Who is Whitney Scott Mathers?

Whitney Scott Mathers is a beautiful 20 years old girl who lives with her foster family in the house of a world-known singer Marshall Mathers aka EMINƎM.

“Blood is thicker than water.” Well, not in all cases, though! Some relations are glued tight by love. Such is the case in Whitney Scott Mathers’s life.

Whitney was lucky to have a foster family that could provide her with every love and care that her family failed to deliver. The start of her life was not pretty. However, she became one lovely lady in a happy family.

A dad’s love might sometimes exceed the love of a mom. Family is not about who gave birth to you, but about who stands with you, even if the whole world leaves you alone.

Whitney Scott Mathers Biography
Whitney Scott Mathers Biography

Quick facts

Full NameWhitney Scott Mathers
BirthdayApril 16, 2002
Age 20 years old
Sun SignAries
TraitsAries female quality

Positive– Creative, passionate, and energetic

Negative–  Domineering and short-tempered
BirthplaceSt. Joseph, Missouri, U.S.A
Currently residingDetroit, Michigan, U.S.A
ParentsEric Hartter (father),
Kimberly Anne Scott (mother),
Marshall Bruce Mathers III/ Eminem (foster father)
Grand Parents Marie Hartter (paternal grandmother),
Kathleen Sluck (maternal grandmother),
Casey Sluck (maternal grandfather)
SiblingsHailie Jade (half-sister),
Parker Scott (half-brother),
Alaina Mathers, (cousin)
Marital StatusSingle
Social mediaInstagram

Interesting facts

1. Whitney Scott Mathers was born to a troubled family

Whitney is the daughter of Eminem’s ex-wife, Kimberly Anne Scott, and a tattoo artist named Eric Hartter. 

Both of them were drug addicts and were unable to take the responsibility of being a parent. 

2. Eminem adopted Whitney

After Whitney’s birth father was arrested for a well-documented crime and drug abuse. Her mother had to visit the courthouse frequently. Her mother was a drug addict herself.

Seeing this, Eminem became the caretaker of Whitney. He adopted her when she was three years old. Eminem has also adopted his ex-wife, Kim’s deceased sister’s daughter, Alaina.

3. Whitney, now Stevie is non-binary

Whitney is also known as Stevie and came out as non-binary on TikTok in August 2021. Stevie has said that their pronouns are they/she/he.

4. She is close to her other sisters

Whitney Scott Mathers has a close bond with her two sisters- Alaina and Hailie. These sisters are mostly together and had even attended the Governor’s Ball in 2018. 

She is closer to Hailie Jade and calls her ‘bestie.’

5. Whitney is active on all social media platforms

Like any other kid of the modern world, Whitney is very active on social networking sites. 

She uses her alternative name, ‘Stevie,’ on all media platforms. She is especially active on Tiktok and loves posting videos there.

Childhood and education

Whitney is the daughter of Eric Hartter and Kimberly Anne Scott. She was born on April 16, 2002, in St. Joseph, Missouri, USA. Due to her parent’s condition, Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers III) adopted her legally.

She was born to a family, which was bound to break. Her mother had a drug abuse problem, and her father had a criminal record. Whitney would have been an abandoned child if not for her foster dad.

Whitney Scott Mathers
Whitney Scott Mathers

Eminem was at the peak of his career when she was born. He was already in the mainstream for six years by then, with super hit albums that sold millions. For two years, his album was nominated for Grammy Award as the Album of the Year.

Whitney is the youngest child of Eminem among his three daughters. Whitney’s sisters Alaina Marie Mathers and Hailie Jade live with Eminem at his home in Missouri. Among these three, Hailie is his biological daughter.

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Whitney is the proud daughter of the rapper who writes and sings meaningful songs, expressing his love and pride in being a father to three beautiful daughters. Eminem’s albums have diss tracks that easily thrill the heart of listeners and captivate their attention. Today, his family is happy with Whitney, but their life was not always this beautiful.

Whitney’s life is surrounded by people who had a history of drug abuse, including her biological parents, foster dad, and even her aunt, Kimberly Anne Scott. The family members suffered throughout their lives, and every one of them faced different difficulties.

Some of her family members fought against their nightmares; some lost and died.

Whitney Scott Mathers personality traits

As Aries should naturally be, she is more of a verbal person than a physical. She is very expressive regarding her thoughts, opinions, and feelings. Whitney is very photogenic. She speaks a lot through pictures. She has a self–centered attitude and is confident about her appearance, visible in photos.

Whitney is an outgoing and bright person. She is a confident and fashionable lady who often uses vibrant colors in dark backgrounds in her dresses. Her love for dark backgrounds shows her inclination towards “Tough” looks.

Whitney Laine Scott
Whitney Laine Scott

This “Tough” look is also reflected in her statements. Whitney speaks her mind about expressing opinions and argues well when it comes to LGBTQ+ issues. She is open about her sexuality and refers to herself as non-binary. Whitney is also known as Stevie and uses the pronouns they/she/he.

She has admitted it on her Instagram account through a post with the caption ‘Happy national coming out day!’ She loves to be with Hailie and her friends at times. They often travel together and have fun.

Besides, she is a foodie too. Like any girl in her teens, Whitney often asks for movies and shows recommendations. Clearly, she is quite a binge-watcher at times.


Kimberly Anne Scott (mother)

Eminem met Kim and her twin sister Dawn at the age of 15. Both of them ran away from their home. As Eminem himself had fought poverty, abuse, drug, and troubled childhood, he supported the two sisters.

Kim married Eminem and had a daughter Hailie Jade. However, the marriage could not last long. She divorced him. Later she met Eric Hartter who is the biological father of Whitney Scott Mathers.

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Dawn Scott (aunt)

Whitney’s aunt, the twin sister of Kimberly, had drug abuse issues. Dawn had her daughter Alania from an unknown man at a young age and lived as a single parent for a long time. Her addiction to the substance made her unfit, mentally and physically, to take care of her daughter, Alania.

During the mid-’90s, when Eminem and Kim were in love, Alaina mostly spent time with Eminem’s family because her only family was either in treatment or busy with work.

Whitney lost her aunt in 2016 and her biological father on August 22, 2019. His mother discovered his body in an abandoned house in Michigan. Both of them died due to drug overdose.

Dawn passed away due to heroine overdose.

Eric Hartter (father)

Eric Hartter is the second husband of Kimberly Anne Scott. He was romantialy involved and had a daughter, Whitney Anne Scott, with Kimberly. Eric was a tattoo artist however drugs destroyed his career. He was sent to prison for drug peddling and a addition.

Kimberly and Eric both were addict and financially unstable. Moreover both had to visit court on a regular basis for the hearings. As a result, both weren’t able to take care of Whitney. It was Eminem who came to rescue.

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Eminem (foster father)

Eminem aka Marshall Mathers III has had a history with Kimberly. Kim and Marshall was in love since their highschool years. They married on June 14, 1999. The couple have a daughter, Hailie Jade.

Additionally Eminem is a legendary rapper who is well respected in the music industry.

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Hailie Jade (elder half-sister)

Hailie Jade is the elder daughter of Kim and Eminem. It is their only child from their salvaged relationship. Hailie is currently in a relationship with Evan.

She is a social media influencer with a good number of followers

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Alaina Scott (cousin)

Whitney is the birth cousin of Alaina–often referred to as “Laney” in Eminem’s songs. The sisters are mostly together. They were seen holding each other’s hand at the Governor’s Ball in June 2018 and enjoyed seeing New York.

The family lives in peace. All three sisters live with their father in Missouri. They got schooled together, and Whitney’s sisters have already joined colleges of their interest.

Whitney is a sweet and funny girl in the house, a high-schooler whose graduation has been halted by the covid-19 pandemic. With her high GPA, she will most likely follow her sister Hailie and Laney’s path.

Both Alaina and Whitney faced sorrow together.

Whitney Scott Mathers grandparents

Whitney never got to meet her biological grandparents Marie Hartter and Kathleen Sluck. She denied meeting Eric as he was mostly on the run or in custody for committing fraud.

Subsequent events in their lives caused Eminem to be more close to Whitney. Whitney’s legal grandparents are Deborah R. Nelson and Marshall Bruce Mathers.

Eminem and Whitney Scott Mathers

Eminem ended up being the caretaker of little Whitney for the time being. He got emotionally attached to her. As troubled as his childhood was, Eminem was heartbroken to see Whitney struggle through a similar painful upbringing. Thus, Eminem adopted three-year-old Whitney in 2005.

Whitney’s family was reunited for a short time in 2006. However, the substance abuse of her mom and the incompatibility between the couple again resulted in the divorce shortly. The separation after a short marriage of four months was mutual.

It involved ugly scenes as the divorce had domestic violence and cheating cases. However, the couple remained in the joint custody of Hailie. Whitney’s life must have been affected by the sudden changes she had to face at such a young age. The couple remained friends for life even after the event.

Whitney Scott Mathers relationships

Whitney has a beautiful relationship with her family. She spends as much time as possible with her father and sister Hailey. With a dad who even reduces his work hours for the sake of family, Whitney grew up to be a humble and loving daughter.

Whitney has followed her dad in terms of living a private life. Though she is expressive about her feelings, she has mostly kept her love life private.

In a recent TikTok video, she has confirmed that she has a boyfriend. However, the name of the curly-headed boy remains a mystery.


She is a high school student, and according to media buzzes, she has passed with flying colors.

Whitney Mathers’s fame

Eminem, her father, has mentioned her multiple times in his songs like “Going Through Changes,” “When I’m gone,” from the album “Curtain Call,” in 2006, and “Déjà vu” in 2009.

Slim Shady discusses how proud he is of Whitney, who grew up to be a sweet and funny girl along with an excellent education, which he could not get for himself while growing up.

However, the recent buzz that made her famous on social networks and the media is her frequent posts that relate to Eminem’s latest music and her personal information about her sexual orientation.

She has not been spotted in any controversies. Still, as her father had been in a controversial situation for being violent, she was always in the spotlight for being a beloved daughter of a singer who accepted his wife’s love child.

net worth

Her net worth is reported to be somewhere between USD 190 million to USD 200 million. However, she is at an early age.

Her net worth estimation, at this moment, is highly dependent on her dad’s net worth.

Social media

When it comes to social media, being a daughter of a world-known song composer and record producer has served her well. She is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She is one chatty girl when it comes to her posts on social media.

Her posts show that Whitney’s world revolves around very few people, beloved ones, and the family. Her mood swings, dressing style, friend circle show that she acts girly but likes to dress more cool than pretty.

She is fond of pets. She adores spending time with dogs as well as cats. Whitney reciprocates the love of her dad, who does not fail to mention his love and pride towards being the father of a beautiful daughter.

Whitney tries her best to promote his songs and manages to have the limelight of a star kid while studying and spending quality time with her loved ones. Whitney has a great dad who works for over sixty hours a week to give her a lavishing life.

Whitney Scott Mathers Instagram

Whitney Scott Mathers uses her alternative name “Stevie” on Instagram. You can find her on Instagram as @stevielainee 

She has more than 51K followers and has shared only two images after she came out as a non-binary person.

Whitney Scott Mathers TikTok

She is highly active on Tiktok. She goes by the user name @st0nedc0w and has over 34.7k followers. 

She posts videos daily, and you will also see her boyfriend making a cameo in some of her videos.

Whitney’s life is an example of a result of good deeds. A living proof that a single parent can change that child’s fortune and direct it to a brighter and happier side.


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