Wednesday memes to freshen your mind to face reality

Wednesday Memes

Studying and working are part of lives that never leave us alone. They come every month, every week, and taunt us every day.

Just like every poison has its anecdote, these boring studies and works become fun when the holiday comes near to us. Yes, you guessed it right, Saturday and Sunday.

If these two days were not included in the weeks, then what could have happened to us. However, many people survive to take a day off and enjoy the holidays.

It is their only way that keeps them sane throughout the week. However, another day is called Wednesday, which is like a bump on the road.

Have you ever miscalculated some days and got excited because you thought that Saturday was coming two days early? And every time we have been through this, we look at the calendar and realize that it’s only Wednesday.

Wednesday has become our enemy, and more and more people have realized this every day. So it is no surprise that there is a collection of Wednesday memes on the Internet.

Well, if you were looking for one, then you have come to the right spot. Here we have collected some of the funny Wednesday memes so that you can freshen your mind and awake yourself to face reality.

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When you are working your ass off and hoping that the holiday will come soon, but it is only Wednesday. It is kind of scary to go through the coming days.

Cute meme for you
Wednesday Memes to share

When your hand is tired of doing all the assignments, you are looking for a day off. As you have to go to college every day, you get your hopes high because of Saturday. However, when you checked out your calendar, it was just Wednesday.

Wednesday Memes collection
Wednesday Memes collection

This meme is so clever, and the fact that there is Wednesday in the picture is like a cherry on the top. Cheers to the calculations.

Wednesday Memes

Bored of being bored because it is only Wednesday.

Wednesday Memes
Cute image for Wednesday Memes

There is always one employee in the group who will be there all the time asking about “what day is today?” You are so tired of hearing this nonsense that you add something you want before telling them the day.

Wednesday Memes
Wednesday Memes to share with your colleague

We have also collected Thursday Memes to motivate you to get through the week.

We do not know why? Saturday and Sunday slip like sand on your hand. But when it comes to other weekdays, they never seem to end.

Wednesday Memes
Why is it just Wednesday?

We have never seen Wednesday happy, and no one has ever been happy knowing it is Wednesday.

Wednesday Memes
Wednesday can never be happy.

Have you ever experienced this? I mean, you jump two days after the current day and plan for your next day like it is only a moment away. But, then you realize the fact, and your expression is no less than this.

Wednesday Memes
Funny Wednesday Memes collected for you

Yup, “this close,” my friend.

Wednesday Memes
We are very close to it being Friday.

I don’t think no one will ever thank god for being a Wednesday until the government declares it as another national holiday.

Wednesday Memes
Wednesday is a Hump day.

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Doing your regular job knowing that it is only Wednesday is tiring. We feel you here.

Wednesday Memes
Happy Wednesday Memes

Trust me, gulping wine and alcoholic beverages Wednesday is a great mistake if you have to wake up early for work tomorrow.

Wednesday Memes
Hilarious collection of Wednesday Memes

Keep calm because it’s Wednesday. Well, that is the reason why we are not calm in the first place.

Wednesday Memes
Everyone calm, it’s just Wednesday.

The English language is a very tough language. Don’t you think? Why does every word have its own spelling and pronunciation? We somehow get used to it, but our brains are like this should be said like this.

Wednesday Memes
Funny collection for Wednesday Memes

Well, it indeed is the middle finger of the week—F*****g people in every way.

Wednesday Memes
Wednesday is like the middle finger of the week.

That is one hell of a ride, ain’t it?

Wednesday memes
Wednesday memes

Yes, you say break up hurts the most, but have you longed to get a holiday and wait for Friday to come. Breakups might hurt you for a day, but this agony comes every week and every day.

Wednesday memes
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I think this is the most sought out wish in the world that only happens on Wednesday.

Wednesday memes
Cute image for Wednesday memes

No, darling, you do not. Desiring for weekdays is like looking for the sun in the winter. There is a Sun, but you do not get the heat you need.

Wednesday memes
Wednesday memes ideas to share

We can’t, camel buddy, we cant.

Wednesday memes
Can’t smile because it’s only Wednesday

This man has drunk booze so much that it’s starting to go on his head.

Wednesday memes
Wednesday memes ideas collected for your laughter.

Oh my god. Did they just put the weekend’s picture on Wednesday’s head? The Adam family is totally going to hunt you down.

Wednesday memes
When you think it’s the weekend, but It’s only Wednesday.

If toothless is hopping for this, then people be at ease. We also hope that your week does not drag on.

Wednesday memes
Happy Wednesday memes

As Bob Marley once said, “Don’t worry, Be happy.” It’s okay if it is only Wednesday and you have to wait for two more days to rest at ease. The most important thing is that you become happy and spread it around you.

cute dog meme collected for you
Cute Wednesday memes also exist.

Well, this is a dilemma.

funny meme for you
Wednesday memes to share.

Here are Coffee memes for coffeeholic to start your day with.

A Wednesday meme boosted us, but it is really not working, is it?

cute meme ideas collection
Funny Wednesday memes on the Internet

Every time I work in my office, I see this face, and I do not have to look at the calendar. Their face is enough to tell me what day is today, just like this cat.

Wednesday memes
Funny image for Wednesday memes
funny meme collection
Funny Wednesday memes collection

Sometimes the weeks are so tiring that you seek an early weekend just to sleep and be carefree.

Wednesday memes
Cute Wednesday memes images for you

The moment of truth and sadness to us.

Wednesday memes
When you think it’s Friday, but It’s only Wednesday.

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Keep Calm, It’s hump day.

Wednesday memes
Wednesday is a hump day.
Wednesday memes
Happy Hump day.

Yeah, Batman teaches him a lesson. So bring out your anger as it is just Wednesday to these pathetic humans.

Wednesday memes
Wednesday memes collected for your laughter

It is often said that nothing is wrong and nothing is right. Well, in this case, nothing causes you sorrow or happiness. But it can cause you both and make you go mad.

Hump Day Meme
Happy hump day.

This is the only meme that made me feel like, yes, “I can do it.”

meme ideas collected to share
Wednesday memes ideas to share

This frog illustrates how our seniors are on a Wednesday, motivating us to work until Friday.

Frog meme
Wednesday memes
Cute images for Wednesday meme

Fake it until you make it.

Fake it until you make it.
Fake it until you make it.

There are always some lousy people in your life who have to say things that make you happy.

cute meme collection
Don’t get too excited, It’s only Wednesday.

Yes, it can be a herculean task to have patience and work out every day searching for a good holiday.

meme collected for your laughter
Wednesday memes collected for your laughter

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