What Happened To Sha GZ Teeth? Before And After Photos

What Happened To Sha GZ Teeth? Sha GZ is well-known for his involvement in New York City’s drill rap movement.

Sha Gz is a young American rapper who is establishing a name for himself in the rap game.

In the year 2021, the rapper began his career. He didn’t take his job seriously until he was arrested. He’d drop tunes every two to three songs before being arrested.

Sha Gz revealed himself in an interview with On The Radar Radio, saying that he gained greater exposure while inside and that everyone wanted to hear more of him. 

According to his Instagram account, he is an artist with For Every Body Entertainment. The artist management organization represents Yus Gz, Focus Up, and other well-known artists.

Sha Gz has 919,913 monthly Spotify listeners. His hit song ‘New Opp’ has received over 19 million streams on the streaming platform.

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What Happened To Sha GZ Teeth? Before And After Photos

The teenage rapper has a social following across multiple platforms, including the popular Instagram. Along with the rapper’s notoriety, numerous queries about his teeth exist.

He had chipped his teeth; therefore, nothing was wrong with them. He used to create online headlines because of his chipped teeth.

Surprisingly, people still want to know about his teeth. People have speculated that because of his chipped teeth, the rapper may have undergone some treatments to make them look so good.

Sha GZ Teeth
The teenage rapper has huge followers across multiple social platforms. (Source- YouTube )

However, there is no such news; thus, it can be proven that Sha Gz’s teeth were chipped and that he had claimed that he wouldn’t fix those teeth.

What is Sha Gz Real Name? 

Sha Gz’s full name is Shaheem Knott. The information was obtained from a TikTok video related to the thread of the disclosure of rappers’ actual names.

Aside from the video, the rapper hasn’t revealed anything about his complete identity on any social network until March 8, 2023.

Sha Gz appears to be determined to keep his identity hidden. Sha Gz is his stage name, and he is well-known. According to Urban Dictionary, the Gz in his moniker comes from a Bronx group called YGz.

The rapper has yet to discover the specific location of his birth and whereabouts. He leads a low-key life, hiding his personal information from online sleuths and avoiding media attention.

He has contributed to the Bronx’s place on the map of rapping scenes. The rapper has continued to do so through the release of solo albums and collaborations with well-known rap musicians.

Sha Gz Age: How Old Is The Rapper?

As of 2024, Sha Gz is 19 years old. Every year on January 5, the Bronx rapper, born in 2005, celebrates his birthday.

Rolling Stones said the rapper was 17 on December 3, 2022. He was featured on the site when his music video for the tune ‘New Opp’ was removed from YouTube despite two attempts.

Similarly, on January 5, 2023, a TikTok account with the moniker Anydrillhere made a TikTok video for his birthday using sample cuts from his music video.

Sha GZ Teeth
Sha GZ is a young rapper. (Source- audio mack)

Despite being only 18 years old, he has been able to carve out a reputation for himself. Sha Gz is a young rap artist who many people look up to.

Sha Gz is unquestionably among the tallest rappers. To put his height in context, the rapper is taller than his fellow rapper Yus Gz. The account revealed his height in the TikTok video below.

He frequently wears loose shirts, sweatpants, and sweaters that complement his height. 

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