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Wanda Hutchins Biography- Michael Strahan’s Ex-wife

Who is Wanda Hutchins?

Wanda Hutchins came to the limelight due to her marriage with Michael Strahan, the ex-defense football player. But, unfortunately, the fate of marriage wasn’t long-lasting and ended after four years.

She falls among those women who have faced turbulence in life from a very early age, accepted and fought against situations, and led her life with more peace and understanding with her past.

Wanda Hutchins biography, relationships, career and net worth

Let’s learn more about the wonderful lady Wanda Hutchins.

Quick facts

Full NameWanda Hutchins
BirthdateJune 6th, 1973
Age 48 years old
Sun SignCapricorn
practical, independent, and self-reliant

Procrastinating, Stubborn, Impulsive
Currently residingMissouri City, U.S.A
NationalityGerman, American
EducationGraduated from New York University
ParentsRenate Hutchins (mother)
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-spouseMichael Strahan (m.1992-1996)
ChildrenTanita Strahan
Michael Strahan Jr
ProfessionInterior designer
Net Worth$2 million

Interesting facts

1. Wanda Hutchins is half-American

She was born in Germany to Renate Hutchins. She belongs to a mixed ethnicity even though her family line is German.

She got American citizenship after she shifted to Houston, Texas, with Michael Strahan.

2. Hutchins met Michael Strahan when she was 12 years old.

Michael and Wanda are high school sweethearts. They met for the first time when she was only 12 years old. 

The couple dated for seven years before getting married.

3. She has two children with Michael Strahan

Wanda and Michael have two children together. The eldest child is a daughter named Tanita Strahan, born in 1992 whereas, the second child is a son named Michael Anthony Strahan Jr, born in 1995. 

Rumors have it that Wanda also has a son named Dorian, who was born in 2001. However, there is no information on who the father is.

4. Wanda Hutchins and Michael Strahan are still friends

Despite their divorce in 1996, Wanda and Michael are still good friends. They have shared custody of their children.

She has even supported him and her former father-in-law about Jean Muggli being a lousy partner for Michael Strahan.

5. She is an interior designer

Wanda is undoubtedly famous for being the first wife of Michael Strahan; however, she is also an independent woman who owns a business. 

She is an interior designer and the founder of ‘Wandaful Home Designs.’

Wanda Hutchins childhood

Multiple sources suggest she was born on June 6th, 1973, as the daughter of Renate Hutchins. However, her birthplace is Germany as her family line is German and belongs to mixed ethnicity.

49 years old Wanda Hutchins is believed to have a close relationship with her mother.

The whereabouts of her father and siblings are unknown.

Her birth date is controversial as some publications claim she officially celebrates her birthday on January 1. Wanda is Capricorn.

Wanda Hutchins loved art from an early age, which also explains the career she chose.


She went to a local high school in Germany. She is said to have a graduation degree from a good university and an alma mater from New York University though nothing has been officially verified.

Wanda Hutchins passion

Wanda’s Instagram features lovely pictures of cats and dogs, which shows her love for animals. In addition, she loves reading self-help books. Time and again, she has posted positive motivational quotes and the front pages of books she read.

She also has an interest in designing wood furniture pieces for both internal and external decorations. In addition, she posts pictures of DIY crafts with written messages about love and life.

Her passion for art and positive attitude is expressed through the vibrant use of colors in her designs. Her progressing career and excellent physical appearance are proof of her discipline and determination.


Taking responsibility, self-control, good management, and discipline perfectly fit her personality, as explained by her zodiac sign Capricorn. Capricorns are also believed to be unforgiving, ready for the worst situations, and kind of “know it all.”


Michael Strahan and Wanda Hutchins

Wanda discovered her first love in Michael Strahan when she was at the age of 12. They met for the first time at a school in Germany. She dated him for seven years and got married at the age of 19.

Michael lived in his father’s residence, Gene Willie Strahan, who was a U.S. Army Major. He met Wanda for the first time at the age of 14 during their resident station at Benjamin Franklin village of Germany. He was 21 years old when he married her.

Their family lived in Germany initially and later on shifted to Houston, Texas. They had their first child on November 10, 1992. However, things were not going well as Michael was busy with peak hours of his fame and career.

Soon they had their second child in 1995. Wanda shared the spotlight during her marriage’s peak time with Michael Strahan from 1992 until their divorce in 1996.

Settling down with their differences at such a young age was difficult for the couple as things did not exactly fall into place. As a result, they filed for divorce about two years after the birth of their second child in 1996.

Unlike the second divorce and other affairs of Michael Strahan, the divorce with Wanda wasn’t bitter. Instead, their divorce proceeded peacefully, and the couple separated after four years of togetherness.

The divorce ended with shared custody of their children with mutual understanding, and the former couple remains friends to date. Wanda always told the media – issues regarding their divorce were a private matter between the couple.

Though Wanda did not talk about any specific reason besides their young age and differences in understanding as a reason behind their divorce, there were some accusations from Michael’s side.

Handling the responsibilities of two kids was difficult enough for the couple when he claimed her for unfaithfulness. He thus did not want her in his life, and the couple got separated after a fight.

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Her first child, daughter Tanita Strahan, was born and schooled in Germany. She studied arts at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles.

Twenty-eight years old Tanita is a well-known German artist now.

You can learn about Tanita Strahan and her life over here.

Her second child Michael Anthony Strahan Jr, was born in 1995. He was about two when the parents separated. He lived shortly in Germany with his mother, went to school in Texas, and is now achieving a degree in Psychology in Houston.

Twenty-five-year-old Michael Jr. is not active on social media; however, his posts on Instagram suggest he enjoys outdoor teamwork and playing basketball. Michael Strahan shared his graduation picture.

Wanda Hutchins with her kids Tanita Strahan and Michael Strahan Jr.

Wanda is a role model for her kids as her love for art seems to have inspired Tanita to choose a career as a visual artist. In addition, she successfully raised them away from media interference, and the kids have had a good relationship with their father.

Both the kids currently reside in their father’s house with twin half-sisters Isabella and Sophia, born in 2004 to stepmother Jean Muggli. The twins have an active social media profile.

Wanda is chasing her career after her divorce and has not officially declared to be dating someone. However, some publications claim she has a son named Dorian, born in 2001 from her previous affairs, but the father’s name is still unknown.

Eddie Murphy and Wanda Hutchins

After the divorce with Wanda, Michael Strahan dated Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife, Nicole Murphy, for seven years. Michael and Nicole had a messy breakup in 2014.

Wanda Hutchins Strahan divorce controversy of ex-husband

Wanda was not in general highlighted by the media after her divorce. The last time she got involved in controversy was during the second annulment of Michael Strahan.

Jean Muggli, the second wife of Michael, had blamed him for being gay during her hearing. Wanda came forward and saved her ex-husband from the allegation. However, Michael had to pay much more settlement as per childcare than his previous divorce.

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She did not blame him or had a terrible fight during separation. On the contrary, she claimed him as a faithful man and a good father during their divorce and afterward. It worked in favor of Michael during his divorce from Jean.

Wanda supported her former father-in-law’s claim about Jean being a bad partner for Michael and even blamed Jean as cruel for cursing her children that they shall die.

She seems to have resolved her misunderstandings with her ex-in-laws and has established a good friendship with her ex-husband. Since their divorce, Michael expressed guilt over not realizing how great Wanda is and has praised their friendship.

However, Wanda never spoke of her personal or professional life in the media. As a result, her career is somewhat a mystery to the media until revoked by Michael’s second divorce.

Life after divorce

After divorce, Wanda became the breadwinner of the family of the three who resided in Germany. Michael provided child care support and visited them on rare occasions.

However, the children were raised by a single mother and later moved to the U.S. with her.

Michael Strahan, who retired as an NFL player in 2007 and started to act as media personnel, started dating not too long after the divorce. After two failed marriages, he currently lives in Houston with his four kids.

Wanda moved to Germany while raising her children. She did not want extra publicity and has kept herself a low profile since her divorce.

Professional career

Wanda is an interior designer by profession. She is the founder and owner of “Wandaful Home Designs.”

She has also been the vice president and executive director of Strahan Global Outreach in 2012.

Wanda Hutchins Instagram account
Wanda Hutchins Instagram account

Wanda Hutchins height and weight

Hutchins is a beautiful lady with bluish brown eyes and shiny brown short hair. She is 5 feet. 9 inches (175 cm) tall, slightly above average American height, i.e.5 feet 4 inches (162.56 cm).

For a mother of three children, she has an incredibly well-maintained body weight of 59 kg. (130 pounds) which shows her love for a good diet and physical fitness.

Wanda Hutchins net worth

Wanda successfully chased her career after the divorce. She currently lives in Houston, Texas, and earns around $48,000 per year.

Hutchins has led a luxurious life so far and owns a BMW X5.

She has served for a non-profit foundation as vice president and executive director of Strahan Global Outreach in 2012. It delivers customer services for interior decors like furniture and home appliances for family use.

Her net worth is $2 million which she makes from her career as an interior designer. She has also received some of the amounts from her divorce settlement.

Social media

Wanda is not much active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat pages.

The ex-wife of Michael Strahan stays away from the limelight, unlike her daughter, who has an active account on Instagram and is famous in the media as a German visual artist who works on paints, ink, watercolor, and digital art.

However, she does own an Instagram and Twitter account.

Wanda Hutchins Instagram

You can find Wanda Hutchins on Instagram as @wandafulhomedesigns

She has only 241 active followers in her Instagram account, which she named after her office.

As fewer pictures are available on the internet, both Wanda and her daughter have a classic style. Comfortable deep v cut dresses in casual wear and dominant formals in black are seen in their available pictures. In addition, Tanita is recognized for practically flaunting her love for art, especially ink in pictures.

Her daughter posts pictures of their family time on her Instagram wall, and both the kids seem to have a great relationship with their father, who is now a successful media person working as a host in a television show.


Likewise, Wanda also has a Twitter account in her company’s name. you can find her as @WandafulD

Wanda Hutchins now

Wanda has successfully maintained privacy and pursued her dreams both in and out of the spotlight of her famous ex-husband.

She has successfully established her career, maintained a good relationship with her ex-husband, led a good lifestyle, and raised her kids in harmony with their father and perfectly distant from celebrity lights.

She is an inspiration to every single mother.

Wanda Hutchins F.A.Qs

1. How old is Wanda Hutchins?

Wanda Hutchins is 48 years old.

2. What does Wanda Hutchins do for a living?

Wanda Hutchins is an interior designer and owns a company named ‘Wandaful Home Designs.’

She also served as a vice president and executive director at the Strahan Global Outreach in 2021. 

3. Is Wanda Hutchins German?

Yes, she is German. It is because she was born in Germany. However, after marrying the American football player Michael Strahan, she became an American citizen. 

4.Is Wanda Hutchins married?

Wanda Hutchins is divorced. She was previously married to Michael Strahan. 

She did not marry after the divorce.

5. What Is Wanda Hutchins up to today?

Wanda Hutchins is working on her venture, ‘Wandaful Home Designs’ that works on building furniture and home decor items. 

She is living a good life with her children and pets and loves sharing motivational quotes every once in a while.

6. What religion does Wanda Hutchins Strahan follow?

Wanda Hutchins Strahan is Christian.

7. What is Wanda Hutchins’ favorite food?

Wanda loves Persian, Italian, and Chinese cuisine.

8. Who is Wanda Hutchins’s favorite actor?

Wanda’s favorite actors are Tom Cruise and Tom Holland.

9. Who is Wanda Hutchins’s favorite actress?

Wanda Hutchins’s favorite actress is Zendaya.

10. What is Wanda Hutchins’ favorite travel destination?

Wanda loves to travel. Her favorite travel destinations are South Africa, Paris, and New York.