Westville Town Meghan Bragg Obituary And Death Cause Linked To Cancer

Meghan Bragg Obituary: In the realm of Westville Town, we gather to honor the cherished memory of Meghan Bragg.

Westville Town, a close-knit community, mourns the loss of Councilor Meghan Bragg, whose presence and contributions have left an indelible mark on the town’s development.

Meghan was a beloved councilor whose remarkable contributions continue to resonate within our community.

Bragg’s unwavering dedication, passion, and commitment to serving the community are rightfully celebrated as we remember her life and impact on those around her.

This article pays homage to Meghan Bragg, reflecting on her significant accomplishments, her battle with Cancer, and the establishment of a memorial-accessible park and playground in Westville Town.

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Meghan Bragg Obituary And Death cause

The Westville community mourns the loss of Councilor Meghan Bragg.

Tragically, Meghan Bragg died of Cancer after a long battle.

Meghan’s strong dedication to serving the town was evident as a counselor.

Despite being ill, she worked relentlessly for the community, and Westville will never forget her.

Her demise serves as sad reminder of the effect that Cancer has on people and the people they love.

Undoubtedly, others are motivated by her legacy to carry on her work and honor her memory.  

Meghan Bragg Obituary
Our thoughts and prayers are with Meghan’s family and friends as they go through this trying time. (Source: PA)

In honor of Meghan’s commitment to the town, Mayor Lennie White.

Moreover, the councilors have suggested donating to establish an accessible park and playground.

It serves as an endeavor that exemplifies Meghan’s concern for the welfare and well-being of all.

The Westville community will forever remember Meghan Bragg’s dedication, strength, and unwavering spirit.

Her demise serves as a sad reminder of the devastation that Cancer can cause for sufferers and the people they love.

It won’t be easy to replace Meghan Bragg’s passion and services to the Westville neighborhood, but her legacy will live on and continue to inspire people.

Meghan Bragg Obituary Community Memorial

In memory of Meghan Bragg, the Westville town council and Mayor Lennie White invited memorial contributions to construct an accessible park and playground in the community. 

Moreover, Meghan believed that everyone deserved equal opportunities.

MacDiarmid’s Funeral Home & Crematorium in Oxford, Nova Scotia, handles arrangements for Meghan’s final journey.

Meghan Bragg Obituary
 Meghan will always be remembered for her charm, humor, and resilience. (Image Source: PaperCity)

Per her wishes, there will be no memorial service, but a private celebration of her remarkable life will occur later.

If you wish to extend your condolences online, please visit www.mmcfunerals.com.

Nonetheless, her efforts and dedication to breaking down stereotypes will never be unappreciated.

Family mourns the loss of Meghan Bragg 

Throughout her life, Meghan had a remarkable ability to achieve milestones ahead of schedule.

She gave birth to her lovely daughter Arley when she was 21, establishing a solid and enduring relationship.

Meghan loved being a mother and was very proud of how she raised her daughter, teaching her to be kind, strong, and compassionate.

She demonstrated her dedication to her community by actively participating in local politics in addition to her position as a mother.

Moreover, Meghan was chosen as a councilor for the Town of Westville at 35 and later served as deputy mayor.

She ardently supported the marginalized due to her commitment to equity and accessibility. 

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