What Happened To Realmscans? Is The Site Terminated

What Happened To Realmscans? The website has been recently down because of the claims of illegally providing the content.

Realmscans was a dedicated team of individuals that set out on a quest to produce high-quality manhuas and manhwas for the online community.

Their inspiration came from a deep affection for these comics, but they were discouraged by the negative impact that poor translations had on the Manhua experience.

Therefore, they intended to address this issue and ensure readers received high-quality content.

However, Realmscans vanished without a trace, leaving readers in the dark.

The story developed when it was revealed that the owner of Realmscans was in legal trouble. Kakao, a popular webtoon platform, uncovered their personal information and requested that it be removed.

The charges included unauthorized distribution of Kakao webtoons, copyrighted content, and financial gain from these crimes.

Furthermore, the group found itself facing legal consequences for its actions.

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What Happened To Realmscans? Truth Revealed

After the legal charges against Realmscans by the Kakao webtoons, they faced several consequences.

One of the most surprising aspects of this issue was Realmscans’ choice to lock their Discord server.

Many members of the community were confused by this sudden change.

The channels had been nuked, and access had been blocked. Some people inquired about the situation but received no responses.

Furthermore, the server’s invites stopped working, leading to more queries than solutions.

What Happened To Realmscans
Realmscans has faced several legal charges, including unauthorized distribution. (Source: Tune In)

Realmscans is moving to a new domain, as evidenced by the active admin and the installation of new series roles.

This shift, however, has not been formally publicized within their Discord community.

Rizzcomics appeared unexpectedly amid the mystery surrounding Realmscans. Because of the similarities, some readers call it “green Realmscans.”

The Rizzcomics website is now suffering server difficulties, with an HTTP 500 status indicating technical concerns but not necessarily evil intent.

The circumstance raises the issue of whether Rizzcomics will experience similar difficulties or if they are linked to Realmscans’ dilemma.

Similarly, the sudden appearance of Rizzcomics in the fast-paced world of online manhwa and manhua distribution has left many readers with further doubts.

The love and passion for these comics drive many individuals and groups to contribute to the community, but they occasionally meet unexpected challenges and obstacles.

Furthermore, as the situation develops, we can only speculate on the future of these two websites since no information is readily available.

Is The Realmscans Terminated?

The sudden removal of the Realmscans website has caused uncertainty and alarm among the community in the ever-evolving world of online manhua distribution. The popular Realmscans website is no longer available.

Readers have been left wondering about the destiny of their favorite website for translated manhua due to their abrupt and unexplained disappearance from the online arena.

Further, it has been confirmed that the Realmscans website is unavailable and inaccessible.

What Happened To Realmscans
The Realmscans website is down and inaccessible to the viewers. (Source: Reddit)

The site is frustratingly unavailable when readers try to access it, heightening the secrecy surrounding Realmscans’ whereabouts.

Everybody is wondering what happened to the Realmscans website. Unfortunately, what specifically caused the site to be shut down is still unclear.

Realmscans have not released official statements or justifications, leaving the community in the dark. This communication gap has further fostered rumors and worries.

Undoubtedly, the unexpected shutdown of the Realmscans website is a source of worry and regret for its devoted readers.

In the absence of Realmscans’ official announcement or clarification, the precise causes of this termination remain unknown.

Fans eagerly await the official confirmation by the Realmscans to get further insights about the website. 

Furthermore, they are worried about being unable to access their favorite comics content.

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