, well-known for his political, media, and Indigenous rights advocacy, combines his love for education and cultural legacy with his job as a father.

Lisa Monkman, a passionate family physician, brings her healthcare knowledge and social justice dedication to their family life.

Wab Kinew wife ethnicity
Wab Kinew and his wife Lisa Monkman. (Source: Facebook)

Wab is unquestionably a role model for his children, particularly his sons Tobasonakwut and Dominik Kinew. His sons’ names are significant since Indigenous names frequently have deep cultural and spiritual value.

Tobasonakwut, in particular, represents a link to ancestral customs and a sense of cultural identity.

Despite being from a prior relationship, their children are an essential part of their family. The couple’s commitment to promoting awareness and appreciation of their Indigenous background is undoubtedly shared by their sons, laying the groundwork for their future.

Wab Kinew and Lisa Monkman, through their professional and personal lives, inspire others by displaying the value of love, respect, and cultural pride within their family unit.

meet Wab Kinew Wife: Lisa Monkman

Wab Kinew, a famous Canadian personality known for his contributions to politics, journalism, and Indigenous rights, is married to Lisa Monkman, a caring and accomplished woman.

While Lisa prefers to remain out of the spotlight, her impact on her husband’s work and their shared commitment to social change is apparent.

Lisa, an Indigenous woman, has been a source of strength and support for Wab Kinew throughout his public life.

Although Lisa Monkman’s history and private life are frequently kept a secret, her presence alongside Wab Kinew demonstrates their joint commitment to building a more inclusive and equitable Canada.

In addition, she is a vital component of the Kinew family’s mission to advance reconciliation and Indigenous rights in Canada because she indeed plays a significant role in his capacity to influence change in politics and the media.

Wab Kinew family 

The parents of Canadian politician Wab have had a significant impact on him. Wab is immensely proud of Dr. Kathi Avery Kinew, his mother.

Wab has frequently shown his affection and support for her in public. She is an expert in policy analysis and is well aware of the value of public service.

In addition, her encouragement indeed helped shape Wab’s ideals and commitment to giving back to the community.

Wab Kinew
Wab Kinew with his dad. (Source: CBC)

Tobasonakwut Kinew, Wab Kinew’s father, was notable in Indigenous leadership and spirituality.

As a survivor of the residential school system, he encountered many difficulties. The course of Tobasonakwut’s life was characterized by transformation and resiliency.

In his formative years, he struggled with addiction and violence but finally rose to become a respected leader in Canada’s Indigenous communities.

In 2012, Wab Kinew’s father passed away from cancer. He left his position as the host of a CBC program that same year.

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