What Happened To CNA Dawn Tan Eye? Plastic Surgery Rumors

Why have people started showing interest in CNA journalist Dawn Tan Eye? Has there been any noticeable changes in her appearance?

When it comes to discussing Singaporean CNA reporters, Dawn Tan probably ranks among the top. Her contribution to the channel over the years has been nothing short of complimentary.

The award-winning presenter has worked on CNA’s primetime local news broadcasts and co-hosted Singapore Tonight, Money Mind, and Asia Tonight.

Aside from that, Tan has covered election campaigns in Singapore in 2015 and 2020. She also covered the election beat of Malaysia during its 2018 General Elections.

Considering her years of dedication in the media sector, it is unsurprising that SIAS awarded Dawn the 2017 Financial Journalist Of The Year.

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Did Something Happen To CNA Dawn Tan Eye? Health Update 2023

It’s unsurprising to see people being interested in renowned personalities’ health status. However, if the search is based on a particular body part, the curiosity arises whether it’s a severe issue.

First and foremost, nothing seems to have happened to Dawn Tan’s eye. She doesn’t seem to have injured her eyes or sustained any disease.

So, what led to the discussions of the CNA journalist’s eye? It probably started after some fans pointed out differences between how her eyes looked in the past and now.

Dawn Tan Eye
What happened to Dawn Tan Eye? Fans await updates (Source: Instagram)

On the HardwareZone forum, many people have discussed how Tan’s one eye looks bigger than the other. While this was merely an observation with no verification, it quickly grabbed the attention of many.

Some were quick to link Dawn Tan’s eye changes to plastic surgery. But unless she has had blepharoplasty, other surgical procedures won’t impact her eyes.

So, to sum up, Dawn Tan’s eyes look perfectly fine. She seems to be in sound health and works hard as a journalist.

Dawn Tan Plastic Surgery: Truth Or Hoax?

In today’s modern society, people have taken a liking to altering their appearances via plastic surgery. From Botox to lip fillers, there are many options available.

As aforementioned, people have also shown interest in learning about Dawn Tan’s plastic surgery procedures. Many wonder if she has had a nose job or other surgeries.

There are even talks about her having breast enlargement or enhancement. So, has Dawn really gone under the knife?

Unfortunately, the Singaporean presenter has yet to clarify the rumors. As she has remained mum about the rumors, the chances are those speculations carry no authenticity.

Nonetheless, Dawn’s physique has seen quite a change from her past self. And no, it’s not from scientific techniques but from workouts and healthy lifestyle routines.

Going through Tan’s IG posts, we can see that she is a fitness fanatic. She seems to enjoy working out in the gym and at home.

Not just that, Dawn prioritizes a balanced diet and healthy eating habits.

While the presenter’s fitness routine and diet plans are yet to be revealed, she has tremendous changes looking at her before and after photos.

Dawn Tan Plastic Surgery
Dawn Tan Before and After photos show her incredible physical transformation (Source: Instagram)

Looking at her young appearance and fit physique, many might be shocked to learn that Chan is a mother of two. Moreover, Dawn Tan’s daughters are in their twenties.

While the information on Dawn Tan’s husband is quite vague, she has proudly spoken of her children during interviews. She loves her kids and shares how they have changed her life for the better.

Overall, Dawn Chan is a talented journalist who succeeds personally and professionally. We wish her more success moving ahead.

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