Was Jerry Douglas Related To Kirk Douglas? Family And Net Worth Difference

Was Jerry Douglas Related To Kirk Douglas? Know more about the famous American actors who share the same last name Douglas.

Jerry Douglas aka Gerald Rubenstein was an American television and film actor. His birthplace was Chelsea, Massachusetts, and he was born on November 12, 1932.

On the other hand, Kirk Douglas’s birthdate was December 9, 1916. He was a resident of Amsterdam, New York. He was known as an American actor, producer, author, and philanthropist.

Kirk was awarded the Oscar for Lifetime Achievement and the 1991 AFI Life Achievement Award. Furthermore, he has also won Golden Globes for outstanding performances.

He was also a well-known personality with many fans, leaving a lasting legacy as one of the great actors of his time. Many of his well-wishers gathered at his funeral on February 5, 2020.

In this article, we will look at the relationship between two well-known people: Jerry Douglas and Kirk Douglas, and also dive into their family histories, assess their relationships, and compare their net worth.

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Was Jerry Douglas Related To Kirk Douglas?

Despite sharing the same last name, Jerry Douglas and Kirk Douglas were not related to each other. They did not have any familial connection or blood relation.

The similarity in their last names is purely coincidental and does not indicate any family ties. Also, they had a common thing in their origin as both were born to Russian Jewish immigrants.

Both Jerry and Kirk pursued careers in the entertainment industry, but their paths and range of expertise were different.

Was Jerry Douglas Related To Kirk Douglas
Kirk Douglas is not related to Jerry Douglas. (Source: gstatic)

Jerry has collaborated with various artists, released successful solo projects, and received acclaim for his innovative approach throughout his career.

Kirk was also well-known for his helpful projects, most notably through the Douglas Foundation, which he used to donate millions of dollars to numerous charity organizations.

Kirk Douglas And Jerry Douglas’ Family 

Kirk Douglas, born Issur Danielovitch, was born into a family of Russian Jewish immigrants. His parents were Herschel “Harry” Danielovitch and Bryna “Bertha” Sanglel.

Throughout his life, Kirk Douglas married twice. His first wife was Diana Dill, with whom he had two sons: actor Michael Douglas and producer Joel Douglas.

However, their marriage ended in divorce in 1951. Subsequently, Kirk Douglas married his second wife, Anne Buydens, and together they had two sons, Peter Douglas and Eric Douglas.

Peter pursued a career as a producer, and sadly, Eric tragically passed away in 2004.

Jerry Douglas, born Gerald Rubenstein, also came from a family of Russian Jewish immigrants.

His parents were William Rubenstein and Rose Silbert. While there is limited public information about Jerry Douglas’s immediate family, such as his marital status or children, it is known that Kymberly Bankier is his second wife.

The couple had a son named Hunter. Jerry Douglas primarily gained recognition for his musical contributions in the genres of bluegrass and country music.

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Jerry Douglas And Kirk Douglas: Net Worth Difference

Kirk Douglas and Jerry Douglas had a significant difference in their net worth. Kirk Douglas had a net worth of $60 million at the time of his death, which he had amassed through his successful career in the film industry.

His involvement in numerous film roles, production ventures, and business endeavors contributed to his substantial wealth.

On the other hand, Jerry Douglas has a comparatively lower net worth. He had a fortune of $5 million.

The difference in their net worths can be attributed to the different fields they worked in and their levels of success and influence within those fields.

Kirk Douglas achieved worldwide fame and recognition as an iconic Hollywood actor, allowing him to earn high salaries and accumulate considerable wealth over the years.

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