What Happened To Wranglerstar? Controversy Explained

What Happened To Wranglerstar? As the news of his recent controversy came out, people wanted to find out about what happened to him.

Cody Crone, the creator behind the ‘wranglerstar’ YouTube channel, embraced primitive homesteading with his family, leaving the city’s comforts.

At 52, Cody, often dubbed “Mr. wranglerstar,” along with his wife Jessica Rogers, 46, and their son Jack, embarked on this unique journey.

While they’re American, there’s a common misconception that they hail from Canada. Presently, they dwell in the Pacific Northwest mountains.

Their venture into modern homesteading began in 2010 when Cody and Jessica, as newlyweds, chose a life closer to nature.

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What Happened To Wranglerstar? Fired from job

In the dynamic realm of content creation, Wranglerstar has established a notable presence, sharing glimpses of his life and experiences.

However, outside the digital space, he had another role – working for the National Forest Service.

Yet, the two worlds unexpectedly collided, leading to an unforeseen professional setback for him.

In a revealing video from 2022, Wranglerstar delved into an issue that had raised many eyebrows and sparked much speculation among his followers: his termination from the National Forest Service.

Addressing the topic that seemed to surface among his audience frequently, he remarked, “Something that comes up over and over again is why I get fired from the U.S. Forest Service.”

Wranglerstar with his family. (Source: Amazon)

His candid disclosure highlighted an intriguing intersection of personal content creation and professional codes of conduct.

The YouTuber elaborated, “The reason behind my termination from the U.S. Forest Service was quite unexpected.

I had permitted my 12-year-old son to wear my official Forest Service hard hat, which prominently displayed the logo, during a YouTube video I crafted.

The intent was noble – to guide young boys on the safe usage of a chainsaw.”

While seemingly minor, this incident underscores the delicate balance individuals like Wranglerstar must maintain when straddling personal and professional domains in the public eye.

Wranglerstar Controversy Explained

Wranglerstar, beyond his professional challenges, has been no stranger to controversies that have kept him in the spotlight.

The digital age, where opinions fly faster than light, has occasionally found him at the epicenter of debates and disagreements.

These episodes aren’t just limited to incidents revolving around his personal life, but more prominently due to his statements and perspectives that resonate discordantly with sections of the internet audience.

Navigating his page gives a glimpse into the sporadic eruptions of unconventional views and theories.

Wranglerstar’s views don’t go well with his audience. (Source: Youtube)

For instance, Crone has made startling remarks about historical events, such as the tragic 1986 Challenger shuttle explosion as “the greatest money-laundering scheme in the history of man.”

Given the event’s gravity, such comments naturally spark intense reactions.

Furthermore, in the modern era marked by health challenges and debates around vaccinations, Crone has voiced speculative thoughts.

He once pondered aloud during a YouTube livestream about the possibility of the government compelling unvaccinated individuals to relinquish their “pure” blood and “reproductive juices.”

These controversies, whether from misunderstood intentions or genuine beliefs, reinforce the complexities of public personas in the age of instant communication and critique.

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