Who Is Barry Koh, Larry Koh Twin Brother? Parents And Family

Larry Koh Twin Brother Barry Koh has been a topic of interest. The social media influencer Larry was found dead in his sleep on October 19.

Larry Koh was a well-known character in the world of social media, a well-known influencer whose name rang out throughout the digital landscape.

Koh’s claim to fame was his unique photographic ability, transcending the bounds of pixels and displays.

Collaborations with prominent companies such as Daniel Willington, Ice Mountain, and Shein strengthened his tastemaker position.

Larry’s artistic vision and commercial relationships had driven him to fame, making him a guiding star in social media influencing many people with his creativity and style.

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Who Is Larry Koh Twin Brother: Meet Barry Koh

Larry Koh grew up alongside his twin brother Barry Koh. Unfortunately, nothing else is known about Barry Koh.

Despite their shared origins, Barry remained a virtual phantom in the digital era. Barry preferred a life of prudence and anonymity, far from his sibling’s colourful and controversial history.

Beyond the family link, Barry Koh, Larry’s twin brother, has a close connection. Their same upbringing and affinity for social media influencers have resulted in a strong brotherly bond.

Larry Koh Twin Brother
Larry Koh and his Twin Brother Barry Koh grew up together. (Source- starngage)

Larry has found inspiration in Barry, who has often guided and motivated him through difficult periods in his career.

The unexpected news emerged when Barry announced Larry’s death in an Instagram post.

Barry revealed the specifics of the wake on his Instagram Story, which was to be held in Room 2 of the Church of St. Stephen, with visitation hours from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The parade would leave Mandai Crematorium Hall 3 at 1.40 p.m. on October 23 for the final act of burning.

In the caption, Barry shared his and his family’s tremendous sadness and heartbreak in the aftermath of Larry’s untimely death. Larry’s untimely death throws a sad shadow on this family’s story.

Larry Koh family 

Larry Koh and Barry Koh were born to their parents in Singapore. The details regarding Larry’s family remain a mystery. 

Furthermore, this family relationship bloomed with the birth of twin sons, Larry Koh and Barry Koh. The Koh’s family exemplifies love and togetherness.

Furthermore, the late social media influencer epitomises the balance of personal and professional achievement while surrounded by the warmth of familial relationships that continue to impact his life and career.

Larry’s untimely and unexpected death stunned his followers and devastated his family. The loss of a child is the most painful thing someone can go through.

Regarding his education, he received his diploma from Beatty Secondary School. Larry was a hardworking student.

Larry Koh Twin Brother
Larry Koh’s untimely and unexpected death stunned his followers and devastated his family. (Source- mothership)

In addition, he majored in Business Management at RMIT University, where he excelled academically. Koh also attended Ngee Ann Polytechnic and worked for Zenyum Singapore.

Larry was a former senior social media strategist at Lazada, where he perfected his profession of using social media’s potential to win over people. He was also a Business Development Manager at SpoonX.

Larry was a well-liked community member who enjoyed travelling and sharing his experiences with the rest of the globe via social media.

Koh made the most of every moment of his existence. He was devoted to his family. His family meant everything to him.

Furthermore, his untimely demise has left a vacuum in the lives of those who knew and loved him.

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