Who Is Ciska Wihardja, Tom Lembong Wife? Kids And Family

Thomas Lembong, also known as Tom Lembong, has captured the interest of netizens for several days, including the life of his wife Ciska Wihardja.

The current spotlight on Tom Lembong, a former spokesperson for President Joko Widodo has sparked heated debate among netizens.

His name, cited twice by Gibran Rakabuming Raka, the vice presidential candidate from number 2 during the recent debate, has thrust him into the public eye.

Tom Lembong’s political and professional endeavors have brought attention to many aspects of his life, including his family.

Tom has been married to Franciska Wihardja, also known as Ciska Wihardja, since 2002, and are proud parents of two teenage sons. 

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Who Is Tom Lembong Wife? Meet Ciska Wihardja

Maria Franciska Wihardja is the full name of Tom Lembong’s wife, however most people just call her Ciska.

Similar to her spouse, she is well-known for being a Christian. Ciska Wihardja, who attended Tufts University in the United States to study chemical engineering, is well-known.

Ciska’s educational history indicates that she is interested in technology and science. The study of converting raw materials into usable products is the focus of the field of chemical engineering.

She attended Tufts University, a prestigious school noted for emphasizing academic achievement and research.

Ciska’s marriage to a well-known politician in Indonesia, Tom Lembong, keeps her out of the spotlight.

Tom Lembong Wife
Tom Lembong Wife full name is Maria Franciska Wihardja. (Source- Akurat)

Just like they are interested in her husband’s life, others are also curious about hers. Her whole name and school history provide additional insight into her personality.

Ciska’s decision to major in chemical engineering demonstrates her commitment to education and her curiosity in finding solutions to challenging issues.

In Asia, Ciska Wihardja has experience conducting market research. The wife of Tom Lembong is the daughter of businessman Andreas Wihardja, who runs the biggest mattress company in the world, PT Duta Abadi Primantara.

Since Ciska Wihardja does not use social media, it is difficult to learn about her life. Ciska Wihardja is the wife of Tom Lembong.

Tom Lembong kids and family

Since 2002, Tom Lembong has been wed to Franciska Wihardja, also known as Ciska Wihardja. They are proud of their two teenage sons.

Tom has decided to make his private life private. He would much rather keep that aspect of his life private and doesn’t discuss much about his family, especially his parents.

Tom doesn’t divulge a lot of information to the public or media about his personal life or family because he is a private person.

Tom Lembong Wife
Tom Lembong and Ciska are blessed with two sons. (Source- Insert Live)

Rather, he concentrates more on his career and political position. Despite being a well-known politician in Indonesia, Tom cherishes his privacy and keeps his personal life apart from his public persona.

Some people find it essential to keep their private affairs private because it preserves their feeling of normalcy and shields their loved ones from prying eyes.

Tom Lembong appears to cherish his family’s privacy and wants to keep their life out of the public eye.

Tom has chosen to keep his family life private in a world where many public personalities talk a lot about their personal lives in the news and on social media.

It serves as a reminder that everyone, including those in the public glare, has the right to privacy.

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