What Is Tey Tsun Hang Daughter Name? Daughter And Family

Tey Tsun Hang daughter was 15 years old when he was arrested in connection with having an intimate relationship with one of his students.

Tey Tsun Hang is a well-known Malaysian figure in Singapore’s court, academic, and legal communities.

He is a former lawyer who has also served as a judge of Singapore’s Subordinate Courts and a legal scholar.

Moreover, his career has been characterized by both controversy and noteworthy accomplishments.

Tey Tsun Hang’s education experience provided a solid foundation for his subsequent career.

He graduated with a BCL from St. Hugh’s College, University of Oxford, and an LLB from King’s College London.

Nonetheless, Tey Tsung began his legal profession with a prestigious degree, demonstrating his passion for the field.

His proficiency and dedication earned him a seat as a judge in Singapore’s Subordinate Courts.

However, the 2013 controversy greatly impacted his years-long reputed career.

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Tey Tsun Hang Daughter: Name And Information 

Tey Tsun Hang’s daughter remains an enigmatic person, with little information known to the public.

It is known that she was 15 years old during her father’s high-profile lawsuit in 2013, making her 26 years old by 2024.

The public is still unaware of Tey’s daughter’s identity, name, and present location despite the media focus surrounding his legal issues.

Moreover, in the 2013 case, Tey was found guilty of corruption after it was alleged that he had gotten presents and had slept with a student in return for higher marks.

He was ultimately fired from the National University of Singapore (NUS) as a result of this scandal but, defended himself against the accusations throughout the trial.

Tey Tsun Hang Daughter
Tey Tsun Hang’s daughter is 26 years old. (Source: Facebook)

Tsun Hang was found guilty on May 28, 2013, which resulted in his removal from NUS.

Nevertheless, during his five-month prison sentence, he chose to file an appeal with a new attorney named Peter Low.

The appeal process was lengthy, and the verdict was issued only after Tey had served his sentence.

Justice Woo Bih Li of the High Court found that Tey abused his position by having sexual contact with a student, but he was ultimately cleared of corruption charges.

However, the course of Tey’s legal ordeal was changed when the court decided that the relationship was not formed for academic gain.

Throughout these dramatic incidents, Tey Tsun Hang’s personal life, including details regarding his daughter, remained under wraps, adding to the mystery surrounding this phase of his life.

Tey Tsun Hang Family Details

Tey Tsun Hang’s personal life, notably his marriage and family, has been kept private, with little details available to the public.

He was married to a Japanese wife, and the couple had a daughter, who is now almost 26 years old.

However, the details of his personal life including the names and particular details of his wife and daughter, have not been revealed.

The secrecy is most likely due to the nature of his legal profession and the problems that have surrounded him.

Tey Tsun Hang Daughter
Tey Tsun Hang has largely kept his family life private. (Source: TNP)

Moreover, the turbulent period surrounding the 2013 corruption case and ensuing legal processes led him to live a more secluded life.

This decision was made due to the unwanted attention of the public and media, especially in his family life.

Since the controversy, Tey Tsun Hang has kept his personal life entirely hidden from the public view, making it difficult to determine the state of his marriage.

As a result, it is not known if he has separated from his wife, or, if, they are still living together.

Tey Tsun Hang appears to have intentionally kept a low profile following the scandal, choosing privacy.

Furthermore, in the lack of details about his family life and marriage, the public is left to speculate on the matter.

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