What Happened To Dopa? Why Did Dopa Get Banned?

What Happened To Dopa? Dopa is a retired League of Legends player who played on the South Korean server as a versatile, high-elo player.

Jeong “Dopa” Sang-Gil, better known as “Apdo,” is a legendary personality in League of Legends who is noticeably absent from the professional circuit.

Dopa is a versatile high-elo player well-known for his incredible adaptability on the South Korean server. While primarily a mid-lane specialist, he received praise for his remarkable abilities in all five roles.

On the other hand, the League of Legends player’s diverse skills in numerous positions boost him in the eyes of his fanbase.

Unfortunately, his potential was never realized offline since he was absent from live League of Legends competitions.

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What Happened to Dopa?

Dopa’s case was a disallowance that barred him from participating in professional play for two years.

This prohibitive measure was imposed on him, casting a shadow over his ability to participate in the serious gaming circle.

The impact of this decision grew much more since his primary gaming account faced a similar fate – an unending boycott that is still ongoing now.

What Happened to Dopa?
Dopa’s case resulted in a disallowance that prohibited him from playing professional play for two years. (Source- Win.gg)

When considering the length of this record suspension, a remarkable and, to some extent, astounding nuance emerges. The clock ticks solemnly, displaying a staggering count of more than 989 years.

This virtual sentence exemplifies the gravity of the reformatory action against his record, which has kept it out of reach and inactive for what feels like an eternity.

Why did Dopa get Banned?

Dopa quickly joined forces with an organization eventually dubbed organization Dull.

However, their process was harmed when they were disqualified from competition due to their unsportsmanlike lead.

Regardless, the scenario is more obscure when a player-assisted individual supplied Dopa’s routines to Mob Games.

A magnificent boycott that spanned an astonishing 989 years, successfully distributing his difficult-to-reach vital album.

Dopa remained in the shadows of cutthroat play despite repeated successes, obtaining the best places on Korean and Chinese-positioned stepping stools.

The streamer’s argument is straightforward: he admitted that his profit from account support significantly outweighed the chances of professional employment.

This genuine admission resulted in his expulsion from the Association Title Series (LCS) and censure from Uproar Games.

Dopa Resigned from League of Legends 

Jeong ‘Dopa’ Sang-Gil, a prominent figure in the Class of Legends people group and known as the era’s premier performance line player, is preparing to retire from the game for a short time.

Dopa revealed his intention through a web-based statement, referring to individual grounds.

Dopa supported himself before 2015 by attempting the assignment of elo-helping in both the Korean and Chinese domains, moving records to the acknowledged Challenger level.

Regrettably, this approach drew the attention of Uproar Game, which responded with a massive corrective activity aimed at providing a substantial expression through the Korean player.

Dopa Resignied from League of Legends 
Dopa resigned from League of Legends for two years. (Source- YouTube)

The streamer’s desire to compete professionally arose due to several events. Dopa expressed remorse for his actions, recognizing his contribution to elo-support.

Regardless, he continued, setting new marks and persistently streaming his position advancement on Chinese and Korean servers. This proves his dedication to the game, despite his hardships earlier in his journey.

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