Who Is Chip Zien Wife Susan Pilarre? Relationship Timeline

Discover insights about Chip Zien wife, Susan Pilarre, a former dancer and actress, as their private relationship remains away from the spotlight.

Jerome Herbert “Chip” Zien, born March 20, 1947, is a notable American actor renowned for portraying the Baker in Stephen Sondheim’s original Broadway rendition of “Into the Woods.”

Zien’s remarkable talents extended to the “Marvin Trilogy” by William Finn, encompassing captivating performances in “In Trousers,” “March of the Falsettos,” “Falsettoland,” and “Falsettos.”

His versatile career included standout roles such as Monsieur Thénardier in “Les Misérables” on Broadway and Mark Rothenberg in the film “United 93.”

Zien’s distinctive voice also graced the titular character in the movie “Howard the Duck,” cementing his legacy in both stage and screen realms.

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Who Is Chip Zien Wife, Susan Pilarre?

Susan Pilarre, born Susan D Pillersdorf on May 13, 1947, in Brooklyn, New York, USA, is a multi-talented individual known for her contributions to dance and entertainment.

A former dancer and dancing instructor, Pilarre has left an indelible mark on the performing arts landscape.

Her artistic journey saw her making appearances in notable productions, including “NBC Special Treat” (1975), “Great Performances: Dance in America” (1976), and “La valse” (1973).

These engagements showcased her versatility and passion for dance, underscoring her commitment to her craft.

However, Pilarre’s significance extends beyond her performances. Her marriage to renowned actor Chip Zien in 1979 has further solidified her presence in the entertainment sphere.

The couple’s enduring union has been blessed with two children, symbolizing a harmonious blend of artistic talents and shared experiences.

Chip Zien Wife Susan Pilarre
Chip Zien Wife, Susan Pilarre, is an actress known for NBC Special Treat (1975). (Image Source: Broadway World)

As a former dancing instructor, Pilarre’s influence has likely touched the lives of aspiring dancers, helping them hone their skills and pursue their passion.

Her dedication to dance education adds another layer to her rich and varied career.

Together with Chip Zien, Pilarre has created a family that reflects their mutual commitment to the arts and each other.

Their journey as partners and parents is a testament to the power of shared interests and support.

In summary, Susan Pilarre is not only an accomplished dancer and actress but also an integral part of Chip Zien’s life and the broader entertainment community.

Her contributions to dance and her role as a wife and mother illustrate a life enriched by creativity, collaboration, and family bonds.

Chip Zien and Susan Pilarre Relationship Timeline 

Chip Zien and Susan Pilarre have shared a private and low-key relationship, with specific dates of their timeline undisclosed. 

Zien, a celebrated American actor known for his Broadway roles, and Susan Pilarre, a former dancer and dancing instructor, have carefully kept their romantic journey away from the public eye.

A shared commitment to privacy marks their relationship timeline. Chip Zien’s acclaimed performances on Broadway, notably his portrayal of the Baker in “Into the Woods,” have garnered attention, but his personal life has remained primarily shielded from the spotlight.

Susan Pilarre’s contributions to dance and entertainment further enriched their shared bond.

Chip Zien Wife Susan Pilarre relationship
Chip Zien and his Wife, Susan Pilarre, are blessed with two children. (Image Source: Boardway Shows)

Together, they have built a life that reflects their dedication to their respective crafts and their enduring partnership.

While the exact dates of their relationship milestones remain a mystery, their shared experiences and mutual support are evident in their family life.

The couple is blessed with two children, a testament to the depth of their connection.

Chip Zien and Susan Pilarre’s commitment to maintaining their romantic life in private exemplifies their desire to prioritize personal intimacy over public scrutiny.

Though veiled in secrecy, their journey together speaks to the profound bond between them, anchored in shared values, artistic passions, and a love that transcends the confines of the spotlight.

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