Walter Festa Wikipedia And Edad: How Old Is Romina Uhrig Marido?

Explore the Walter Festa Wikipedia page to learn about the former mayor of Moreno, his political career, achievements, and personal life.

Walter Festa, a prominent figure in Argentine politics, made significant contributions as the former Mayor of Moreno.

Festa’s political journey began in 2003 when he ran as a candidate for Councilor representing the Front for Victory party.

His dedication and commitment to public service led to his appointment as the ANSES (National Social Security Administration) Chief in Moreno in 2010.

Demonstrating his leadership skills, Festa successfully led the list of councilors in the subsequent elections of 2011.

However, in the 2015 elections, he achieved a remarkable feat, securing the mayoral position with an impressive 45.93% of the votes.

Throughout his tenure as Mayor, Festa played a crucial role in shaping the development and progress of Moreno.

His unwavering dedication to his constituents and his ability to garner support has impacted the community he served.

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Walter Festa Wikipedia

Walter Alejandro Festa is a former Argentine politician known for his involvement in the Justicialista Party and affiliation with Kirchnerism.

Born in 1968, Festa gained recognition as the Mayor of Moreno, a position he attained after winning the 2015 elections representing the Frente Para la Victoria.

Before his mayoral role, Festa started his political career as a candidate for substitute councilor for Kirchnerism in 2003, gradually becoming a key figure within La Cámpora.

Walter Festa Wikipedia 1
Walter Festa Argentine politician recognized as the Mayor of Moreno. (Image Source: Infocielo)

In 2010, he assumed the position of Head of the Delegation of the National Social Security Administration in Moreno.

However, Festa faced controversy when he was sanctioned in January 2018 for taking a vacation without authorization, ultimately losing the internship to Mariel Fernández when he ran for the Frente de Todos in 2019.

Festa’s political trajectory and contributions have left a mark on the political landscape of Argentina.

Walter Festa Edad: How Old Is Romina Uhrig Marido?

Walter Alejandro Festa, the Argentine politician, was born in 1968, which makes him approximately 55 years old as of 2023.

Festa has been involved in various political activities throughout his career, starting with his early militancy in the Justicialista Party.

In 2003, he embarked on his political journey as a candidate for substitute councilor representing Kirchnerism.

Walter Festa age
 Walter Festa, the Argentine politician, is currently age 55. (Image Source: Tres Lineas)

Festa later became associated with La Cámpora and held significant positions, including appointed Head of the National Social Security Administration Delegation in Moreno in 2010.

He also led the list of councilors in subsequent years. Festa gained notable recognition when he won the mayoral elections in 2015, representing the Frente Para la Victoria.

Despite facing controversy and sanctions in his political career, Festa’s age and experience have made him a significant figure in Argentine politics.

Walter Festa Wife: Romina Uhrig

Walter Festa, the former mayor of Moreno, has a significant other named Romina Uhrig.

They have had a complex relationship, including periods of separation and reconciliation.

After Romina claimed to be separated from Walter, they were seen together again, attending the birthday celebration of Ariel Ansaldo.

Romina spoke about their relationship on a morning TV show, where Walter joined the interview and expressed his desire to remarry her.

Walter Wife
Walter Festa is romantically linked with Romina Uhrig.  (Image Source: Telefe)

He proposed to her soon after she left the house of Big Brother (Telephone), and they managed to reconcile and reunite.

Romina revealed they are already married, despite Walter’s initial intention to divorce before she entered the Big Brother house.

However, the separation process never materialized, as their lawyer advised them to take more time to think about it.

Walter expressed his willingness to have an intimate wedding ceremony, emphasizing his commitment to their relationship.

Romina confirmed her positive response to his new marriage proposal.

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