Taylor Lautner does not oppose returning to his infamous role of howling at a new moon.

Taylor Lautner has revealed whether he plans to return to Twilight as Jacob Black.

 He admitted that his hair-raising role as Jacob Black—which he starred in with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson—would always be a treasure. It was so much fun that he wouldn’t mind doing it again.

“He’s a good character that is easy to love, so I would never say no to that,” he said at Hill’s Pet Nutrition’s Clear the Shelters event. “Because it’s Jacob Black. He’s a lovable guy.”

Is the 30-year-old unsure where Jacob would be nearly ten years after the last Twilight movie? (As a refresher, the final film saw Jacob imprint Bella and Edward’s daughter, Renesmee).

“Happy ever after with Renesmee because that’s where I left off,” Taylor explained. “And yeah, he’s a pretty loyal dude.” In his view, Jacob deserves to be “happy somewhere” in the present.

As well as the love triangle that dominated the Twilight series, fans have long noted Jacob’s abs as an essential aspect of the series.

You might be surprised about what Taylor remembers when he recalls the era when fitness magazines featured his abs. But, as he explained, all that came to mind was his diet for the role, which included “raw sweet potatoes, turkey patties, and disgusting milkshakes.”

Taylor Lautner shared, “The body was great for the role—but the amount of the working out, discipline, and food that went into it, not fond memories. It’s tough. When I was 17, 18, 19 years old, I couldn’t do any cardio because I had to just put on as much muscle as possible.”

Taylor Lautner continued, “So, if I would start like sweating during workout, my trainer would stop me, and then we would finish a workout, and he literally is like, ‘Go to Carl’s Jr. and get a double, triple cheeseburger.’ We were just trying to put on the weight. Now, I wish I could go back there in that sense because now it’s 90 percent cardio, and I’m not having any triple cheeseburgers, that’s for sure.”

As much as Taylor Lautner would enjoy playing Jacob again, is he willing to jump right back into his character’s routine of getting in shape?

“No, not that,” Taylor Lautner revealed. “I think that was great for the role, but I would prefer just to just to be trim and healthy, you know? Definitely not a Jacob Black body.”

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